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Films Screened In 2012

"Ultra-intense… Jardin might've taken his cue from an illegal stimulant, so speedy is the pace from the get-go." - Variety ... Vincent appears to be a committed family man, but scratch the surface and there's a darker side to this cop's life. He has a huge quantity of stolen cocaine, which ... Read more
Mati Diop (star of Claire Denis' 35 Shots of Rum, MIFF 09) directs this visually striking queer coming-of-age story about an affair between a young girl and her American housekeeper. ... Screens with Palaces of Pity (Portugal, 59 mins). ... D Mati Diop P Charlotte Vincent S Mati Diop, Judith ... Read more
A day in the life of a young girl in the Cook Island whose world is shattered by nuclear testing in the Pacific. Selected for the 2012 Berlin Film Festival. ... Screens as part of the Blackfella Shorts package. ... D Justine Simei-Barton, Nikki Si'ulepa P Paul Simei-Barton S Nikki Si'ulepa L Cook ... Read more
“Hip-hop didn't invent anything. Hip-hop reinvented everything.” - Grandmaster Caz ... Featuring classic raps, freestyle rhymes and never-before-heard a capellas from some of the all-time masters of the genre, Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap is an intimate, insightful documentary about ... Read more
Six-year-old Po watches as his older brother, Sonny, continually gets into trouble in this sweet film about brotherly love from Accelerator alumnus Tammy Davis (Ebony Society, MIFF 11). ... D/S Tammy Davis P Matt Noonan, Chelsea Winstanley WS NZ Film Commission TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
"You hang onto every word, you cling to every hidden meaning… brims with ideas." - Indiewire ... Sound Of My Voice puts two investigative journalists at the epicentre of a cult led by an enigmatic woman - the film's co-writer and producer, Brit Marling (also co-writer, producer and actor on ... Read more
A rare glimpse into the personal life of Serge Gainsbourg by the woman who knew him best: his lover and creative collaborator, Jane Birkin. ... Few figures in the history of popular music have left more of an enduring legacy than Serge Gainsbourg. Across a career that spanned three decades ... Read more
Space Opera is one-of-a-kind artistic, philosophic, scientific and cinematic experience. ... The virtual interplanetary journey in Space Opera is designed especially for the fulldome format and harmonised entirely with Gustav Holst's The Planets, Op. 32, one of his most beloved and admired works ... Read more
While waiting for his girlfriend, a young quadriplegic witnesses a brutal assault. Trapped in his car he finds himself face to face with the psychopathic perpetrator. ... Starring Lucas Pittaway (Snowtown), Spine is a taut thriller about power, fear and fighting for your life. ... D/S Sophie Miller ... Read more
Step Up to the Plate gives new meaning to the term ‘visual feast'. ... In 2009, Michel Bras, the famed chef behind the eponymous Michelin three-star restaurant voted among the top ten in the world, decides to step down. As he hands over his legacy to his son Sébastien, Paul Lacoste is there to ... Read more
An inquisitive teen heads out to his favourite spot, a place of peace and serenity, where he is surprised to find an old man (played by Jack Charles) contemplating. Together, they sit and wordlessly form a bond. ... D Roderick Nathan Diaz, Charlie Ford P Roderick Nathan Diaz, Charlie Ford, Daniel ... Read more
On the streets of São Paulo, a filmmaker and his team set up a shop that makes and sells short films on demand. The vendors provide direction, lighting and editing, and deliver the finished film on DVD later the same day. An exuberant film about filmmaking at its most inventive. ... D/P/S ... Read more
“You cannot look away from Darezhan Omirbaev's Student, as you can't look away from any of the Kazakh director's films.” - MUBI Notebook ... Deemed by Jean-Luc Godard “one of the most outstanding film directors of today”, Darezhan Omirbayev continues his penchant for adapting classic ... Read more
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Showcasing distinctive voices in Swedish short film, this program puts forward the adventurous, the esoteric and the experimental, as well as recent festival favourites by Swedish directors. ... Astrid (15 mins) follows an 11-year-old rebelling against her mother and getting an unexpected problem ... Read more
In an outer-suburban skateboard park, mounting tension between two young sisters comes to a head. Features Lucia Emmerichs (Tangle, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries) with music by Adalita and Laura Jean. ... D/S Phoebe Hartley P Brendan Lee, Phoebe Hartley TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more
This stop-motion video plays with notions of conceptual art via a canvas of human voice, nonsensical words, a melodica and a self-referential phrase. ... D/P/S Gheith Al-Amine L no dialogue TD betacam/2011 ... Read more
"An impressively dense yet fleeting concatenation of doomed love, colonial guilt [and] a reflection on the changing aesthetics and characteristics of cinema." - Cinema Scope ... Pilar is troubled by her neighbour, Aurora, a lonely, temperamental woman in her 80s who escapes to the casino whenever ... Read more
“I have a gub.” ... Virgil Starkwell is a failed petty criminal. From his early attempts to rob a gumball machine and getting his fist wedged in the slot, to flubbing a bank robbery thanks to poor penmanship, this career klutz just can't catch a break. ... Woody Allen made his directorial debut ... Read more
Winner of the World Cinema Directing Award for Dramatic Fiction at Sundance 2012. ... Mads Matthiesen expands his MIFF award-winning short film Dennis (MIFF 08) into a full-length character drama with the very touching but non-saccharine Teddy Bear. ... Incredibly hulk-ish Dennis (Kim Kold) is a ... Read more
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