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Films Screened In 2008

He.she.It (John Allsop, )
A teacher misbehaves to save his last two pupils. World premiere. --- D/S John Alsop P Matthew Reeder TD digbeta/2008/15mins ... Read more

HEART (Rhys Graham (SKIN), Amy Gebhardt (HEART), Natasha , 2008)
When artist Jacqui Stockdale embarks on a portrait of her long time muse Rose, we witness the changing nature of love within the creative process. --- D Amy Gebhhardt P Tony Ayres, Michael McMahon TD… Read more

Heartbreak Motel (Aaron McLoughlin, 2008)
Some people will pay for anything, and at Heartbreak Motel everything is on offer. Stars local comedian Darren Casey. World premiere --- D/P/S Aaron McLoughlin TD digibeta/2007/7mins ... Read more

Hell's Gates (Jonathan auf der Heide, 2007)
The true story of Alexander Pearce, Australia's most notorious convict, and his infamous journey into the wilds of Van Diemen's Land. ---D/S Jonathan Auf Der Heide P Maggie Miles WS Victorian College… Read more

HELP ME EROS (Lee Kang-sheng, 2007)
“Blessed with an intense sympathy for his vulnerable characters, Lee [Kang-sheng] confidently combines social themes of poignant authenticity with striking visual elements.” - Toronto Internation… Read more

HOLD ME TIGHT, LET ME GO (Kim Longinotto, 2007)
“The school seemed to be a metaphor for what's wrong with boys and young men in society. I'm sure that's why the impact of going to that school was so strong for me.” - filmmaker Kim Longinotto .… Read more

HONEYDRIPPER (John Sayles, )
“Honeydripper is set at the intersection of two movements that would change American life forever: civil rights, and rhythm & blues.” - Chicago Sun-Times ... Former boogie-woogie jazz muso Pine T… Read more

HORSEMAN, THE (Steven Kastrissios, 2008)
An act unforgiven. A father lost in grief - and driven to vengeance. ... "The Horseman is a balls to the wall, edgy thriller. Think Get Carter in 'Stubbies' crossed with Tarantino." - Greg McLean (di… Read more

Our plucky hero joins the fire company to save the world from house fires and gain the affection he so richly deserves. The third in Plympton's ‘Dog' series.---D/S Bill Plympton P Biljana Labovic W… Read more

HUNGER (Steve McQueen, 2008)
The body is the last resource for protest. ... In 1981 Bobby Sands, an Irish Republican, starved himself to death as a protest against the British government. He died painfully and - in the eyes of t… Read more

I AM FROM TITOV VELES (Teona Strugar Mitevska, 2007)
“This is a film in search of beauty in uncomfortable places.” - filmmaker Teona Struger Mitevska ... Child actor-turned-filmmaker Teona Struger Mitevska shines a light on the plight of Macedonian… Read more

I JUST DIDN'T DO IT (Masayuki Suo , 2007)
“Recalls the intensity of Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man.” - Variety ... The writer-director of the original Japanese Shall We Dance?, Masayuki Suo, makes his return to feature filmmaking after… Read more

I Love Sarah Jane (Spencer Susser , 2004)
Nothing is going to stop 13 year old Jimbo finding a way into Sarah Jane's world - not bullies, violence, chaos or zombies. Screened at Sundance 08 ... ---D Spencer Susser S Spencer Susser, David Mic… Read more

I Met the Walrus (Josh Raskin, 2007)
In 1969, 14-year-old Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's hotel room for a chat. Nominated for Best Short Animation at the 2008 Academy Awards ---D/S Josh Raskin P Jerry Levitan TD 35mm/2007/5mins ... Read more

I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW (Sean Donnelly, 2008)
“I might ask for a fingernail or a toenail or a lock of hair or a scab or skin from a blister or something, I could ask for that.” ... Propelled to number 1 on the Billboard charts in 1988, teen-… Read more

IDIOTS AND ANGELS (Bill Plympton, 2008)
Festival favourite and dependably inventive animator Bill Plympton (Mutant Aliens, MIFF 2002) has produced a neat and nasty moral opus. ... In a bleak urban world of cars, bars and burbs, a cruel and… Read more

Imaginary Girl, The (Richard Porter, 2007)
As Amy's parents' bitter divorce battle escalates, her world of make-believe takes a disturbing turn. Reality leaves a lot to the magination. --- D/S Richard Porter P Margaret Milner Schmück TD 35mm… Read more

IMPORT EXPORT (Ulrich Seidl, 2007)
“A masterfully composed drama that explores themes of morality and mortality in a manner that's squalid, surprising and often transcendent.” - Eye Weekly ... Olga is a young nurse and mother livi… Read more

IN BRUGES (Martin McDonagh, 2008)
“Just when you think you've seen every possible variation on the hit-man genre, Irish playwright Martin McDonagh… has fashioned an audacious combination of Old World grace and modern ultravi… Read more

In Conversation with Morgan Spurlock (Morgan Spurlock, 2008)
“If I've learned anything from big budget action movies it's that complicated global problems are best solved by one lonely guy.” ... Join the charismatic documentary filmmaker, Morgan Sp… Read more

IN MY FATHER'S COUNTRY (Tom Murray, 2008)
It is happening now: in our country. ... Shot by Dutch cinematographer Leonard Retel Helmrich, known for his innovative camera techniques, this documentary is one of the most exquisitely crafted piec… Read more

IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS (Alex Holdridge, 2007)
“LA is where love comes to die.” ... With 14 hours until the New Year, and every intention to let it pass without fanfare, Wilson wants to forget the last 12 months ever happened. Since moving to… Read more

INSIDE (Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury, 2007)
“Say hello to the motherf**king anti-Juno.” - Village Voice ... Starring a menacing and unrelentingly psychotic Beatrice Dalle (Betty Blue) as the foetus-obsessed ‘femme', Inside is a powerful … Read more

Surface (Portugal)Mapping (Israel)Juvenile (UK)Joyce (Brazil).3-8 (France)The Imaginary Girl (UK) ---Program Length 83mins Screening 31 July 5.15pm ACMI ... Read more

Angels Die in the Soil (Iran)Tony Zoriel (France)Waves (Romania)Ali and the Ball (Australia)Megatron (Romania) --- Program Length 96mins Screening 3rd Aug 11am ACMI ... Read more

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