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Films Screened In 2007

Clean Linen (Zia Mandviwalla, 2006)
Nine year old Raj and his sister while away their long summer holidays of 1982 doing housework and watching found porn videos. Confronted by their strict mother, the truth slips out and the loss of c… Read more

Coco-Nuts (Charlotte Blom, 2006)
A playful and challenging mixture of fiction film and documentary. Lina´s lusty longing for her lover receives an absurd and musical twist during an unexpected encounter in a coconut cake facto… Read more

COMRADES IN DREAMS (Uli Gaulke, 2006)
“An entertaining world tour of small-town movie houses and the dedicated cineastes who maintain them.” - Variety Bringing together cinema exhibitors from North Korea, America, India and Africa, … Read more

CON MAN CONFIDENTIAL (Alexander Adolph, 2006)
Peter sold tickets for seats on a moon landing. Marc sold holiday homes that he didn't own. Torsten impersonated a diplomat to organise a NATO security conference. Four pathological liars who lived … Read more

The wild, natural beauty of the Congo and the people who call this river home are the subjects of Thierry Michel's exotic documentary. Journeying from the mouth to the source of the world's greatest… Read more

CONTROL (Anton Corbijn, 2007)
“…a riveting, visually arresting portrait of a soul in torment.” - Variety Anton Corbjin's biopic about the late Ian Curtis, frontman of Joy Division, is a fitting eulogy for one of post-… Read more

“A well-tended half-acre of entertainment… A sort of al fresco My Dinner with Andre with Daniel Auteuil and Jean-Pierre Darroussin playing an artist and his gardener.” - Variety Veteran fi… Read more

CORROBOREE (Ben Hackworth, 2006)
“Enigmatic, playful like some sensual and modern Mankiewicz movie, beautifully directed, fragile… It distillates trouble in a very subtle way.” - Laurent Jacob at Cannes Film Festival A d… Read more

Crocodile Dreaming (Darlene Johnson, 2006)
A modern day, supernatural myth about two estranged brothers who are brought together through the spirit of their mother. ... ---D/S Darlene Johnson P Sue Milliken WS Samson Productions Pty Ltd TD 35… Read more

Crossbow (David Michôd, 2006)
Over the fence the neighbours are loud with their sex and their drugs and somewhere amongst it all, their boy sits silent. He's lost in the house, reaching out for warmth and love and as it all unrav… Read more

Crow Moon (Selina Cobley, 2006)
The Crow Moon is the North American tribal name given to the last full moon of winter. When darkness threatens a murder of crows they work together to create their own source of light and safety. ...… Read more

Curse, The (Luke Jurevicius, )
The Curse is a Yirritja story that is told in Mialli language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. An old woman nurses her sick son while her baby grandson sleeps. The son is ill because h… Read more

Custard (Michelle Blanchard, 2007)
In her search for answers; a grandaughte rís questions lead to the discovery of self and a chance to embrace the complexities of family ... --- ... D/S Michelle Blanchard P Kath Shelper TD video/col… Read more

Dance Like Your Old Man (Gideon Obarzanek, Edwina Throsby, )
Fathers seen through the eyes of their daughters: six women imitate their dads' dancing. ... ---D/P Gideon Obarzanek & Edwina Throsby WS Chunky Move & Chequerboard Productions TD col/200X/10mins ... Read more

DARK DEER (Viesturs Kairiss, 2006)
“Inhabiting the territory between Chekhov and Strindberg, on coke.” - filmmaker Viesturs Kairiss Since 17 year-old Ria's traumatic birth, her mother hasn't spoken, living in an almost catatonic … Read more

DAY WATCH (Timur Bekmambetov, 2006)
“Why does the wind blow? To cover our tracks, so no-one knows we're still alive.” This second instalment in the epic, special-effects-congested, Russian trilogy sees writer-director Timur Bekmamb… Read more

DEEP WATER (Louise Osmond & Jerry Rothwell, 2006)
Deep Water plumbs the fascinating depths of the first round-the-world solo yacht race, charting the determination, deceit and delusions of the participants. With his marine electronics business aili… Read more

DESERT DREAM (Zhang Lu, 2007)
The steppes of Outer Mongolia form a striking backdrop to this contemplative story of unlikely bonds formed in the trackless desert. Near the border between Mongolia and China, the desert slowly swa… Read more

Different Dish, A (Shay Hamias, 2006)
A Moroccan mother who can't accept her son being gay; and a son who has rejected the traditions of his culture; learn to overcome their prejudices with the help of a charlatan rabbi.--- D Shay Hamias… Read more

“The best Korean gangster movie since Friend.” - Variety “Since I've got my foot into this world… might as well go all the way…” Second-in-rank Byung-doo is a gangster stuck b… Read more

DIRTY THREE (Darcy Maine, 2007)
“They're utterly unique and absolutely world class.” - musician Nick Cave Dirty Three's unique sound glides from lullaby to catharsis to full-on sensory assault - taking in all the spaces and co… Read more

DISTANCE (Hirokazu Kore-eda, )
A massacre initiated by the followers of an apocalyptic religious sect has left more than 100 people dead - including the self-appointed executioners slain by fellow cult members. Three years have p… Read more

Doco Shorts Programme One (, )
Programme 1Soft Words (Australia)Last Orders: The Narrowboat Coffin (UK)The Motorman (Sweden)Last Orders: The Lifegem (UK)Nigger Lovers (Australia)Last Orders: Compost (UK)Christmas In Huddersfield (… Read more

Doco Shorts Programme Two (, )
Programme 1 I Want To Be A Pilot (Spain)Human Performance and Limitations (Sweden)Passage (Brazil) The Butcher's Wife (Australia)Lipari (Netherlands)The Fighting Cholitas (Bolivia)Untold (Sweden) ... Read more

DOG BITE DOG (Pou-Soi Cheang, 2006)
“Rabidly violent Dog Bite Dog takes the action off the leash.” - Variety The Hong Kong action film of the year, Dog Bite Dog, distinguishes itself even by Hong Kong standards with its uncompromi… Read more

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