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Films Screened In 2010

A tasty selection of shorts from around the world. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

ISHQIYA (Abhishek Chaubey, 2010)
“A delicious little film that teeters dangerously between saucy comedy and suspenseful noir.” - CNN-IBN ... Crime, suspense, passion and deceit are the backdrops of romance in Ishqiya, a tale of … Read more

It's a Good Life (1983) (Joe Dante, 1983)
“Something like an off-Broadway cartoon designed by Chuck Jones.” - Joe Dante ... Beware of seemingly sweet kids who ask you to drive them home and then invite you in to meet their family… … Read more

It's Free For Girls (Claire Burger, Marie Amachoukeli, 2009)
Laetitia and Yeliz are about to graduate as hairdressers and open a salon, but first they plan to party. ... --- ... D/S Claire Burger, Marie Amachoukeli P Isabelle Madelaine WS Dharamsala L French w… Read more

“He was one of the people I was truly envious of but… he was too fragile for this world.” - Madonna ... This is the first feature-length documentary about celebrated artist Jean-Michel Basq… Read more

Joe Dante In Conversation (, )
Joe Dante, the subject of this year's tribute Dante's Inferno, will discuss film, life and Hollywood in conversation with Italian journalist, author and former director of Torino Film Festival Giulia… Read more

KANIKOSEN (Sabu, 2009)
“Think remake of Mutiny on the Bounty using Dogville as an aesthetic blueprint.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Japan's recent economic recession has fuelled the revival of left-wing dissident Takiji K… Read more

KARAOKE (Chris Chong Chan Fui, 2009)
“What is the reality of our environment and why are we unable to see past the illusion of this place we call home?” - filmmaker Chris Chong Chan Fui ... Against a backdrop of bright, fast-paced k… Read more

KAWASAKI'S ROSE (Jan Hrebejk, 2009)
A Czech look into the lives of others. ... Loyalty, history and regret take centre stage for university professor Pavel Josek, lauded for standing up to the communist regime when it counted most. But… Read more

Kitchen Horror (David Short, 2009)
There's horror lurking in every suburban kitchen… but the devil is in the detail. ... --- ... D David Short L no dialogue TD digibeta/2009 ... --- ... D David Short L no dialogue TD digibeta/20… Read more

KOSMOS (Reha Erdem, 2009)
“Kosmos is nothing less than cosmic in scope… beautifully shot, and profoundly imaginative.” - Hollywood Reporter ... From the sweeping snow-driven plains on the edge of Turkey emerges a my… Read more

L.A. ZOMBIE (Bruce LaBruce, 2010)
The creator of Otto; Or, Up with Dead People (MIFF 08) extends his adventures in cinema's most unmarketable sub-genre - gay zombie porn. ... Zombies don't often come as fully-ripped as porn star Fran… Read more

LA DANSE: THE PARIS OPERA BALLET (Frederick Wiseman, 2009)
“Yes, this is one of the finest dance films ever made, but there's more to it than that.” - New York Times ... Setting his gaze on Paris's Palais Garnier, prolific documentary filmmaker Frederick… Read more

LA PIVELLINA (Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel, 2009)
“A bittersweet yet often joyful paean to the pleasures and perils of family life.” - Eye Weekly ... Even when you're part of a circus troupe, there's not a lot to do in the midst of a dreary Roma… Read more

A late night double feature, served up thanks to our friends at the Nova. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

A late night double feature, served up thanks to our friends at the Nova. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

A late night double feature, served up thanks to our friends at the Nova. ... --- ... --- ... Read more

LE DONK & SCOR-ZAY-ZEE (Shane Meadows, 2009)
“Like a cross between This Is Spinal Tap and Steve Coogan's sitcom Saxondale.” - Independent ... A rollicking rock mockumentary from Shane Meadows (This is England, MIFF 07; Somers Town, MIFF 08)… Read more

LEAP YEAR (Michael Rowe, 2010)
Winner of the Camera d'Or at this year's Cannes film festival. ... Holed up in her rundown Mexican apartment, freelance journalist Laura Lopez lives a life of quiet desperation. In between watching T… Read more

LEBANON (Samuel Maoz, 2009)
Winner of the Golden Lion for best film at the 2009 Venice Film Festival. ... There are no heroes in this war drama. Based on writer/director Samuel Maoz's experience as a soldier during the 1982 Leb… Read more

LEMMY (Greg Olliver, Wes Orshoski, 2010)
“More than any other rock musician, he is the baddest motherfucker in the world.” - Dave Grohl ... Lemmy Kilmister and God get in a fight, who wins? Trick question, Lemmy is God. Alice Cooper, La… Read more

LET EACH ONE GO WHERE HE MAY (Ben Russell, 2009)
A startling pilgrimage from the modern to the historical unfolds across the tropical landscape of Suriname. ... This extraordinary feature debut from artist and experimental filmmaker Ben Russell (wh… Read more

LIFE DURING WARTIME (Todd Solondz, 2009)
“Profound in its funny hipness, it shows Solondz as the true heir to Woody Allen, albeit on a far kinkier and politically/socially engaged level.” - Hollywood Reporter ... A decade on from the sq… Read more

Lightning (1995) (Joe Dante, 1995)
“I always wanted to make a western - but when I got to do it, the western was over.” - Joe Dante ... Each episode of the Norman Jewison-produced Picture Windows series was to be inspired by a wel… Read more

LIKE A DREAM (Clara Law, 2009)
In his dreams, she appears as an otherworldly beauty. In reality, she 's a brassy country girl. Which version of this woman does he love? ... A Chinese man (played by Hong Kong superstar Daniel Wu) l… Read more

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