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Films Screened In 2005

fiction shorts 2 (, )
This programme includes... ... * [Tama Tu] (Taika Waititi, New Zealand) * [A Whole Heart] (Tracie Mitchell, Australia) * [Easily and Sweetly] (Ingas Miskinis, Lithuania) * [Teen Christian Beach Party… Read more

final cut: the making and unmaking of heaven's gate (Michael Epstein, 2004)
In 1980, a $44-million movie flopped and took a major studio with it. [Heaven's Gate], was the epic western Michael Cimino made while drunk on the success of the Oscar-winning [The Deer Hunter]. As t… Read more

Fish (Eron Sheean, )
A boy who makes treasure out of trash meets a girl who thinks that's what she is. Together they explore each other's wasteland. Staring Kane McNay ([Mallboy]) and Melia Naughton, Sheean's [Fish] beau… Read more

For A Miracle (Jarek Sztandera, )
This gentle film follows the journey of 500 disabled people as they travel by train from Poland to Lourdes. Everything is taken care of by a Catholic bishop and 12 priests, including the loudspeaker … Read more

forgiveness (Ian Gabriel, 2004)
A jolting reminder of the ongoing problems caused by South Africa's apartheid past, [Forgiveness] follows a white man's quest for reconciliation, and the attempts of his victim's family to deal with … Read more

forty shades of blue (Ira Sachs, 2004)
Alan James (Rip Torn) is a legendary producer from the heyday of Memphis Soul. He now lives in well-earned comfort with his beautiful and much younger lover, Laura, a Muscovite living in the foreign … Read more

Frank and Wendy episode 1 THE SAUSAGE FACTORY (, )
These two episodes from the hilarious and deeply weird animated series [Frank and Wendy] are exemplars of Estonia's unique animation style. With scripts by animation master Pritt Pärn, there is no… Read more

Frank and Wendy episode 5 A BLOW TO THE BACK OF SOCIETY'S HEAD (, )
These two episodes from the hilarious and deeply weird animated series [Frank and Wendy] are exemplars of Estonia's unique animation style. With scripts by animation master Pritt Pärn, there is no… Read more

FROZEN (Juliet McKoen, 2003)
Kate (Shirley Henderson) is unable to grieve for her missing sister, who two years earlier disappeared without trace. In her search for answers, Kate - a fish-factory worker in the astonishingly beau… Read more

Frozen Land (Aku Louhimies, 2004)
Aku Louhimies' tough and fearless [Frozen Land] was inspired by Leo Tolstoy's short story [Faux Billet], in which mischance is passed from one person to another. It thus finds a peer in Robert Bresso… Read more

Fuse (Rob Fox, )
During a blackout, a little boy is playing with a box of matches when his father (David Hayman) comes home drunk. This visually stunning short drama is a remarkable portrayal of a father and his son.… Read more

GARBO: THE SPY (Edmon Roch, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." - Winston Churchill</strong></p> )
\In wartime ... Read more

GAY REPUBLICANS (Wash Westmoreland, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, 2004)
A gay Republican may well be the definition of an American oxymoron. In 2004, President Bush's opposition to gay marriage was writ large in his support for a Constitutional amendment that would recog… Read more

Geminis (Albertina Carri, 2004)
Albertina Carri's [Geminis] is a beautifully shot but disturbing film that peels back the skin of a middle-class family to reveal the secrets below. It wooed the audiences in Directors' Fortnight at … Read more

Get the Picture (Rupert Wyatt, )
A group of prisoners is about to be executed in front of a foreign photographer and a journalist. Are they there to report the event, or does their presence incite the killing' This powerful depictio… Read more

"Nowhere is the level of sophistication of Japanese animation more apparent than in the work of Studio Ghibli ([Princess Mononoke], [Spirited Away], [The Cat Returns]). It also happens to produce the… Read more

ginga (Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves, 2005)
Brazil's great secret for dominating world football is hardly a secret at all. Brazilian football players have 'ginga' - a fluid style of movement that raises ball skill to an art form. Ginga is not … Read more

girl in a mirror (Kathy Drayton, 2005)
[Girl in a Mirror] is a riveting portrait of the extraordinary Carol Jerrems, a photographer of phenomenal talent, who documented counter-culture in Australia during the 1970s. Precocious and irrever… Read more

Girl Power (Per Carleson, )
To take a bicycle down the street should be easy, but a small transport problem can quickly grow. Per Carleson's delightful [Girl Power] proves that a little cunning can help, especially if you are a… Read more

GIRL WRESTLER (Diane Zander, 2004)
Tara is 13. She likes to go to the mall and wrestle boys. She only has one more year to do it in, because after that Texas law says she's too old to compete with males! Girl Wrestler is an intriguing… Read more

Godzilla: Final Wars (Ryuhei Kitamura, 2004)
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the series, [Godzilla: Final Wars] has been touted by Toho Pictures as not only the most spectacular Godzilla film ever, but the last in the hugely popular series.… Read more

Going To The Dogs (Paulo Alberton, )
If Afghan hounds are welcome in Australia, why aren't Afghan people, too' This animated documentary uses dogs as a metaphor to examine our 'multiculturalism' and our immigration policies. Alberton's … Read more

goodbye paradise (Carl Schultz, 1982)
On its 1982 release, [Goodbye Paradise] earned the AFI Award for Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Ray Barrett plays Michael Stacey, a disgraced former Queensland assistant police commissioner, in a fi… Read more

Gopher Broke (Jamie Breuer, )
A gopher finds himself on a road where trucks take produce to market. While trying to snaffle some of the goods for himself, the other animals always beat him to the booty. That is, until a truck com… Read more

Grainy Days (Ohki Chieko, )
MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by Image Forum, Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles. [The Tra… Read more

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