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Films Screened In 2003

ANGEL ON THE RIGHT (Djamshed Usmonov, 2002)
Khamro, a burly, violent Tadjikistani thug, ran out on his hometown a decade ago. He left behind a disgraced mother, a pregnant girlfriend, and a trail of debts, then wound up in a Russian jail. The … Read more

Antichrist (Adam Guzinski, 2002)
In this startling piece, a boy - a self-proclaimed demon - terrorises and thrills his friends, always taking things a step too far. Eventually the children are whipped into an uncontrollable frenzy b… Read more

ARAM (Robert Kéchichian, 2002)
A tough, brooding thriller that reaches deep into the heart of Turkish-Armenian animosity. The DST, France's internal secret service, observes the covert arrival on their shores of Aram, a feared ex-… Read more

ARDOR (Byun Young-joo, 2002)
One Christmas Eve, young housewife Mi-Heun has her world thrown into disarray when she uncovers her husband's infidelity. Unable to cope with the change in her seemingly idyllic existence, she become… Read more

ASAKUSA KID (Shinozaki Makoto, 2002)
Asakusa Kid is the story of the outrageous, misspent youthful days of internationally renowned Japanese multi-hyphenate (director-star-writer-all-round-media-personality) Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi, whose… Read more

AYURVEDA: ART OF BEING (Pan Nalin, 2001)
"Filmed largely in the south-western Indian state of Kerala, Pan Nalin's (director of MIFF 2002's Most Popular film Samsara) film offers glimpses of several different practitioners of traditional hol… Read more

BACHELORMAN (John Putch, 2002)
Ted Davis is a superhuman ladies man. He is worshipped by his pals who live vicariously through Ted's raunchy sexploits. Ted has all the lines, all the moves and a one hundred percent success rate in… Read more

BALLROOM (Patrick Marie Bernard, Pierre Trividic, Xavier Brillat, 2002)
Rene, an artist, lives with his writer boyfriend in an abandoned dance hall on the chilly French coast. He becomes fixated on repetitive tasks, behaviour and images and feels, oddly as though he is "… Read more

BALNEARIOS (Mariano Llinás, 2002)
Balnearios combines oral tradition, faux- documentary style and techniques from the photo novel that resembles Chris Marker's seminal masterwork La Jetee, to celebrate the waterside holidays of Argen… Read more

Basilisk Stare (Mis Kamieniak, 2002)
The observer and the observed. Voyeunstic pleasure and jealous desire. Fantasy or reality? Stars David Wenham. ... Read more

BECOMING JULIA (Ruth Cullen, 2003)
The remarkable story of a likable Aussie bloke and just how he became the woman of her dreams. Paul is a farmer from Bathurst, an avowed V8 fan, petrol head and one-time member of his brother's pit c… Read more

Bed Scenes (François Ozon, 1997)
Synopsis not available Read more

Besenbahn (Dietmar Offenhuber, 2001)
Traversing homogenous suburbs and multiplexed freeways, Besenbahn clinically and elegantly fragments the notion of a 'road movie'. Using time slice technology, this videographic experiment transcends… Read more

BICHUNMOO (Kim Young-jun, 2000)
1343: China is under the rule of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. Young warrior Jin-ha, an apprentice in the art of Bichunmoo sword-fighting, meets a young girl named Sullie, the daughter of Mongol general T… Read more

BLIND SHAFT (Li Yang, 2003)
Song and Tang are coal miners, working under torturous and unsafe conditions. When Tang's brother, Chaolu, arrives for a visit, they convince him to join them in the mine. Deep underground, they kill… Read more

BLISSFULLY YOURS (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2003)
A languid and sensual meditation on love, Blissfully Yours is a sumptuous new offering from Thailand. ... Min is an illegal Burmese immigrant, living in Thailand and in desperate need of a forged ID.… Read more

BLUE GATE CROSSING (Yee Chih-yen, 2002)
Blue Gate Crossing is a lyrical and tender ode to the difficult, and often precarious phase of moving from adolescence to adulthood. ... Flighty Yuezhan has a typical schoolgirl crush on the handsome… Read more

BOKUNCHI – MY HOUSE (Sakamoto Junji, 2002)
Two young brothers, Nita and Itta, live in a derelict town on a small Japanese island populated by an eccentric bunch of characters. One day, out of the blue, their mother returns with Kanoko, a sist… Read more

BOLEXBROTHERSWORLD (The Bolexbrothers, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Boogaloo (Marianne Jenkins, 2002)
This insightful monologue, delivered in a nightclub bathroom, reveals the emotional landscape of a 50-something woman as she tells her poignant and sometimes painful story of falling in love with a y… Read more

BRAIN MONKEY SHORTS (package) (, 2002)
At the core of this program of Japanese shorts are the highlights, of Samurai Shorts the latest HD-cam wonders produced by Wataru Furuta (Burst the Earth, MIFF 2001) which are having their internatio… Read more

Bread & Alley (Abbas Kiarostami, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

Michael Franti,The Fat Boys, Biz Markie, Doug E. Fresh, Mix Master Mike, Money Mark and a couple of dozen other MCs, DJs and assorted playas join forces to deliver the definitive history of the human… Read more

BROKEN WINGS (Nir Bergman, 2002)
Winner of over 15 major international film awards, including the audience award at Berlin this year and nine Israel Film Academy Awards, Broken Wings is a powerful and uplifting examination of the st… Read more

BUFFALO SOLDIERS (Gregor Jordan, 2001)
Army supply clerk Ray Elwood (Joaquin Phoenix) reluctantly chose the army over a stint in jail. He rules the roost around the base, duping his ineffectual, pompous superiors, way-laying vast shipment… Read more

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