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Films Screened In 2012

“That old idiom about truth being stranger than fiction is an understatement when applied to Bart Layton's enthralling documentary.” - Hollywood Reporter ... In 1994, a 13-year-old boy vanished from his Texas home. Three years later he is found in Spain, divulging terrible stories of kidnap and ... Read more
Anyone can change your life if you let them. ... Clashing cultures and classes come to the fore in certain crowd-pleaser The Intouchables, a comedic consideration of contrasts. When wealthy, white quadriplegic Phillippe (François Cluzet, Paris) hires morally dubious Senegalese immigrant ... Read more
An invisible bicycle helmet is a symbol for the impossible. If you can swing it everything is possible. ... Design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin live in Malmö, Sweden, where everybody uses bikes. Aware that bicycle helmets are one of the issues standing in the way of other cities having ... Read more
“Mightily provocative in its representation of human debasement, [Yeun Sang-ho's] satire on class inequality burns like acid.” - Hollywood Reporter ... This provocative story follows the reunion between two men who reminisce about their school days when they were downtrodden “pigs” and ... Read more
When a German soldier takes a Russian soldier prisoner during WWII, he is faced with a critical decision to choose between his country and his humanity. ... D/P/S Nathan Vernon WS VCA School of Film & Television L German,Russian w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more
There is little demand for natural ice now, but 67-year-old Baltazar Ushca still hikes up Chimborazo to harvest the ice from its glacier. An insight into a dying tradition. ... D Sandy Patch P Jeremy Yaches, Rodrigo Donoso L Spanish, Quichua w/ English subtitles TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
Can a modern democracy retain its democratic values while imposing a military occupation on another state? ... This is the question posed by director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (James' Journey To Jerusalem, MIFF 04) in this, the latest of his meticulously researched documentaries. He zones in on the ... Read more
“It's hard to find adequate words to convey the rare beauty of this film… its expressive thrust passes through your guts before hitting your head.” - Film International ... The enigmatic Kaspar Hauser is washed up on a desolate island. The Sheriff (Vincent Gallo) carries the mysterious ... Read more
“Cinema is an experimental device that builds - that is, that conceives - an image of the universe.” - Jean Epstein ... One of France's first masters of the cinematic avant-garde, Jean Epstein crafted cinema that danced upon the precipice between meaning and nonsense: conceptual and beautiful ... Read more
“I'm not interested in bad things happening to good people. I'm interested in good people doing bad things.” - Filmmaker Julia Loktev ... The breathtaking big-screen beauty of Georgia's Caucasus Mountains act as backdrop for this thought-provoking allegory about love, betrayal and the ... Read more
A stark, slow-burning predecessor to the current wave of Swedish crime cinema. ... Inspired by William Friedkin's Oscar-winning The French Connection, The Man on the Roof adapts Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö's crime novel The Abominable Man into an exploration of police corruption. ... After a ... Read more
A musical about the filmmaker's great-uncle Jimmy, one-time friend of Judy Garland. Clever, emotional, funny and melancholic. Award winner at the 2012 Berlinale. ... D/S Trevor Anderson P Katie Weekley, Trevor Anderson TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
Narrated by Geoffrey Rush and starring Alan Brough, The Man Who Could Not Dream combines whimsy, surrealism and dark comedy. A cautionary tale about what happens to people who lose their imagination. ... D/S Kasimir Burgess, James Armstrong P Mary Minas, James Armstrong, Kasimir Burgess TD HD ... Read more
“[A] serious-minded exploration of what makes a French politician tick.” - Variety ... Although authentically set within a French minister's office, this second feature by Pierre Schoeller strikes a universal chord in its depiction of the inner workings of a politician's life. As the Minister ... Read more
“Lyrically evokes a way of life organically coexisting with the ocean.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Pakis is a 12-year-old Bajo - an Indonesian ethnic group who live off the sea in wooden houses on stilts. Pakis' father is missing and presumed dead, but she believes he is still alive and will one ... Read more
"I am an African man who decided to go down in history." ... Baye Laye is the captain of a fishing pirogue who reluctantly accepts a job leading a boat of refugees to Europe. Overseeing this group of 30 men who don't all speak the same language - some of whom have never seen the sea - proves as ... Read more
From Joseph Pierce (A Family Portrait, MIFF 10), comes this rotoscoped portrayal of the characters who inhabit a grizzled London pub. The zoological observations are funny, disturbing and a bit too familiar. ... D/S Joseph Pierce P Mark Grimmer TD digibeta/2012 ... Read more
A highly inventive and whimsical film inspired by the brilliant camera inventor for the French New Wave, Jean-Pierre Beauviala, and his company Aaton. ... Two lady thieves, who speak in voiceover and whose identities are only revealed at the end of the film, plot to steal one of Aaton's cameras ... Read more
Joy, sorrow and secrets around the family dinner table. ... Eve, a young woman whose boyfriend commits suicide just as she learns she is pregnant, heads with her sisters to dinner at their widowed father's house. During the meal, his new wife (Emmanuelle Béart, in a wonderfully unhinged role) ... Read more
“There's an almost telepathic or invisible support, like a cord that connects these two guys, because they've been together their whole life. And that kind of connection is something unique and is their strength.” - Leopard Trek manager Brian Nygaard ... Andy and Fränk Schleck, two of the ... Read more
Inspired by a remarkable true story, The Sapphires tells the feel-good story of Australia's answer to The Supremes. ... An adaptation of Tony Briggs' successful stage musical of the same name, The Sapphires is set in the late 60s when the McCrae girls - four talented young singers from a remote ... Read more
Jean Epstein's short documentary filmed on the Breton island of Sein, which film preservationist and cinephile Henri Langlois called “one of the most beautiful documentaries in the history of French film, a true poem about Brittany and the sea”. ... Screens with The Faithful Heart (France, 83 ... Read more
“A film of tenderness and humor married to the unlikeliest of subjects, The Sessions presents [this] story of poet and polio survivor Mark O'Brien… an exceptional, expertly acted crowd-pleaser.” - Variety ... Mark (John Hawkes, Martha Marcy May Marlene, MIFF 11) has polio and wants to ... Read more
In the future, human exploration of the final frontier is likely to be a private affair. ... The Sky is NOT the Limit follows the quest to continue humanity's exploration of space through private investment and incentive. It's directed by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, the team behind the ... Read more
"The Student announces Santiago Mitre as a South American Aaron Sorkin.” - Indiewire ... Roque is a directionless, two-time college dropout. Lacking anything better to do with his life he re-enrols at a Buenos Aires university but once there he focuses more on the ladies than on his studies. In ... Read more
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