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Films Screened In 2007

Fighting Cholitas, The (Mariam Jobrani, 2006)
The Fighting Cholitas is about a group of bold and resilient female Bolivian wrestlers. These indigenous women jump into the ring every week in their traditional and vibrant multi-layered skirts to p… Read more

Fog (Peter Salmon, 2006)
16 year old Ricky lives in a small fishing village and is hindered by the expectations of his overbearing father. Meeting an older girl they escape together into a blanket of thick fog, Ricky emerges… Read more

FORBIDDEN LIE$ (Anna Broinowski, )
A real-life thriller about Norma Khouri, the people she conned and how no-one's safe in the age of spin. In July 2004, Norma Khouri, best-selling author of Forbidden Love, was exposed as a fake. She… Read more

FOREVER (Heddy Honigmann, 2006)
Paris' famous Père Lachaise cemetery is the resting place of famous artists - from Marcel Proust to Jim Morrison - and is the setting for this uplifting documentary. Through the simple concept of… Read more

FOREVER NEVER ANYWHERE (Antonin Svoboda, 2007)
“One year from now, we should meet here again, because we have been through quite something together.” An unlikely trio of men gets closer and more confined than they ever imagined when their ca… Read more

From the Inside; About the outside (Albert Sackl, 2006)
The filmmaker stoically animates his naked body in single frame exposures. An impressive exercise in technical precision, which gathers momentum as the rules of the film's construction play against t… Read more

GARDENS IN AUTUMN (Otar iosseliani, 2006)
“A supple, silly and visually accomplished meditation on fleeting power versus simple joys.” - Variety When Vincent, a French government minister, is ousted from his cushy position, he loses not… Read more

GHOSTS (Nick Broomfield, 2006)
“A valuably tactless, steady, clear-eyed look at the tragedy and cruelty of the new globalised serfdom.” - The Guardian In February 2004, 23 illegal Chinese immigrants were drowned while cockle … Read more

GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL (Asger Leth, 2006)
“There has never been anything quite like Asger Leth's film; it's amazing it even exists and that the director is still alive.” - Variety It is 2004. The Haitian slum of Cité Soleil is the most… Read more

Gift (Lee In-eui, 2006)
Lee Hyun-joo is top of her class, her only blemish in life is a persistent blocked nose. One morning, she is horrified when she expels a long worm-like creature from her nose. Free of the worm and he… Read more

GLUE (Alexis Dos Santos, 2006)
What is a hormonal teen in the middle of small-town Patagonia to do? Informed by director Alexis Dos Santos' own youth, the energetic and sensual Glue represents the emergence of another exciting, … Read more

GRACE IS GONE (James C. Strouse, 2006)
“An eloquent metaphor for an American public unwilling or unable to come to terms with the wages of war.” - Variety Middle American husband and father Stanley Phillips (John Cusack) is a manager … Read more

GREAT WORLD OF SOUND (Craig Zobel, 2006)
“Blessed with a witty script and a talented ensemble of little-known character actors, this (is a) low-key but enormously charming pic” - Scott Foundas, Variety. ... Odd couple Martin and Clarenc… Read more

GUCHA - DISTANT TRUMPET (Milic Dusan, 2006)
Prvi Igrani Film o Srpskoj Trupi (First movie about Serbian Trumpet) An ambitious young trumpeter, Romeo, falls in love with a freckled maiden, Juliana, whose father also happens to be a trumpeter. T… Read more

HALF MOON (Bahman Ghobadi, 2006)
“Rarely has gritty naturalism and visual poetry been married so stirringly as in Half Moon.” - Toronto Film Festival The fourth feature from venerated Kurdish filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi (A Time fo… Read more

HANA (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2006)
A gentle samurai on a mission to take revenge on his father's death. To kill or not to kill - that is the question. Hirokazu Kore-eda's most recent release - and his first period film - is a decided… Read more

HANSEL AND GRETEL (Anne Wild, 2006)
A moody film version of the Brothers Grimm fairytale that stays completely faithful to the original. Generations of children have come to love this morality tale about a brother and sister abandoned… Read more

Happiest Day of His Life, The (Ursula Burton, 2007)
He's getting married and it's the happiest day of his life. A light-hearted film that reverses gender roles and assumptions, while subtly challenging the classic traditional wedding.---D/S Ursula Bur… Read more

Hard To Swallow (Matt Kirkby, 2006)
Three thirty-something couples gather for a luncheon that has all the ingredients to be a recipe for disaster. Relationships are tested, multiple surprises are revealed and souls are laid bare. A del… Read more

Swiss musicians Koch-Schütz-Studer turn a 30-day music marathon into a cinematic piece of chamber music. Their album, Hardcore Chambermusic, is a music publishing phenomena that has taken Switzerl… Read more

HEARTBREAK HOTEL (Colin Nutley, 2006)
'Till death us do part' could just as easily have been ‘til you reach 40. Proving that life begins at 40, Elisabeth and Gudrun are Sweden's answer to the heroines of Thelma and Louise - minus the … Read more

HEBREW LESSON, A (David Ofek, Ron Rotem, 2006)
“Israeli society through the foreigner's eyes.” - co-director David Ofek A melting pot of nationalities simmer away in a Hebrew language ulpan, a classroom traditionally used to help newcomers a… Read more

HIS BIG WHITE SELF (Nick Broomfield, 2006)
“I never thought in my worst nightmares that 14 years later I'd feel compelled to track down His Big White Self.” - filmmaker Nick Broomfield Nick Broomfield's 1991 documentary, The Leader, His … Read more

Hollow Tree, The (Ed Coy, 2007)
After crashing his car, a man runs into the nearby woods carrying a mysterious sack. While its contents seem to weigh on him physically and emotionally, he is reluctant to let go - even when he feels… Read more

HOLY MOUNTAIN, THE (Alexandro Jodorowsky, 1973)
“A scandal when first released, Mr Jodorowsky's movie is a dazzling, rambling, often incoherent satire on consumerism, militarism and the exploitation of third world cultures by the West. It unfurl… Read more

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