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Films Screened In 2007

HONOR DE CAVALLERIA (Albert Serra, 2006)
The first film about Don Quixote made by flesh-and-blood Quixotes. The story of Don Quixote, the misguided knight who sets off in search of adventure (destination unknown), hovers over Honor de Cava… Read more

HOPE (Steve Thomas, )
WORLD PREMIERE ... Four hundred asylum seekers pitched into the sea when their people-smuggling boat from Indonesia sank in 2001. Three hundred and fifty three people drowned. Only seven survivors ma… Read more

Horn OK Please (JOEL SIMON, 2006)
A day in the life of a Mumbai taxi driver and his struggle to save enough to upgrade to an air-conditioned model. The film's title comes from the phrase commonly painted on such vehicles in India. Wo… Read more

HOT HOUSE (Shimon Dotan, 2006)
A rare insight into the mind and motivations of Hamas. In the run-up to last year's Palestinian election, Romanian-born filmmaker Shimon Dotan gained access to four Israeli high security prisons, wh… Read more

HOTTEST STATE, THE (Ethan Hawke, 2006)
“The Hottest State shines an insider's light on artists looking for love - and for themselves - in the bohemian hotbed of New York City.” - Variety Actor turned writer-director Ethan Hawke's sec… Read more

HOW IS YOUR FISH TODAY? (Xiaolu Guo, 2006)
“We live in our dreams, and everything is about fantasy invading reality or reality breaking into fantasy.” - filmmaker Guo Xiaolu Guo Xiaolu's intricate and unconventional debut How is Your Fis… Read more

Human Performance and Limitations (Martin Wilderberg, 2007)
This deceivingly simple and humorous documentary challenges the distanced diagnosis of a ‘very experienced and skilled' neurologist. As we fly through the air we are forced to reflect on the contem… Read more

Hush (DENA CURTIS, 2007)
Ethel and her friend Mary resort to an unlikely occupation at night to top up their pensions. Ethel's daughter is horrified when she discovers they are not really 'playing cards'. ... --- ... D/S Den… Read more

I Am Famous (Hanumanth Rao Raghavapudi, 2007)
A powerful and moving film from India. Through stunning land and cityscapes a little girl wanders, strangely alone. Minnu tells us that she's famous, and she is, but the reason for this, when finally… Read more

I AM THE OTHER WOMAN (Margarethe von Trotta, 2006)
“Von Trotta's spirited direction is as lively as the subject matter, attesting that this pioneer of women's cinema has lost none of her considerable powers.” - Toronto Film Festival German icono… Read more

I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2006)
“Albeit closer to ballet than drama, this urban nocturne is one of Tsai's most beautiful and naturalistic films.” - Village Voice Taiwan's champion of minimalism, Tsai Ming-liang (What Time is I… Read more

“A saga of opportunism, identity, money, sex and, of course, beer. And sex.” - Variety After realising even the wealthiest man will get down on his hands and knees to pick up loose change, the ve… Read more

I Want to be a Pilot (Diego Quemada-Diez, 2006)
I Want To Be A Pilot Spain Deep in the slums of East Africa, a 12-year-old boy has only one dream. ... D/S/P Diego Quemada-Diez WS Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales SL TD 35mm/col/2006/12mins ... Read more

Ill Fated Romance Of The Giraffe & The Ballerina, The (Nick Wade, 2006)
In a surrealistic African Savannah cum ballet studio our pointy-toed protagonist learns a valuable lesson about love. ... --- ... D Nick Wade S Eloise Smith P Martin Orton WS Bold Creative Ltd TD vid… Read more

ILS (David Moreau, Xavier Fen, 2006)
“For those who like their frights highly polished and fuss-free - this is as professional and effective as minimal horror gets.” - BBC Filmmakers David Moreau and Xavier Palud make their feature… Read more

Imagine This! (John Callaghan, 2006)
Imagine This!, from Irish filmmaker John Callaghan, is a reworking of John Lennon's 'Imagine' into 4 and half minutes of punk rock political clip art.---D/P John Callaghan WS Cal-TV TD video/col/2006… Read more

In Absentia (James Clayden, 2007)
A dense collection of images that evokes the sensation of recalling or imagining a journey: bright street shots of famous cities, quiet moments in hotel rooms, and brief glimpses of a dream-like figu… Read more

IN MEMORY OF MYSELF (Saverio Costanzo, 2007)
“The monastery is an extraordinary metaphor, with its rhythms and silences.” - Saverio Costanzo In Memory of Myself, Saverio Costanzo's follow-up to his award-winning 2004 debut, Private, is an … Read more

IN THE COMPANY OF ACTORS (Ian Darling, 2007)
Two of the world's finest actors, Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, prepare to perform the Sydney Theatre Company's version of Hedda Gabler in New York. Normally, the rehearsal room is a sacred space… Read more

INDIGENES (Rachid Bouchareb, 2006)
A multiple award-winner, including two wins at Cannes and a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. Indigènes pays its dues to the forgotten soldiers of World War II, the N… Read more

INLAND EMPIRE (David Lynch, 2006)
“Screwdriver madness! Prostitutes doing The Locomotion! A sitcom starring rabbits speaking gibberish! Welcome to the very, very (very) strange world of David Lynch.” - BBC Step inside the dark mi… Read more

INTENTIONS OF MURDER (aka Unholy Desire) (Shohei Imamura, 1964)
“Arresting and provocative… An authentic shocker.” - New York Times Another film from Shohei Imamura often muttered in the same breath as ‘masterpiece', Intentions of Murder (aka Unholy… Read more

INTERVIEW (Steve Buscemi, 2006)
“Relationships are universal. You can have self-destructive and abusive relationships anywhere in the world.” - Steve Buscemi Before his assassination by an Islamic extremist in 2004, filmmaker … Read more

IRINA PALM (Sam Garbarski, 2006)
Marianne Faithfull is unforgettable as a middle-class, middle-aged frump who takes a job at a sex club. Maggie's small grandson, Olly, will die unless he gets to Australia for an operation that's onl… Read more

ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (Nikolaj Arcel, 2007)
“Utilizes the full power of computer-generated imagery to create nail-biting suspense.” - Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children Life was meant to be boring when 14 year-old … Read more

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