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Films Screened In 2012

“If I want to make a modern film, a disturbing film, I also want it to be positive, in spite of the bleakness and the blackness of the subject.” - director Patrice Leconte ... The topic of suicide isn't usually the first thing one thinks of when looking for a musical comedy, but the dark humour ... Read more
A young, antisocial man picks up a curmudgeonly old man hitchhiking back to Queensland. Which one is the biggest threat to the other? ... D/P Skye White S Sam Dixon TD digibeta/2012 ... Read more
“Im Sang-soo's latest portrait of lust and corruption, power plays and violence at the highest echelons of Korea's society has all the style and luster of his previous works.” - Screen Daily ... Im Sang-soo's The Housemaid, which screened at MIFF 10, forms the backstory to this tale of sex and ... Read more
Jean Epstein's playful, non-linear short about a wealthy businessman's relationship with three different women. Told via flashback as each woman recounts her story, Three-Sided Mirror broke cinematic conventions before they were even established, merging past, present and future into a ... Read more
Saddam Hussein's red Ferrari Testarossa is ghost riding through the desert in Alex Petersén's dreamily experimental The Tracks of My Tears 2. ... Screens as part of the Swedish Shorts package. ... D Axel Petersén P Georgie Mathews WS Swedish Film Institute L Swedish w/English subtitles TD ... Read more
Plenty of Chinese documentaries look at the nation's poor and disenfranchised - The Transition Period gives us a rare peek into Chinese life from the other side. ... Director Zhou Hao was given access to follow Guo Yongchang during his last months in office as party secretary of an underdeveloped ... Read more
Escape is not always the easiest option. ... Screenwriter Alejandro Fadel, best known for thrillers Lion's Den (MIFF 2008) and Carancho, makes his directorial debut in this striking saga of juvenile delinquency. Offering a rhythmic contrast of scenic landscapes and shadowy violence, this stark ... Read more
Skateboarding becomes a metaphor for freedom in this prize-winning love letter to the subversive power of youth. ... East Germany in the 80s. For three teens - Nico, Dirk and Dennis - life in the GDR was dominated by skateboarding. But in a nation where “the streets were not for playing ... Read more
Pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie uncovers the tragic story of the Cultural Revolution's first victim. ... Made as a follow-up to his stunning Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul, Though I Am Gone sees Hu Jie return to the Maoist era to tell the story of Bian Zhongyun, a deputy headmistress at a top Beijing ... Read more
“So we ask a question: what if we punch the cops in the face? What will happen?” ... Revered by the likes of Banksy and Brian Eno, the members of Russian collective Voina (War) have gained notoriety for public ‘actions' that have landed their leaders in jail. In Tomorrow filmmaker and former ... Read more
A surreal animated erotic fantasy on board a morning tram when the driver allows her imagination to run wild. ... Screened in the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes. ... D/S Michaela Pavlátová P Ron Dyens L no dialogue TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
A joyous, definitive overview of an effervescent, contradictory and defiant period that changed Brazilian music forever. ... Brazil's tropicalia movement broke out in the late 1960s, with its revolutionary sounds going on to influence the likes of Beck, David Byrne, Beastie Boys, Super Furry ... Read more
A young man attempts to outrun a stream train across a snow-filled wilderness in this visually stunning metaphorical tale of adversity from the Head of the Art Department on 300 and the director of Looking for Alexander. ... D Arnaud Brisebois, Francis Leclerc P Antonello Cozzolino S Arnaud ... Read more
“A mesmerising portrait of life on the margins.” - Sight & Sound ... Deep in the Scottish wilds lives an old hermit, Jake Williams, whose only goal is to live as simply as possible. Filmmaker Ben Rivers (Slow Action, MIFF 11; and a MIFF guest in 2008) first introduced audiences to Jake in his ... Read more
“It's impossible not to root for these guys, or to leave Undefeated without feeling enormously moved by the experience of their joys and disappointments.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Winner of the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Undefeated follows the fortunes of Coach Bill Courtney as he ... Read more
“The horror movie so terrifying it made audiences SICK.” - Daily Mail ... A collection of top genre filmmakers go head-to-head in a compendium of found footage flicks - tightly wrapped in a contextualising film - that run the gauntlet of suspense, terror, shock and downright brutality. ... A ... Read more
An African man impulsively sets off swimming across the sea, while an opulent and decadent wedding party for a gangster and his bride takes place on the land he is swimming towards. An absurd, surreal and deadpan tale of materialism. ... D Vladimir Leschiov, Kaspar Jancis P Vladimir Leschiov, Kalev ... Read more
“The intense, remarkable life of Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra is explored with sensitivity and exquisite lightness of touch in Andres Wood's Violeta Went to Heaven." - Variety ... In the mid-60s Violeta Parra was the Edith Piaf of Chile: a beloved singer and visual artist who became a ... Read more
A fulldome visual tribute to the remarkable music of Franz Liszt. ... Famed as a child prodigy, piano virtuoso and enchanter of Europe's concert halls, Franz Liszt was one of the most dazzling musical personalities of his era. In 1844 the hysterical reactions to Liszt and his concerts was dubbed ... Read more
“Lewd, crude and flat-out hilarious.” - Twitch ... Coming from the island that brought us the blockbuster hit 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, this parody of the Hong Kong film industry lives up to the expectations of such distinguished cinematic company. Holding court in a theatre full of film ... Read more
An animated/live action portrait of 1948 British Olympic gymnast George Weedon and his advocacy on the importance of good posture to live a happy and healthy life. ... Not in competition. ... D Kate Sullivan P Lucy McDermott TD digibeta/2011 ... Read more
Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 2012 Berlinale, and the Founders Award for Best Narrative at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. ... Set in sub-Saharan Africa, where 12-year-old Komona lives peacefully with her parents until the rebels arrive, War Witch draws audiences into the ... Read more
The most expensive Taiwanese film ever made, Warriors of the Rainbow tells the legendary true story of a ruthless aboriginal rebellion against invading Japanese forces. ... The Japanese Imperial Army has swept all before it. But on the island of Taiwan, 300 warriors from a tiny tribe called the ... Read more
“Spectacular... authentic feeling actioner recounting an aborigine rebellion in 1930s Taiwan.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Continuing the resplendently mythic visage of part 1, this conclusion to Warriors of the Rainbow blends tropes from Westerns, war movies and samurai films into a wildly ... Read more
"Essential viewing for those frustrated by the media's seeming inability to digest one of our moment's most important stories" - Hollywood Reporter ... Having redefined civil disobedience for the digital age and attracted the attention of the masses with a series of audacious online protests and ... Read more
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