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Films Screened In 2007

Homegrown stories with international appeal… This world-class collection of celebrated short films draws from the talents of Accelerator alumni, best MIFF shorts award-winners, graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Australia Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), and ... Read more
Worm-like creatures nestled up a girl's nose, futuristic societies reprogramming its unruly youth and an appetiser for Guy Maddin buffs… It takes only a few minutes to manifest the macabre or send fear into the hearts of viewers, as this collection of short chillers resolutely proves. A ... Read more
From the red light district of Copenhagen to the intimacy of a Syrian hamman (bathing house), those things whispered in hushed tones behind hands are universal across the world. Life's little taboos unfold in this tantalising programme of shorts that teases at our morals and prompts us to question ... Read more
Set amid the sun-drenched cotton fields of southern Arkansas, Jeff Nichols' debut feature is a powerful parable about the futility and complexity of blood feuds. Son, Kid and Boy have been raised to hate their father, Cleaman Hayes, a deadbeat who abandoned them - subsequently rehabilitating ... Read more
Documentary provocateur Michael Moore returns and, as usual, he's mad. America is the richest country on earth and yet, Moore exasperates, their global position in healthcare puts them at number 38 on the list - just above Slovenia. Rousing, provocative and sometimes incredibly funny, Moore takes ... Read more
“Truly inspired independent filmmaking that will stalk viewers from every dark corner while examining the surprising human madness lying deep within.” - Sundance Film Festival Three filmmakers collaborate on three separate ‘transmissions' (i.e. parts) in this clever blend of blood and guts ... Read more
Revenge of poetry and photography. Foam in the images obtained from direct manipulation of the negatives. ... --- D/S/P Cristiana Miranda TD video/B&W/2006/4mins ... Read more
Following his mighty feature debut Beneath Clouds (MIFF 02), Ivan Sen directs the documentary A Sister's Love. A talented Indigenous performer and artistic director Rhoda Roberts talks about the impact of the abduction and murder of her twin sister, Lois, at Nimbin eight years ago. ... D Ivan Sen P ... Read more
A film about the African/European immigration issue as viewed from the other side of the equation - by the women left behind when their husbands leave to seek employment in Europe. Shortly following their wedding, Zeinab's husband leaves the tiny, rural community where they live, travelling to ... Read more
“Gleefully disgusting.” - Variety Snoop Dogg - narrating in his own ‘Snoop speak' - presides over this gore-sodden triumvirate of morality tales as a supernatural Hound of Hell. Each chapter teaches us that greed and violence is bad, reaching envelope-pushing levels of camp. Hear some of the ... Read more
“A naturalistic and decidedly harsh glimpse into tangled, everyday lives.” - Hollywood Reporter Snow Angels spans three relationships at three different stages and culminates in two gunshots that change everything. Arthur is a trombonist for the high school band, exploring his first real ... Read more
Soft Words Australia In 1946, George Orwell wrote about the misuse of language for political gain. Sixty years on, the Howard government has mastered it. ... D/S Adrian Francis P Steve Thomas WS Victorian College of Arts TD video/col/2006/10mins ... Read more
The first Israeli film selected to open the Jerusalem Film Festival, nominated for 12 gongs at last year's Israeli Academy Awards. Based on the best-selling novel by David Grossman, Someone to Run With careens through the streets of Jerusalem on the end of a labrador's leash. Two first-time actors ... Read more
A man and a woman walk down a street in the red light district of Copenhagen. They are happy but soon their conversation takes a strange turn and comes to a head. Is it the surroundings that provoked it or was the conflict already lurking?---D Birgitte Stærmose S Dunja Gry Jensen & Birgitte ... Read more
Sous-Marin (Submarine) sees Gaumy given exclusive access to the French nuclear attack submarine, La Perle, where he undertook a four-month tour of duty to make a documentary series for French television. This is the final episode, Le Dernier rivage (The Last Shore). ... Check out the Talking ... Read more
Spear is a Yirritja story that is told in Dalabon language in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The tribe's strongest and most respected hunter creates a magical spear.--- ... D Maurice Argiro & Nathan Jurevicius S Jimmy Wesan, Gojok P Sophie Byrne, Domenic Friguglietti & Michael ... Read more
Always the perpetual prankster, Jack learns the hard way that the practical jokes he plays on his long-suffering girlfriend Jill, won't always end with laughter. As Mum used to say, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. ---D Nash Edgerton P Nicole O'Donohue WS Blue Tongue Films TD ... Read more
“A high-wire act performed over the chasm between childhood innocence and adult responsibility.” - Variety Accused of murdering her newborn, 16 year-old Stephanie Daley enters a complex world of denial where she claims she never knew she was pregnant and that the child was stillborn. Lydie ... Read more
“I entered this condemned city [Fengjie] with my camera and I witnessed demolitions and explosions. In the roaring noise and fluttering dust, I gradually felt that life really could blossom in brilliant colours even in a place with such desperation.” - filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke Fengjie's old town ... Read more
Having his wife die of a heart attack was only the start of a very bad night for Steve Kurtz. His 911 call to report the death triggered events that would drag him into a Kafkaesque nightmare. After paramedics grew suspicious of objects in Kurtz's apartment, the FBI was called in. Hazmat-suited ... Read more
A fertile brew of effect and narrative form, this film transforms a rare and sophisticated working knowledge of materialist film into a uniquely Australian 'bush' sensibility. ... ---D/P Sally Goulding TD video/B&W/2006/7mins ... Read more
Stratification by British composer/filmmaker Michael Salkeld is 4 minutes of orchestral maneuvers in colour, line and shape: Synesthesia for everybody! ... D/P Michael Salkeld TD video/col/2006/4mins ... ... ... Read more
The Substitute (Il supplente) Italy A surprising and unexpected comedy about growing up and the lessons learnt in the classroom and office. Winner of the Best Comedy Award at Aspen Shortsfest 2007. ... D/S Andrea Jublin P David Luchetti & Lorenzo Foschi L Italian w/English subtitles TD HD ... Read more
In Sunset to Sunrise, Max is a senior Arrernte elder and traditional owner of the Alice Springs area. As the sun sinks below the horizon over Lila Creek, Max passes on his wisdom to his descendants by the campfire. They listen intently to his insights as the firelight reflects on the tall, elegant ... Read more
Purportedly based on the courtship of the filmmaker's parents, this film experiments with narrative to tell a story twice - in radically different settings. Purportedly based on the courtship of the filmmaker's parents, this film experiments with narrative to tell a story twice - in radically ... Read more
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