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Films Screened In 2006

Flanders took out the Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Sprung from the killing fields of World War 1 - quite literally, knee-deep in mud in the opening scene - Flanders is a primal and, at times, brutal film unafraid to walk an anti-emotional line. Demester shares his time between ... Read more
Animated, documented and fully utilising the power of storytelling, these Aussie shorts include Accelerator alumni and previous best MIFF shorts award winners. ... Films include: ... Anne and Richard, Snow, Paper and Sand, From Gold to Grapes: The Story of Landsborough, William, My Brother Vinnie ... Read more
A new work from iconoclast and MIFF regular Francois Ozon, plus the winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival from one of the most dynamic film cultures in the world. ... Films include: ... Penpusher, Hard Lines, Monsieur Etienne, Holiday, for interieur, A Curtain Raiser ... Read more
Gravity boots, mooseheads, a Palme d'Or winner and an Oscar nominee… There's remarkable invention and flights of imagination in this selection from Scandinavia. ... Films include: ... It's My Turn, Bawke, Habitat, Roswell Enterprises, Sniffer, Me As Usual, The Last Farm ... Read more
One record producer... The creators of the cult film and stage classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch... and some of the most influential indie rockers... They all come together to record a benefit album for a controversial high school in New York City supporting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and ... Read more
A symbolic search reminding us of all that we know and all that we don't know. A story about the quality of every level of life. Screened at Annecy Film Festival.---D/S Alireza Darvish P Carmen Perez Gonzalez L Farsi w/English subtitles TD video/col/2006/6mins ... Read more
A boy called Criquet shares fun times with his grandfather, who collects memories. When the old man dies, he leaves the boy a magical legacy.---D Patrick Poubel P Eric Pattedoie, Caroline Perchaud S Patrick Poubel, Charlotte Paillieux WS Laboite Productions de Film L French w/English subtitles TD ... Read more
Based on Michel Tournier's novel Vendredi ou le limbes du Pacifique (a reworking of Robinson Crusoe), Friday or Another Day charts the course of the relationship between a proud thespian and a sardonic islander. From an initial position of colonialism-in-miniature, their friendship matures to ... Read more
In the tradition of 2005 MIFF prizewinner In My Day, local childrens' drawings and local adults' words are brought together to tell the tale of Victorian town Landsborough. Utterly charming.---D/S Al MacInnes P Jen Barber WS Al MacIness L English TD video/col/2006/6mins ... Read more
This lively documentary uses pristine archival footage to portray an ebullient story of musical metamorphosis - from the synagogue choirs of darkest Russia to Harlem hotspots, Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and eventually the bright lights of Hollywood. Some 2.5 million Jews fled persecution in Russia and ... Read more
A searing salute to Scorsese's Taxi Driver, filmmaker Aku Louhimies based Frozen City on the fate of one of the characters from his television series Fragments (2003) and follows a narrative thread from his Frozen Land (MIFF 2005). The story picks up where a cab driver, abandoned by his wife and ... Read more
Armed with a Super 8 camera, Rick and Buddy surveyed the USA on an ofte-dangerous quest to seek out empty pools for skateboarding. Most evident precursor is Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer...except the waves are man's concrete detritus. This was Rick and Buddy's first film and best exemplifies ... Read more
Bad luck or good luck? It depends on your perspective. After surviving electrocution, moose attack and several runnings over, Fumi discovers a way to turn her curse into everyone else's blessing.---D/S David Chai P Kontstanin Abadjiev WS David Chai L English TD video/col/2005/7mins ... Read more
Katsuhti Ishii teams up with two like-minded directors and creates a film, well, from another planet! Funky Forest invites you to get out of your mind and experience a world where the secrets of the universe can be unlocked by dancing, where freaky dreams, strange aliens, kinetic forehead laser ... Read more
Shot in 16mm, FUNNY HA HA examines life after college in an understated and moving way. Written, directed, and co-starring indie darling Andrew Bujalski (Mutual Appreciation, MIFF 06), the film features impressively natural performances led by newcomer Kate Dollenmayer, whose commanding yet ... Read more
Aliens, Corona and Crescent live as the pets of Betty Boop-style starlet Funny after crash-landing on earth. Despite its sugar-coated look, this series from the creator of Mr Stain on Junk Alley is twisted, comic and truly surreal. Four episodes will screen separately: Black Hole, Photography ... Read more
“Outbursts of honesty and extremes of secrecy, moments of doubt and founded or unfounded joy… it's all there.” - Venice Film Festival Envied for their success, the master and mistress of the house revel in the delight of their guests. Dinner parties, long evenings, conversation, good ... Read more
Phie Ambo's documentary sees her turning the camera on fellow Danish filmmaker, Nicholas Winding Refn, detailing his real-life tale of risk and sacrifice. ... After crashlanding in Cannes with the gritty debut, Pusher, Winding Refn suffered a box office flop, Fear X (2003), which saw him plunged ... Read more
What does it take to succeed as an ‘animation star'? Three out-of-work animated characters envy a friend's success - and animation takes a comical look in the mirror in the process.---D Henry Cruickshank P Nick Wright S Johnny Meres WS Scotttish Screen L English TD video/col/2005/6mins ... Read more
“One of the most ambitious films ever made in Indonesia.” - Rotterdam International Film Festival Low in budget but epic in nature, significance and scale, Riri Riza's Gie is a chronological biography drawing its fundamental details from the posthumous diaries of the legendary activist Soe Hok ... Read more
Written, directed and animated by Oscar-winning filmmaker and cartoonist Bruce Petty, Global Haywire is a documentary fable, threading live action and animation with stunning dynamism and originality to tell a tale of how East and West has reached the present crisis point. Referred to (rather too ... Read more
Often hailed as the pinnacle of Chinese silent cinema, The Goddess (1934) was the penultimate film of silent film superstar Ruan Lingyu. ... It is the story of a single mother (Ruan Lingyu) who must care for her young son in an environment of hostile intolerance. As her options dwindle, she turns ... Read more
Winner of the Golden Bear, Peace Film Award and Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at this year's Berlin Film Festival. ... Named after the neighbourhood adjacent to where the film's writer-director was raised, Grbavica is the startling debut feature from Jasmila Zbanic. This important and moving account ... Read more
In the nightlife districts of Osaka and Tokyo, a slightly different form of entertainment is taking place. In ‘host bars', charming young men laugh and flirt with women - and are paid handsomely for it. ... Profiling the denizens of Osaka's Cafe Rakkyo, and in particular the charismatic head ... Read more
Yokai / n. pl. Bizarre-looking monsters and supernatural beings from Japanese folklore who like to play tricks on unsuspecting humans. Eight-year-old Tadashi, a meek schoolboy from a broken family, finds himself leading an epic quest when he is chosen as the next Kirin Rider at an annual festival ... Read more
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