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Films Screened In 2011

Another Occupation (Ken Jacobs, 2011)
Underground filmmaker Ken Jacobs (Capitalism: Slavery, MIFF 2008) explores colonialism and industrialisation via an imagined train journey through a militarised Southeast Asian country. ... D/P Ken J… Read more

ARMADILLO (Janus Metz, 2010)
"Moving, complex and brutal... an outstanding film about men at war." - Empire ... In forward operating base Armadillo, a posting of young Danish soldiers are on campaign against the Taliban. Gaining… Read more

With Jean-Luc Godard and Aleksandr Sokurov citing him as a major influence, the work of Artavazd Pelechian is becoming recognised as being of central importance to the history of filmmaking. This scr… Read more

Astor Place (Eve Heller, 1997)
Eve Heller's Astor Place poses the question of who is watching whom by positioning an observational camera in a modern urban thoroughfare in a film that pays homage to early cinema. ... Eve Heller, 1… Read more

AT ELLEN'S AGE (Pia Marais, 2010)
Eat, pray, whatever. ... Idling through her forties, Ellen's life is about to hit the brakes. Losing her job, partner and mind all in the same week, she embarks on a bizarre anti-journey of self-disc… Read more

At The Formal (Andrew Kavanagh , 2010)
Slow motion and an extended long take are used to make the ritualised dynamics of a high school formal increasingly sinister and disturbing. ... D/S Andrew Kavanagh P Ramona Telecican WS VCA School o… Read more

Attach Boat to Motor (Nathan Lewis, 2010)
The events of a day in the country lead a young man to follow his own path. ... D/S Nathan Lewis P Colin John Elphick L no dialogue TD digibeta/2010 ... Read more

ATTENBERG (Athina Rachel Tsangari, 2010)
Sex, death and nature documentaries. ... Marina, a 23-year-old sexual innocent and general misanthrope, is both intrigued and repelled by the idea of physical intimacy. While helping her philosophica… Read more

A healthy crop of homegrown shorts, featuring all filmmakers as guests of the Festival. ... Read more

AUTOLUMINESCENT: ROWLAND S. HOWARD (Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein, 2011)
"Rowland was Australia's most unique, gifted and uncompromising guitarist." - Nick Cave ... Guitarist, songwriter and artist Rowland S. Howard was an instrumental figure in the Australian rock scene,… Read more

Aww Jeez (Michael Greaney, 2010)
A stop-motion animated sitcom about a slacker named Jesus, his father God and his babysitter Satan, a recovering alcoholic. Special cameo by Richard Dawkins. ... Michael Greaney is a guest of the Fes… Read more

BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE (M) (Bong Joon-ho, 2000)
"Beautifully directed, unsentimental and darkly funny." - Time Out London ... Bong Joon-ho (Mother, MIFF 2009; The Host, MIFF 2006), a true creative and commercial giant of South Korean cinema, made … Read more

Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport brings the story of hip-hop's finest to the screen with a fan's devotion. ... Prior to their breakup in 1998, the legendary A Tribe Called Quest were pioneers of alte… Read more

BEAUTY (Oliver Hermanus, 2011)
Winner of the Queer Palm award at Cannes. ... The first Afrikaans-language film to ever be screened at Cannes, Beauty tells the story of François, a middle-aged man whose well ordered existenc… Read more

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (PG) (Jean Cocteau, 1946)
"Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time." - Jean Cocteau ... Screening at the very first MIFF in 1952, Beauty and the Beast comes from one of the finest exponents o… Read more

BEGINNERS (Mike Mills, 2010)
"A tender, funny-sad journey into the messiness that is love." - Hollywood Reporter ... At 75 years old, Hal (Christopher Plummer) is only recently out of the closet, dying of cancer, and determined … Read more

Behind This Soft Eclipse (Eve Heller, 2004)
A cinematic rumination on the riddle of presence and absence that utilizes hand processed negative and positive imagery, exploiting some of the medium's unique characteristics to engage the imaginati… Read more

BEING ELMO (Constance Marks, 2011)
"There are Piggy people in the world, and Kermit people, and Grover people, but Elmo people are everywhere." - Variety ... Red, furry and with an infectious laugh that teaches children to hug, Elmo i… Read more

BEN LEE: CATCH MY DISEASE (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2011)
A playful yet profoundly intimate portrait of singer-songwriter Ben Lee, and a fascinating portrayal of celebrity. ... Destined for stardom, Ben Lee cemented his place in the annals of Australian pop… Read more

A repeat screening of the best shorts of the Festival, as chosen by the MIFF Shorts Awards Jury. ... Read more

BETTER THAN SOMETHING - JAY REATARD (Alex Hammond, Ian Markiewicz, 2011)
"Some people think you have a certain amount of songs before you dry up. I tend to think it's like an amount of time, so I'm racing against time constantly." - Jay Reatard ... In 2010, at the age of … Read more

BI, DON'T BE AFRAID (Phan ng Di, 2010)
"A heat-soaked panorama of human desires." - Screen International ... It is a stifling Hanoi summer and the unexpected return of six year-old Bi's dying grandfather has an unsettling influence on an … Read more

BLACK VENUS (Abdellatif Kechiche, 2010)
An unforgettable telling of the short, horrific life of Saartjie Baartman, the so-called 'Hottentot Venus'. ... Taken to Europe from South Africa in the early 19th century, the 'Hottentot Venus' beca… Read more

Blue (Stephen Kang, 2011)
A former children's television mascot, the puppet-like Blue has been largely forgotten by the world. Grappling with his own irrelevance and struggling to hold down a dead-end waiting job, Blue is sho… Read more

"Chess and me - it's hard to take them apart." - Bobby Fischer. ... A Grandmaster by the age of 16, Bobby Fischer was to many the greatest chess player who ever lived. A prodigal superstar to adoring… Read more

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