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Films Screened In 2011

"A bristling little Australian indie that lands its many punches with pungent power." - Hollywood Reporter ... After Greg (Vince Colosimo) is attacked by a young employee outside his home, he finds his life and his relationship with wife Claire (Sigrid Thornton) turned upside down, as a ... Read more
Three young African refugees in Melbourne's inner-west find that love is never simple - especially when they all have eyes for the same girl. ... Beniam, Ramsy and MJ are best friends. Hanging out at the Flemington housing commission flats they call home, the three Africans share a tight bond and a ... Read more
"Bleak, wry and darkly comic... an impressive command of tone keeps things grounded right until a delicious finale." - Variety ... Filmmaker Stéphane Lafleur (Continental, a Film Without Guns) mixes gentle humour with absurd circumstance and traces of sci-fi in Familiar Ground, a dark trip into ... Read more
"There's something undeniably compelling about so much bizarreness." - Variety ... Two Russian ghosts take a 'spiritual' journey through the north of Spain, hunting a great oracle who will offer them the chance to be reborn. Through snow-covered fields, forests of plastic ears and flocks of ... Read more
"My bat was my sword." - Vivian Richards ... The West Indian cricket team of the early 70s was a joke to the rest of the world. Dubbed 'calypso cricketers', they were goaded by racist abuse and suffered a string of humiliating losses, until a new captain and a fierce determination saw them rise up ... Read more
@Marjane_lime Don't know when I'll have internet they took 1 of us, they'll torture, get names, must move fast. ... Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube dominate this modern love story about two youthful spirits in Paris whose blossoming romance is clouded by the events of Iran's Green ... Read more
You can read more about this film in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more
"A smart, well written and deftly executed confrontation between a father and son who may be more alike than they would choose to believe." - Screen International ... Comedy meets bitter family drama in Joseph Cedar's (Beaufort, MIFF 2007) Footnote, a high-spirited skewering of academic pomposity ... Read more
"Gentrification, economic inequality, class conflict, and the rusty reality of the American Dream." - Village Voice ... Willets Point is an almost forgotten industrial corner of Queens, tucked behind the New York Mets' shiny and commercialised Citi Field Stadium. Here a multicultural array of ... Read more
Veber offre une rencontre en Français, riche de clips et d'anecdotes sur ses films, un aperçu privilégié de ses 40 ans de carrière d'auteur de comédies, Une rencontre qui plaira a tous, des amateurs de comédies aux étudiants en cinéma, communication et audiovisuel, des ... Read more
A meeting of two of the great masters of screen comedy. ... Read more
Appealing to lovers of film comedy, film and media students, Francophiles and screen directors alike, Veber talks about his films and 40-year career in screen comedy in a lecture rich with clips, anecdotes and insights. ... Read more
In an inspiring and informative two-day event for experienced directors, Veber analyses comedy direction in depth, including character, situation, structure, casting, performance, scene coverage, editing and sound design. ... Selected pre-registered industry participants only. Apply to attend via ... Read more
Legendary Australian filmmaker Fred Schepisi joins Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush and screenwriter Judy Morris to discuss their creation of the film adaptation of Patrick White's novel The Eye Of The Storm, with White's literary agent Barbara Mobbs, respected critic and cultural commentator Peter ... Read more
A cacophony of horns, alarms and multiple images that freezes and hence burns in the projector gate. Originally presented as a live performance in 1983 under the title The End of Film History. ... Peter Tscherkassky, 9 mins, 1983, 16mm (S-8 blow up), Col/B&W, Sound ... Read more
"An entrancing hippie-dippie oratorio on gender combat that doesn't retell Genesis so much as slip it a microdot." - Village Voice ... There have been few filmmakers as willing to completely carve apart the conventions of cinema as Czech pioneer of the feminist avant-garde Vera Chytilová ... Read more
An idyllic day at the seaside literally slides off the screen in this quick-witted cinema trailer for the 1999 International Film Festival Viennale. ... Peter Tscherkassky, 1 min, 1999, 35mm CinemaScope, B&W, Sound ... Read more
A starving fugitive, on the run from the police, is confronted with his crimes by his own subconscious. ... Director Dahci Ma is a guest of the Festival. ... D/S Dahci Ma P Jay Jeong WS Premium Films L Korean w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more
Giorgia Mangiemele's post-war films express a unique cinematic perspective, and four of his most important films have now been fully restored and re-mastered by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA). ... MIFF and the NFSA present the launch of a new DVD Box Set, coproduced by NFSA and Ronin ... Read more
"A perfect storm of cronyism, tabloid journalism, public prejudice and corruption." - Variety ... A murder mystery, a courtroom drama and an exposé of endemic corruption in the Philippines, Give Up Tomorrow takes in Cebu's 'Trial of the Century' - the case of Paco Larranaga, who was sentenced to ... Read more
A 12-year-old autistic girl and Western Bulldogs fan crosses paths with a runaway teenage boy and a kind policewoman while finding her way home. ... D/SJackie van Beek P Aaron Watson, Jackie van Beek WS NZ Film Commission TD 35mm/2011 ... Read more
"A suspenseful and moving portrait of modern censorship." - indieWIRE ... Arrested just before completion and finished in clandestine circumstances, Good Bye is Mohammad Rasoulof's searing indictment of the plight of women in contemporary Iran. ... In a decaying Tehran permanently on edge, Noora's ... Read more
Boys will be boys, as the saying goes. At least until the teacher arrives. From Accelerator alumni Kazik Radwanski. ... D/S Kazik Radwanski P Daniel Montgomery WS Medium Density Fibreboard Films TD 35mm/2010 ... Read more
The first full-length feature film made in Rwanda by a Rwandan filmmaker. ... With this groundbreaking debut feature, writer-director Kivu Ruhorahoza presents a multi-layered film within a film, where art mimics reality and, more disturbingly, reality begins to mimic art. ... Grey Matter revolves ... Read more
Japan's prince of transgressive cinema, Sion Sono brings us an erotic, psychosexual tale of sex, money and murder. ... With this risque, noir-esque film, director Sion Sono (Love Exposure, MIFF 2009; Cold Fish, MIFF 2011) presents a story based on a true-life crime, offering his trademark view on ... Read more
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