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Films Screened In 2005

Grange (Catriona McKenzie, )
[Grange] is the latest drama of Australian filmmaker Catriona McKenzie, awarded Emerging Australian Filmmaker at MIFF 04 with [Mr Patterns]. [Grange] is a refreshingly fast-paced, action-packed comed… Read more

Guard Dog (Bill Plympton, )
What hidden dangers threaten an innocent walk in the park' In MIFF favourite Bill Plympton's Academy Award nominated short we go inside the mind of an overzealous guard dog to find out. --- D/P/S Bil… Read more

GUNNER PALACE (Michael Tucker, Petra Epperlein, 2004)
[Gunner Palace] is an intimate tale of the chaotic, stressful and surreal lives of a troop of American soldiers in Iraq. The 2/3 Field Artillery, AKA the 'Gunners', lives in Uday Hussein's Azimiya Pa… Read more

Hair High (Bill Plympton, 2004)
"Bill Plympton is a bizarre and supremely gifted animator. [Hair High] is a goofy, gothic re-imagining of Grease (without the music) meets Carrie (with more zombies). It's a spoof, a satire and a far… Read more

Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues (Morgan Neville, 2004)
As country music's first superstar, and perhaps its most influential artist, there's much to celebrate in the legend of Hank Williams. But his life was also tremendously tragic, with the trials and h… Read more

hawaii, oslo (Erik Poppe, 2004)
Leon is the kleptomaniac inmate of an asylum. Apart from theft, Leon has one obsession, Asa, his childhood sweetheart. A decade earlier they had arranged to meet on Leon's birthday if they wanted to … Read more

he fooled the Nazis and paved the way for the World War II D-Day landings.</p> (, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

henri langlois: the phantom of the cinematheque (Jacques Richard, 2004)
[Henri Langlois: The Phantom of the Cinematheque] is an absorbing and rewarding tribute to a colossus of French film. One of the co-founders of Cinematheque Francaise, Langlois almost single-handedly… Read more

Hi Maya (Claudia Lorenz, )
In Claudia Lorenz's award-winning short, two old ladies meet unexpectedly at a hairdresser's. Maya recognises Charlotte, and Charlotte recognises Maya. But Maya denies they know each other. The unexp… Read more

Hidden (Michael Haneke, )
Georges (Daniel Auteuil) and Anne (Juliette Binoche) live a model middle-class life in Paris, with their well-adjusted son, Pierrot. Georges is a TV host and Anne works in publishing. While there are… Read more

high or dry (Brodie Higgs, )
*IMPORTANT* ... Due to circumstances beyond MIFF's control, *_High or Dry_* will not be screening at the festival. See daily schedule changes for replacement films. ... [High or Dry], depicting middl… Read more

His Passionate Bride (Monika Forsberg, )
This is the sassiest, sexiest and shortest love story of all time. Experience the glamour and allure of a hot and sizzling romance. --- D/S Monika Forsberg P Sylvie Bringas WS Animus Films TD 35mm/ c… Read more

HOLE IN MY HEART, A (Lukas Moodysen, 2004)
Following his debut feature, [Show Me Love], and his acclaimed [Lilya 4-ever], the talented Lukas Moodysson probes further into the dark excesses of human behaviour. Sure to provoke controversy, his … Read more

HollywooD Hong Kong (Fruit Chan, 2001)
In the shadow of the modern, sky-rise, residential towers Plaza Hollywood (in East Kowloon) is the shantytown Tai Hom, which will shortly be torn down by the government to make way for a new developm… Read more

Housewarming (Brigitte Rouan, 2004)
"Remodelling: you know when it starts but not when it will be over." [Housewarming] is Brigitte Rouan's comedic musing on renovations, relationships, domestic mayhem and illegal immigrants. Chantal L… Read more

Howl's moving castle (Hayao Miyazaki, 2004)
[Howl's Moving Castle] is the latest gem from animation genius Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame ([Spirited Away]). He set out to make an animation for old people, but the result is a brilliant an… Read more

Hunter Finkelstein (Michael Weisler, )
A smoking, rock 'n' rolling, alcoholic Orthodox Jew ghostwrites passionate sermons for the community's most popular Rabbi. Starring musician and actor Tim Rogers, this dark comedy, with a soundtrack … Read more

i told you i was ill: the life and legacy of Spike milligan (Cathy Henkel (and Spike Milligan), 2005)
"We don't have a plan, so nothing can go wrong", the most famous comic of our times once declared. ... [I Told You I was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan] is an intimate portrait of comic g… Read more

image forum shorts (, )
MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by [Image Forum], Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles. ... [Th… Read more

In Darkness (Marcelo Charras, Juan Manuel Rampoldi, )
A young cameraman of erotic films and an old and forgotten inventor get together for a strange and complex experiment, inspired by the theory that the television antennae can capture ghosts' magnetic… Read more

In My Day (Dave Jones, )
The most recent animation by Dave Jones ([Whatcha Got], MIFF 04) was made in collaboration with the students of Natimuk Primary School. Audio recordings of stories told by students from the 1930s pro… Read more

IN THE BATTLEFIELDS (Danielle Arbid, 2004)
[In the Battlefields], which premiered in Cannes' Directors' Fortnight and also screened in Venice, is an evocative and acutely observed work that marks the emergence of a great filmmaking talent. Di… Read more

In The Morning (Danielle Lurie, )
When a young Turkish woman is raped, the responsibility of dealing with the criminal and restoring her family's honour is left to her 13-year-old brother. Based on a true story, this shocking film, w… Read more

innocence (Lucile Hadzihalilovic, )
Six-year-old Iris emerges from a burial box into a dreamlike world of pre-pubescent girls, all with coloured ribbons in their hair. The ribbons denote the girls' ages, all-important in this self-cont… Read more

Inside Deep Throat (Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, )
"Open up and say 'ah' to this wickedly probing documentary from Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato ([Eyes of Tammy Faye], MIFF 00). Before the internet made it a snap to download porn, dudes in raincoat… Read more

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