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Films Screened In 2005

door to the sun, the (Yousry Nasrallah, 2003)
[The Door to the Sun] is an epic history struck through with suffering, hope and love. This powerful film, screened at Cannes last year, is adapted from a novel by Elias Khoury. ... Told with daring … Read more

Draft (Naomi Levari, )
Pacifist Yoav Genar is doing all he can to prevent his son from enlisting in the Israeli army. In the 24 hours prior to the draft, an ideological and emotional confrontation evolves between father an… Read more

Dream Land (Laila Pakalnina, )
There are places we know nothing of, and might prefer don't exist at all. One of those places is the rubbish dump. Latvian filmmaker Laila Pakalnina turns the observational nature documentary around … Read more

Dream of Love (Lawrence Johnston, )
The joys of love last but a short time. Through remarkably direct and intimate interviews, Melbourne filmmaker Lawrence Johnston allows us into his family as they ruminate on love and explore its joy… Read more

dumplings (Fruit Chan, 2004)
Mrs Lee is not coping well with ageing. Her vanity leads her to seek potions and powders to keep the wrinkles at bay, until desperation leads her to Mei and her rejuvenation dumplings. But when you m… Read more

Durian durian (Fruit Chan, 1999)
"[Durian Durian] follows the path of a young woman, Yan, as she struggles in a dirty precinct of Hong Kong, and her reimmersion into family life after she abandons the world of prostitution in the ci… Read more

EARTH AND ASHES (Atiq Rahimi, 2004)
Dastaguir and his spirited young grandson, Yassin, wait at a dusty roadside junction in a lonely desert landscape. They wait for a truck that will take them to the remote mine where the old man's son… Read more

Easily and Sweetly (Ignas Misknis, )
World over, lads hang out in the city on a Saturday night. [Easily and Sweetly] is an affecting look at some Lithuanian boys who have not quite grown up, but are no longer children. --- D Ingas Miski… Read more

Echo (Stephen Hamel, )
If nothing else, let the inspired casting of a movie star in the role of Narcissus draw you to the theatre. Reminiscent of Pasolini's Oedipus Rex, this superb short evokes the stark brutality of Gree… Read more

edgar g ulmer - the man off-screen (Michael Palm, 2004)
"Ulmer was nothing if not a self-inventor - by his own fantastic account, he created the first dolly and worked on every major film to come out of Weimar Germany, handily listing himself as an uncred… Read more

education of shelby Knox, the (Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt, 2005)
Lubbock, Texas, has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the US. It also has the highest rate of STDs in teenagers. The sex education policy in the schools of this southern, ultra-conservative to… Read more

Eiffel Tower (Niklas Radstrom, )
Stellan Skarsgård stars as a man who dreams of being in Paris during the 1920s, where he searches for the mysteriously absent Eiffel Tower. When he wakes and recounts the dream to his wife, he disco… Read more

Election (Johnnie To, )
Elections are always tense, but none more than for the leadership of Hong Kong's largest and oldest criminal Triad. The much-acclaimed Hong Kong director Johnnie To brings together a luminous cast in… Read more

electric edwardians (, )
The films of Mitchell & Kenyon UK with live score performed by [In the Nursery] ... ... The most exciting British film discovery of recent times, the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection (1900-13) was mira… Read more

eli, eli, lema sabachtani' (Aoyama Shinji, 2004)
"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me'" Christ's plea from the cross resonates through Aoyama Shinji's ([Eureka], MIFF 00) bleak vision of a post-apocalyptic world overwhelmed with despair. Feat… Read more

Endangered (Tracey Rigney, )
First-time filmmaker Tracey Rigney's immediate and sassy documentary takes a look at the scarcity of eligible Indigenous men, and the effects this has on Indigenous women looking for love and for the… Read more

Nominated for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, [Enron] is a tight, fascinating chronicle of arrogance, conspiracy and greed. Throughout the 1990s Enron grew with astonishing speed to bec… Read more

erik (A) (Kurt Mayer, 2005)
Erika Schinegger was the 1966 women's downhill skiing world champion. She was a popular figure; Austrian athlete of the year, she was a farm girl with a no-nonsense attitude, a funny haircut and a de… Read more

Everything in this Country Must (Gary McKendry, )
Set against the backdrop of British occupation of Northern Ireland in 1985, an Irish farmer struggles to save his drowning horse as his daughter looks on in horror. When a young British soldier offer… Read more

experimental shorts (, )
This programme includes... ... * [Kilvo] (Michaela Grill , Austria) * [Skagafjoerdur] (Peter Hutton, Iceland) * [November] (Hito Steyerl, Austria/Germany) * [Solo Mit Chor] (Karo Goldt, Austria/Germa… Read more

Fable (Daniel Sousa, )
In this beautifully animated fairy tale, a man and woman are cursed only to meet in their animal forms. When they do meet, their passion for one another is overshadowed by their predatory instincts. … Read more

fall of fujimori, the (Ellen Perry, 2005)
"With remarkable access and a steely, clinical attitude toward her all-too-ingratiating subject, filmmaker Ellen Perry delivers an intimate and deeply disturbing portrait of Peruvian ex-president Alb… Read more

family, a (Lee Jung-chul, 2004)
Ju-seok returns home after spending three years in jail for pickpocketing. She has always had a hostile relationship with her widowed father, a former cop whose job was revoked when he lost the sight… Read more

fateless (Lajos Koltai, 2005)
[Fateless] is a deeply moving tale of a Hungarian Jewish boy and his quest for the meaning of his past. It screened in Official Selection at Berlin, 2005. ... Based on the 2002 Nobel prize-winning no… Read more

fiction shorts 1 (, )
This programme includes... ... * [Everything in this Country Must] (Gary McKendry, UK) * [Desperate Urge] (Yannick Saillet, France) * [Lap] (Meloni Poole, UK) * [Raftman's Razor] (Keith Bearden, USA)… Read more

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