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Films Screened In 2003

VIRGIN OF LUST (Arturo Ripstein, 2002)
Winner of a Special Mention at last year's Venice Film Festival, Virgin of Lust is a deliciously sordid work from the father figure of Mexican cinema, Arturo Ripstein (Ruination of Men, MIFF 2001). .… Read more

Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions (Christopher Sadler, 2002)
Wallace and Gromit make a welcome return to the screen in these wonderful new Aardman creations. Wallace, presenting his ten latest inventions, is at his inspired, creative and incompetent best, and … Read more

Seminal UK electronica label Warp challenged a group of exceptionally talented young filmmakers, designers and animators to put images to music selections from the label stable. The remarkable qualit… Read more

Even though broodingly handsome Wilbur is almost irresistible to women, and in fact universally adored, he attempts suicide on such a regular basis that the members of his therapy group vote him out … Read more

WILDNESS (Scott Millwood, 2003)
Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis were two of Australia's greatest wilderness photographers. Their work became synonymous with campaigns to protect Tasmania's natural heritage, campaigns that ch… Read more

WOMAN OF WATER (Hidenori Sugimori, 2002)
An accomplished debut feature that boasts the kind of impossibly gorgeous imagery that punctuates the films of Tran Anh Hung (Cydo, Vertical Roy of the Sun). Woman of Water is a meditative, Zen-like … Read more

WOMEN’S PRISON (Manijeh Hekmat, 2002)
Manijeh Hekmat's debut feature is an impassioned drama, set over 17 years, following the intricate relationship between a warden and inmate in a Tehran women's prison. ... After a riot breaks out, a … Read more

WOODENHEAD (Florian Habicht, 2003)
A truly unsettling, visually inventive, stylistically thrilling and quite marvellous diamond in the rough. Woodenhead takes the traditional fairy tale and re-processes it through the minds of filmmak… Read more

X2000 (François Ozon, 1998)
Synopsis not available Read more

Yael-san (Irit Sharvit, Merav Nahoum, 2002)
A touching doco about an Israeli woman's Buddhist way of life, her Buddhist priest partner and her struggle to preserve her Jewish identity. ... Read more

YESTERDAY (Jeong Yun-su, 2002)
A mega-budget Korean, sci-fi thrill-ride, Yesterday takes its influences from Blade Runner and The Matrix via James Cameron's Dark Angel TV series and Silence of the Lambs. A malevolent, super-intell… Read more

Yoake – A Chewing Gum Story (Roland Zumbühl, )
A Japanese businessman and a Japanese female musician happen to meet in Vienna after many years apart. Now they are forced to seek and define their cultural and personal home. Screened in Cannes 2002. Read more

YOSSI & JAGGER (Eytan Fox, 2002)
Yossi and Jagger are officers in the Israeli army, serving mandatory army service, stationed on a remote military base on the border with Lebanon. The two men are lovers, hiding their affair from the… Read more

[A]torsion (Stefan Arsenijevic, 2002)
Sarajevo, 1994. In a besieged tunnel connecting ordinary folk to the outside world, a mixed amateur choir is called upon to save a pregnant, albeit ailing cow. However the group must also bond togeth… Read more

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