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Films Screened In 2003

KOPS (Josef Fares, 2002)
What do you do when you are a cop In a small town whose crime rate drops so low the authorities are threatening to shut the station down? Of course you'd bribe the local drunk to steal from the groce… Read more

La Chanson-Chanson (Xavier Diskeuve, 2002)
Unknown Belgian singer (and yokel) Walter is selected to appear in La Chanson-Chanson, a famous show on French television. The problem is: how to get to Paris? When his cousin Jacques, a taciturn far… Read more

La Petite Morte (Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, 2002)
Focusing on the observations and experiences of former porn actress Raffaela Anderson (who also went on to star in Virginia Despentes' controversial Baise-Moi), La Petite Morte explores the French po… Read more

LA VIE NOUVELLE (Philippe Grandrieux, 2002)
Be prepared for a singular, disturbing film expenence. Set in an undisclosed location, most probably somewhere in war ravaged Eastern Europe, a group of men undertake a number of nefarious activities… Read more

L’Envie (Leonard Yip, 2002)
Two boys—friends sharing fantasies. One girl— a lesson better than French. Screened in Berlin. ... Read more

Little Death (François Ozon, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

LIVE FOREVER (John Dower, 2003)
Pompous pop stars, arrogant artists, cynical critics and ... the Gallagher brothers, all have their say in this wonderfully hyperactive and deliciously funny account of the short-lived and over-hyped… Read more

Lock Picking (Scott Kirby, 2002)
"Don't look back, never, that's the secret". A young woman explores her latest interests— lock picking and cat burglary—with the help of a new friend, a male escape artist. Their relation… Read more

LONDON ORBITAL (Chris Petit, Iain Sinclair, 2002)
Revered for his hallucinatory essay films, Chris Petit (last seen at MIFF 1999 with Negative Space and The Falconer) has cooperated with lain Sinclair on a documentary version of Sinclair's scabrous … Read more

LONG GONE (Jack Cahill, David Eberhardt, 2003)
Intertwining stories of six tramps who hop freight trains to travel across America, Long Gone presents a portrait of contemporary 'hobos' struggling to overcome their pasts, haunting war memories, su… Read more

LOVE LIZA (Todd Louiso, 2001)
Winner of Best Screenplay at Sundance Film Festival, Love Liza is a curious but unforgettable animal, somewhere between Todd Solondz's Happiness and Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World. Philip Seymour Hoffma… Read more

MAKE ME A MATCH (Allen Mondell, Cynthia Salzman, 2000)
From the lap-top stylings of Hassids in New Jersey to a 24 strong posse of San Diego mothers (who consider size 10-12 women as overweight!) who insist they aren't gossips, Make me a Match criss-cross… Read more

MARION BRIDGE (Wiebke von Carolsfeld, 2002)
Agnes (Molly Parker, Pure, in MIFF this year) returns to her provincial hometown to visit her chain-smoking, alcoholic mother who is returning home from hospital. Agnes, who had fled to Toronto years… Read more

MAROONED IN IRAQ (Bahman Ghobadi, 2002)
During the Iran-Iraq war an old Kurdish singer, Mizra, receives word that his estranged wife, Hanareh, is in trouble.Tricking his two sons into joining him, Mizra sets off to Iraq in search of the wo… Read more

MARTHA’S NEW COAT (Rachel Ward, 2002)
15-year-old Martha lives in a small, inland, rural town with her mother and younger sister Elsie. Things are bleak in the town; shops are closing down, people are leaving in droves and there is nothi… Read more

MAX (Menno Meyjes, 2002)
A fascinating conceit that advances the theory that if Hitler was a better artist, the world may have been spared a despot and a World War. Homeless, penniless and disillusioned by Germany's defeat i… Read more

MAY (Lucky McKee, 2002)
If you can't find a friend... make one. May suffered a childhood of taunts due to her lazy eye. She got zero support from her obsessive-compulsive mother and now, all grown up and working in an anima… Read more

MC5: A TRUE TESTIMONIAL (David C. Thomas, 2002)
From the first thundering chord of Kick Out the Jams to the final frames recounting one of the most influential bands of the 60s/70s self-destructing in a blur of drink, drugs, record company machina… Read more

MERCANO THE MARTIAN (Juan Antin, 2002)
Mercano's life on Mars is a peaceful one, until one day a wayward probe from Earth smashes into his planet, killing his beloved dog. Enraged, the intrepid Martian climbs into his spacecraft and heads… Read more

MISSING PERSONS (Dan O'Donnell, 2002)
"A refreshingly oddball stew of parodic film noir, police and sci-fi elements sifted through deadpan surrealism. Distinct in tone and visual style ... the film has a striking design palette for which… Read more

MOLLY AND MOBARAK (Tom Zubrycki, 2003)
Tom Zubrycki's documentary The Diplomat (MIFF 2000) focused on the struggle for independence in East Timor and its impact both politically and personally. In Molly and Mobarak, Zubrycki turns his kno… Read more

Mood Motions (W.P. Murton, 2002)
Mood Motions is the latest masterpiece from genius cineaste, W.P. Murton. It concerns the subtleties and deconstruction of abstract forms and avant-garde electronic music. ... Read more

MORVERN CALLAR (Lynne Ramsay, 2002)
Morvern Callar (Samantha Morton) is a dissatisfied grocery store worker, desperate to escape her humdrum existence. On Christmas Day she wakes to discover her boyfriend has killed himself and on a ne… Read more

Mother Tongue (Susan (Kim) Danta, 2003)
A man receives an audio-cassette from his family overseas. Their voices measure the real and imaginary distances between them. This enchanting piece uses actual audio-cassettes from the animator's ch… Read more

Mt. Head (Koji Yamamura, 2002)
After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows out of his head, presenting a lot of trouble for him. Koji Yamamura's supremely expressive animation, set in contemporary Tokyo, is a re… Read more

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