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Films Screened In 2010

Sourcing this country's best new talent, this program of homegrown shorts is insightful, moving and funny. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

Autumn Man (Jonas Selberg Augustsén, 2009)
Absurd humour amongst the changing of the seasons as two jinxed, soulless desperadoes try anything for a free cup of coffee. ... --- ... D/S Jonas Selberg Augustsén P Freddy Olsson WS Swedish Film I… Read more

Bad Language (Viron Papadopoulos, 2009)
A little bit of gambling, a place to hide from the wife, good coffee and a lot of Greek. If you don't speak it, you're in trouble. ... --- ... D/P/S Viron Papadopoulos WS Plexus Films L English, Gree… Read more

BANANAS!* (Fredrik Gertten, 2009)
“A front-row seat to a landmark Erin Brockovich-style trial.” - Variety ... Following a historic first court case in the Los Angeles Superior Court and ending with a verdict still under appeal, B… Read more

Barking Island (Serge Avédikian, 2010)
An elegant animation that shows that for the dogs of Constantinople, 1910 was a very bad year. Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes. ... --- ... D Serge Avédikian P Ron Dyens, Aurélia Pré… Read more

BEESWAX (Andrew Bujalski, 2009)
“[Filmmaker] Bujalski is both a neo-hipster Woody Allen and a Rohmer-like romantic.” - Cinema Scope ... Twin sisters in Austin, Texas, fumble their way through the vicissitudes of modern life and… Read more

“It's as though Sofia Coppola had scrapped Lost in Translation midway through to focus instead on elephant beetles.” - Austin Chronicle ... The ineffable mystery of Japan's age-old love affair wi… Read more

Berik (Daniel Joseph Borgman, 2010)
Blind and deformed from radiation poisoning, Berik spends his days alone at home - that is until 11-year-old Adil comes knocking. ... --- ... D/S Daniel Joseph Borgman P Katja Adomeit WS Zentropa L R… Read more

A repeat screening of the best shorts of the Festival, as chosen by the MIFF Shorts Awards jury. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Vimukthi Jayasundara, 2009)
“The forces of history, of the past, the forces of nature… the forces of cinema, all come to a clash and to explode.” - filmmaker Vimukthi Jayasundara ... Rajith falls from the sky to find … Read more

BIBLIOTHÈQUE PASCAL (Szabolcs Hajdu, 2010)
“Spins a dark fairytale, riffing on various storytelling traditions from circus puppet shows to great literature.” - Screen International ... An original and outlandish trip into a surreal and ki… Read more

BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK (Richard Press, 2010)
“We all get dressed for Bill.” - Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief ... Unassuming and unpretentious, cycling through the streets of Manhattan with his battered Nikon camera, 80-year-old Bill Cu… Read more

BLACK BUS (Anat Zuria, 2009)
To the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim, segregation is for your own safety. ... Over the last decade the number of prohibitions for the women followers of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (known as Haredi) have increas… Read more

BLAME (Michael Henry, 2010)
To get away with murder you can't make mistakes. ... Seeking justice and revenge, five friends violently attack a man in his remote country house. Their plan: the perfect murder. Confident that their… Read more

BLANK CITY (Celine Danhier, 2010)
“It felt like our lives were movies.” - singer Debbie Harry ... A meticulously observed document of New York underground film in the late 70s and early 80s, Blank City zeros in on the No Wave and… Read more

BORDER (Harutyun Khachtryan, 2009)
This wordless wonder examines life in the wake of the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict, as seen through the eyes of a stray buffalo. ... In this poetic drama, given framework by the passing seasons, film… Read more

BOY (Taika Waititi, 2010)
“Alternately zany, sentimental and remarkably insightful.” - indieWIRE ... It's 1984, and one man rules the playgrounds on the east coast of New Zealand, a man capturing the imaginations and danc… Read more

Two homegrown documentaries on issues of transport. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

BRING'EM BACK! (Phillip Donnellon, 2010)
Bring'Em Back is a political and emotional plea for the return of Melbourne's beloved ‘connies' - or conductors, for those of you of a younger vintage. ... Director Phillip Donnellon's document… Read more

BROTHERHOOD (Nicolo Donato, 2009)
More than just a gay neo-Nazi film. ... Violent and affectionate, brutal and touching, Nicolo Donato's feature debut is a tale that delves into the dichotomy of homosexuality within the ranks of skin… Read more

Bruce (Tom Judd, 2009)
Advances in open-source synthetic biology allow a young man to grow his very own familiar-looking action hero. ... --- ... D/S Tom Judd P Animation Staff - Royal College of Art TD digibeta/2009 ... … Read more

“Rarely has an ecological menace appeared as entertaining.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Frog-marching their way across the nation for the last 75 years, these amphibian invaders have multiplied from… Read more

Careful With That Crossbow (Jason Stutter, 2010)
He was careful with an axe, he was careful with a power tool, now he's armed to the teeth. ... --- ... D/P/S Jason Stutter WS NZ Film Commission L no dialogue TD 35mm/2010 ... --- ... D/P/S Jason Stu… Read more

CARLOS PART 1 (Olivier Assayas, 2010)
“Bravura narrative filmmaking on a hugely ambitious scale, Carlos is a spectacular achievement.” - Variety ... The career exploits of Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known i… Read more

CARLOS PART 2 (Olivier Assayas, 2010)
“Bravura narrative filmmaking on a hugely ambitious scale, Carlos is a spectacular achievement.” - Variety ... The career exploits of Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known i… Read more

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