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Films Screened In 2006

DESCENT, THE (Neil Marshall, 2005)
“The most significant Brit chiller since 28 Days Later. 5 stars.” - Empire, UK. ... Pitched by its director as “Deliverance goes underground”, The Descent is the much-anticipated second featu… Read more

Desert, The (Glendyn Ivin, 2006)
“I want to show you the desert, there's something out there. Something precious, something painful. I didn't think I'd need it anymore but I do.” Starring Adalita from Magic Dirt, The Desert foll… Read more

DETOUR DE FRANCE (Daniel Jones, 2006)
SUNDAY 6 AUGUST, 5PM - SOLD OUT ... Providing a uniquely Australian perspective on the biggest annual sporting event in the world, Dan Jones' documentary debut follows the fortunes of the 2005 Tour d… Read more

Dig (Bridget Walker, 2005)
Dig is a lovingly hand-wrought ethnographic, historical, animated, live-action evocation of an industry, some people, a place and the humble potato. ---D/S Bridget Walker P Paul Fletcher, Robert Step… Read more

Revelatory, inspiring, rewarding, even confronting... All necessary tonics. Includes a new short work from Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami. ... Films include: ... Veiled Ambition, Spitfire 94, Transf… Read more

EAST OF PARADISE (Lech Kowalski, 2005)
A historical tragedy meets a personal rebellion in Lech Kowalski's idiosyncratic third instalment of his Wild, Wild East documentary trilogy. East of Paradise opens with a harrowing description by Ma… Read more

Eclosion (Jerome Boulbes, 2006)
Living blocks of stone emerge from an ancient cliff face. In mid-air they begin a strange and rhythmic ritual. A mesmerising, otherworldly vision that vividly brings ‘the intangible' to life.---D/S… Read more

EDMOND (Stuart Gordon, 2005)
Celebrated playwright David Mamet pulls no punches in this incendiary tale of social paranoia. William H. Macy steps up to the plate as a disgruntled businessman who throws his tedious existence to t… Read more

ELECTION 2 (Johnnie To, 2006)
In a much welcome return to the festival big screen, MIFF regular Johnnie To picks up perfectly where last year's Closing Night feature ended with the electric Election 2. Offering an ingenuously app… Read more

EM 4 JAY (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 2006)
SATURDAY 5 AUGUST, 9PM - SOLD OUT ... World Premiere ... Melbourne iconoclast, Alkinos Tsilimidos, teams up again with renowned playwright Daniel Keene (Tom White MIFF 2004) to create this unflinchin… Read more

Emotional Content (David Blandy, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

End of Town (Julius Avery, 2005)
A girl stands on a lonely road looking into the distance and into her future, “…a moody, jangly score by the Devastations and striking cinematography by Adam Arkapaw.” - Adrian Martin, The… Read more

Enrique Morente, one of the world's greatest living flamenco artists, takes us on a musical tour of Spain's finest monument - Granada's Alhambra palace - in a vibrant tribute to Spain's Andalucian cu… Read more

EVERLASTING REGRET (Stanley Kwan, 2005)
Everlasting Regret received six nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards. ... Based on the best-selling 1996 novel by Wang Anyi, Stanley Kwan's handsome epic, Everlasting Love, sweeps across the scre… Read more

EVERY OTHER WEEK (Mans Herngren, Hannes Holm, Felix Herngren, Hans Ingemansson, 2006)
A comedy drama about two brothers whose lives become very complicated, Every Other Week sees four Swedish directors step up to steer this light-hearted romp through life, love and sex. Jens' wife, Te… Read more

Everything We Are (Mark Robinson, 2006)
A 12-year-old boy is forced to leave the female refuge where he lives with his mother. On his way to school, he encounters a strange man and tries to find a connection. ---D/S Mark Robinson P Kathryn… Read more

Ex Memoria (Josh Appignanesi, 2006)
Ex Memoria takes us into a day in the life of Eva, putting us face-to-face with one's experience of old age. Boldly forcing us to face her lived reality, we see that a day really can contain a whole … Read more

Conceptual, personal, abstract, non-narrative, political, playful work that will change your notions of conventional cinema. ... Films include: ... 911 Rio, Mississippi, The Temple, Last Suppe, Dig, … Read more

FALLEN (Fred Kelemen, 2005)
“A starkly black-and-white parable dripping with unspoken regrets and submerged in the ambient sturm und drang of distant factory roar… Consider it a thumbnail remake of Blow-Up by Nuri Bilg… Read more

FANTASMA (Lisandro Alonso, )
Lisandro Alonso follows up last year's revelation at MIFF, Los Muertos, with a self-reflexive feature that is as intriguing as it is elusive. In a complex and highly original play on fiction and real… Read more

FEARLESS (Ronny Yu, 2006)
Jet Li stars in what he proclaims to be his final martial arts feature; this kinetic retelling of the life of Huo Yuanjia, founder of the Jingwu School of Martial Arts. Growing up in Tianjin, Norther… Read more

Few old blokes, A (Kate Gillick, 2005)
Gillick's revealing documentary focuses on a group of 'old blokes' residing in a public high-rise. The filmmaker creates a warm and unpretentious story about their daily routines, dreams, dilemmas an… Read more

From lonely car park attendants to hippy communes in the Scottish Highlands... all inhabitants of these remarkable worlds.Films include: ... Cow Tipping, Home, Swanettes, Booth Story, The Substitute,… Read more

From lonely car park attendants to hippy communes in the Scottish Highlands... all inhabitants of these remarkable worlds. ... Films include: ... Avatar, We the Living, Headshot, Swanettes, Ex Memori… Read more

Film Noir (Osbert Parker, 2005)
A fantastic not-so black-and-white chase sequence made of classic film noir moments collaged into a highly imaginative series of stop motion worlds, each collapsing onto the other.---D/P/S Osbert Par… Read more

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