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Films Screened In 2003

DOLLS (Kitano Takeshi, 2002)
The latest work from iconoclast Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi (Hana-Bi, MIFF 1998) weaves together three stories of undying love, delicately intertwined by the beauty of sadness and inspired by the emotions … Read more

Dolphin Glide (George Greenough, 2003)
George Greenough has been called the most forward-thinking ocean-immersive motion picture photographer of the last few decades. Dolphin Glide is his newest work and is the culmination of his latest i… Read more

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Frederick Wiseman, 2001)
"The world of reality television wouldn't exist without Frederick Wiseman's lingering examinations of fragments of society. And those who've grown up watching such programs should look at this film t… Read more

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 2 (Frederick Wiseman, 2003)
For the past 35 years, Frederick Wiseman has meticulously documented a unique and penetrating view of American social relations and the institutions that try to mediate them. In Domestic Violence, al… Read more

"By turns voluptuous, whimsical and exceedingly strange, Guy Maddin's film suggests that silent film and ballet have always been natural dancing partners. At least they seem that way when folded into… Read more

DRAGON INN (Raymond Lee, 1992)
"The early 1990s wuxia wave hit its apex with this Tsui Hark-produced remake of King Hu's Dragon Gate Inn. Maggie Cheung sasses up the screen as an innkeeper with a thrifty way of both dealing with u… Read more

Dragonblood (Thomas Ruge, 2002)
Marianne works late nights in a 24-hour supermarket. She finds an ingenious and surreal way of escaping the drudgery of her job. ... Read more

DURVAL RECORDS (Anna Muylaert, 2002)
Durval is 45 years old and spent the best years of his life in the 70s. Looking like a Latin version of former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, he runs an anachronistic vinyl record store in a rundown Sao … Read more

EAGLEHAWK (, 2003)
Eaglehawk is a unique project commissioned for performances exclusive to the 2003 Melbourne international Film Festival. The event serves as a cinematic and performance precursor to a feature film sc… Read more

EDDIE (Piotr Trzaskalski, 2002)
Winner of three prizes at the Berlin Film Festival and Poland's 2003 Oscar contender this film belongs to Henryk Golebiewski as Eddie. It's difficult to believe that this wizened, goblin-faced man re… Read more

ELIANA, ELIANA (Riri Riza, 2002)
Eliana has just been sacked from her dreary department store job for kicking a customer in the crotch. Needing the support and comfort of her flatmate, Heni, Eliana returns home only to find her miss… Read more

Teresa is an airline stewardess who feels right at home above the clouds, serving drinks and trays of pre-packaged food— anything that distances her from the pitfalls of life on earth, like men… Read more

Excursion (Cris Jones, 2002)
"You wake up. That's how it always starts. You find yourself in a four-walled cell, the scent of all your lost dreams hanging in the air". So begins this absurd, visually inventive and comically-char… Read more

Family Tree (Vicky Jenson, 2002)
Family Tree is the quick-witted and idiosyncratic live-action debut from Shrek co-director Vicky Jenson. An audience award winner at Sundance, it follows a guy on Thanksgiving, overwhelmed by in-laws… Read more

Fancy, Fancy, Being Rich (Guy Maddin, 2002)
Synopsis not available Read more

Fast Film (Virgil Widrich, 2003)
Fast Film is a chase through film-chases. Using print-outs of found-footage frames, which are then folded and animated, it is an extraordinarily stimulating trip through the history of action films. … Read more

FEAR X (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)
John Turturro is Harry Cam, a security guard in mid-west Amenca, whose wfe has been killed at the mall in which he works. Harry becomes obsessed wrth revenge, poring over endless surveillance camera … Read more

firepussy (Laurel Almerinda, 2001)
With poetry, montage, visceral imagery and fractured narrative, this remarkable mixed-media piece is an electrically charged journey into the mind of a volatile Latina pyromaniac poet. Fleeing urban … Read more

Flat (Sebastian Danta, 2003)
A journey into the soul of a building shows life to be anything but flat. ... Read more

Flux (Chris Hinton, 2002)
With deft dark humour Chris Hinton plays with the speed of life. Like life itself, Flux is packed with almost more than you can absorb. Vivid as a Miro painting, it reverberates with the twang of a p… Read more

Fly (Shona McCullagh, 2002)
A deaf boy is ready to soar. Through the language of movement his father struggles to set him free. ... Read more

Fog Eyes (Hamish Koci, 2003)
A young girl arrives at a hospital to have her fogged-up eyes fixed. But a simple operation becomes complicated when Sister Enid introduces her to the healing powers of God and the wicked coma patien… Read more

FONG SAI YUK (Corey Yuen, 1993)
"Jet Li stars as irascible folk legend Fong Sai Yuk in Corey Yuen's period martial arts riot. Li's charisma and agility have never been more perfectly showcased, and Josephine Siao Fong-Fong is equal… Read more

FOR OPENERS: THE ART OF FILM TITLES (David Peters, Ken Coupland (curators), 2000)
Martin Scorsese once remarked that opening credits of a film have the unique opportunity for "setting the tone, providing the mood, and foreshadowing the action". Curators David Peters and Ken Coupla… Read more

Fortunate Son (Greg Wilcox, 2003)
Fortunate Son was stolen by an advert from the 60s peace movement. Wilcox has stolen it back. Responding to the ad's patriotic misreading of the Creedence ditty, this film returns the song to its roo… Read more

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