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Films Screened In 2010

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Room (Kuba Czekaj, 2009)
Lata tends to put her dad up on a pedestal, but as Father's Day approaches all the secrets he's hiding threaten to bring him down. ... --- ... D/S Kuba Czekaj P Ewa Jastrz bska WS Munk Studio L Polis… Read more

DOWN TERRACE (Ben Wheatley, 2009)
“If The Sopranos had been cooked up by Mike Leigh instead of David Chase, the result might resemble Down Terrace.” - Cinematical ... This black suburban comedy from director Ben Wheatley slickly … Read more

DREAM HOME (Pang Ho-cheung, 2010)
Spiralling property prices push a woman over the edge, in this blood-spattered black comedy. ... An aspiring yuppie wants to forget her impoverished childhood and secure the home of her dreams. After… Read more

DREAMLAND (Ivan Sen, 2010)
'It could be easier to ask what isn't Dreamland about. But I think the answer would still be the same. Everything and nothing, all at the same time.' - filmmaker Ivan Sen ... Set somewhere on the Ext… Read more

Dreams from the Woods (Johannes Nyholm, 2009)
Dreams and reality merge in shadow puppet theatre, with a mesmerising story about a girl, a bird and death. ... --- ... D/S Johannes Nyholm P Johannes Nyholm, Andreas Jonsson L no dialogue TD 35mm/20… Read more

DREAMS IN COPENHAGEN (Max Kestner, 2009)
A voyeuristic ode to the buildings and landscapes of Denmark's capital. ... A tribute to the physical surroundings that shape the lives of Copenhagen locals, Max Kestner's documentary avoids historic… Read more

DRIVE (Bronwyn Purvis, Telen Rodwell, 2010)
Drive is a film about lethal combinations. A documentary project conceived by community organisation Big hART, it goes behind the official advertising campaigns to produce a highly personal and cinem… Read more

Echo (Magnus von Horn, 2009)
The powerful echo of two schoolboys' actions resonates as they reconstruct their crime and relive the pain of what they have done. ... --- ... D/S Magnus von Horn P Polish National Film School L Poli… Read more

ELEANOR’S SECRET (Dominique Monfery, 2009)
The fairy tales of the world are under threat - and only one unlikely hero can save them. ... An inheritance of books doesn't mean much when you can't read, and that's exactly what seven-year-old Nat… Read more

Elephantiasis (Sophie Hyde, 2010)
Meredith suffers a serious affliction - Elephantiasis: being showered with elephant-themed gifts on any occasion. It's a pity she hates elephants. ... --- ... D Sophie Hyde P Bryan Mason, Sophie Hyde… Read more

ENTER THE VOID (Gaspar Noé, 2009)
“A wild, hallucinatory mindfuck for adults… defies cinema convention in every way.” - Screen International ... Gaspar Noé (Irreversible) continues his standing as one of cinema's most div… Read more

EXODUS: BURNT BY THE SUN 2 (Nikita Mikhalkov, 2010)
A long-awaited sequel and the most expensive Russian film ever made. ... Burnt by the Sun claimed both the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and the Cannes Grand Prix in 1994. It took eight years t… Read more

From mind-bending animation to abstract cinema, these experimental offerings leap the boundaries of traditional film and keep on running. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

Fatso (Irina Goundortseva, 2010)
Being an overweight lift attendant has its ups and downs. ... --- ... D/S Irina Goundortseva P Melanie Brunt WS Feather Films Pty Ltd L no dialogue TD HDCAM/2010 ... --- ... D/S Irina Goundortseva P … Read more

FILM SOCIALISME (Jean-Luc Godard, 2010)
“We've entered into an era with the digital wherein, for different reasons, humanity will be confronted by problems which will not have the luxury of being expressed.” ... Touted as possibly his … Read more

FIRST SQUAD: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Yoshiharu Ashino, Misha Shprits, Aljoscha Klimov, 2009)
As the forces of the Third Reich clash with the Red Army on the Eastern Front, a hidden war is waged between Nazi occultists and a Russian psychic. ... In 1942, as Nazi Germany marches on the Russian… Read more

Flag Mountain (John Smith, 2010)
In Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus, a display of nationalism is taken to its logical conclusion. ... --- ... D/P John Smith WS John Smith Films L no dialogue TD 35mm/2010 ... --- ... D/P John … Read more

FLICKAN (Frederik Edfeldt, 2009)
“A haunting, poetic portrait of childhood solitude.” - Variety ... Relegated to the care of a flaky aunt when her parents go on holiday, a nine-year-old girl finds herself left to her own devices… Read more

Flyscreen (Richard Tuohy, 2010)
An abstract fly's-eye-view of the world featured in experimental 16mm cine-cubism. ... --- D/P/S richard tuohy WS Richard Tuohy L no dialogue TD 16mm/2010 --- D/P/S richard tuohy WS Richard Tuohy L n… Read more

FOR Y'R HEIGHT ONLY (Eddie Nicart, 1981)
This 1981 Filipino heightsploitation classic is a satire of the James Bond series that - while featuring a hero short in stature - doesn't fail to measure up in the cheesy action department. ... --- … Read more

FOUR LIONS (Chris Morris, 2010)
“The most engaging and fuzzy-warm film about people who want to kill you that you'll ever see.” - Empire ... What's so funny about jihad? Everything apparently in this satire about a group of bum… Read more

Franswa Sharl (Hannah Hilliard, 2009)
When his dad's competitive streak gets out of hand Greg finds that remaining number one son requires a certain amount of ingenuity. ... --- ... D Hannah Hilliard P Linda Micsko S Hannah Hilliard, Gre… Read more

FUCK OFF POLICE CAR (Bryan Little, 2009)
“It's a band that changed South African music, and that's as big a legacy as you can get.” ... Putting together an Afrikaans punk band started out as a kind of joke for the members of Fuck Off Po… Read more

GENIUS WITHIN: THE INNER LIFE OF GLENN GOULD (Michèle Hozer, Peter Raymont, 2009)
A fascinating look at a legend in the classical music scene, which delves into the man behind the carefully cultivated public persona. ... Renowned for his interpretations of Bach, pianist Glenn Goul… Read more

Germaine Greer In Conversation (, )
Screening as part of the MIFF Premiere Fund this year, Mother of Rock tells the story of Australian journalist Lillian Roxon, matriarch of the revolutionary late 60s New York music scene. In 1970 Ger… Read more

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