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Films Screened In 2012

A taxi driver tells his passenger a tall tale about a night of outrageous sexual exploits in his cab. Beautifully shot by musician and music video veteran Joe Lonie, and starring Andy Anderson, Honk If You're Horny is a wild ride. ... D/S Joe Lonie P Anna Geddes, Cass Donaldson, Matt Heath WS NZ ... Read more
"Stunning… the quintessential snapshot of a moment and a movement." - Slant ... Faced with their own mortality, an improbable group of mostly HIV-positive young men and women broke the mould as radical warriors taking on Washington and the medical establishment. Set at the height of the AIDS ... Read more
A mobile slaughterman who can kill a cow humanely from a moving car, Beatle Tarrant offers a powerful argument for ethical slaughtering in this revealing portrait of a man who kills so that we may eat meat. ... Contains scenes of animal slaughter that may offend. ... D David White, Paul Wedel P ... Read more
“A witty, involving, upbeat story about kids and the miracle of life... delightful and uplifting.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Eleven-year-old Koichi and nine-year-old Ryunosuke are as close as brothers can be. But when their parents divorce, the two find themselves living hundreds of kilometres ... Read more
A teenage boy in love with his father's girlfriend is presented with an opportunity to act on his feelings in this sensual and provocative film about adolescent desire. ... Directed by Paola Morabito and executive produced by Jane Campion. ... Please note that this film has been removed from the ... Read more
A tense triple murder tale straight from the Swedish newspaper headlines. ... Renowned Swedish director Jan Troell (Oscar-nominated for The Emigrants) examines the dark dynamic between a couple of killers in the psychological drama of Il Capitano. ... Reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands and ... Read more
“This is a visually eccentric and puppyishly funny film: the very best kind of odd.” - The Telegraph ... MIFF regular Hong Sang-soo (Oki's Movie, MIFF 11; the Prix Un Certain Regard winning Hahaha, MIFF 10) returns with this delicate romantic comedy starring Isabelle Huppert as a Frenchwoman ... Read more
Melbourne writer-director Ben Lewin has lived across three continents and, with three decades of filmmaking under his belt, took on Hollywood to create The Sessions with John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H Macy, a double award winner at the Sundance Film Festival this year. ... Mac Gudgeon ... Read more
A warm-hearted portrait of one of the most beloved filmmakers of the twentieth century. ... Eric Rohmer was one of the last of the key French New Wave directors and one of the most revered, continuing to make well-received films late in his career. ... Filmed just before his death, this is a ... Read more
Winner of the FIPRESCI Award at Cannes 2012. ... It is 1942, and on the German-occupied Western frontiers of the Soviet Union, local partisans are fighting a brutal resistance campaign. Two of these partisans, Voitik and Burov, are escorting suspected Nazi collaborator Sushenya to his death when ... Read more
The uplifting power of art is showcased in this special coming-of-age documentary. ... Inocente is a perception-shattering documentary about the transformative power of art, told through the eyes of its 15-year-old titular subject: a homeless, undocumented immigrant who dreams beyond her bleak ... Read more
A program of bold and eclectic shorts from around the globe including Cannes award winners and a new metafiction film starring Charlotte Rampling. ... Read more
A program of bold and eclectic shorts from around the globe including Cannes award winners. ... Read more
“A disquieting, heartbreaking look at American crime and punishment.” - Hollywood Reporter ... In 2001 two young Texan men were convicted of a horrific triple murder. One received a life sentence; the other was sentenced to death. ... Part of Werner Herzog's Death Row project, which also ... Read more
“Unsettlingly insistent, smartly played and bleakly hilarious.” - Empire Online ... Reuben Östlund's Cannes hit Play featured at MIFF 11, and his earlier Involuntary similarly puts the dynamics of social pressure under a magnifying glass with knife-edge precision. ... A man injured at his own ... Read more
During recess, four teens discuss seeing Brokeback Mountain on television; how it moved them and how it got them thinking about same-sex relationships. Sweet, funny and honest, It's Not a Cowboy Movie screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival International Critics' Week. ... D Benjamin ... Read more
MIFF favourite Don Hertzfeldt (The Meaning of Life, MIFF 05; Billy's Balloon, MIFF 99), returns with this mixed-media stick figure animation about a man with acquired brain damage. Hertzfeldt's most ambitious work to date is a moving exploration of time, memory and mortality. ... D/P/S Don ... Read more
You have to focus on the beautiful if you're going to live in Italy. ... The lease on their apartment is up and Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi (Suddenly, Last Winter) must decide whether to stay in Italy or leave. Having witnessed the exodus of many friends already, Gustav thinks it's time to go ... Read more
Melbourne in winter… Rain. Wind. Pubs. Beer. Sex. Corruption. Murder. ... Based on international award-winning crime writer Peter Temple's novel Bad Debts and directed by Jeffrey Walker, Jack Irish - Bad Debts is the first in a series of films that burrows into the seedier side of Melbourne ... Read more
“It's ambitious enough to aim at polished, intelligent character drama, and pulls it off successfully.” - The Guardian ... Actor Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade) takes his seat in the director's chair after nearly a decade with this Southern Gothic ensemble melodrama set in 1969 and influenced ... Read more
“Jean Epstein disappeared over half a century ago… but the aura of Epstein, defender of great ecstasies, has only continued to grow.” - Cinema historian Nicole Brenez ... Jean Epstein: Young Oceans of Cinema is a stunning portrait of French film theorist and avant-garde filmmaker Jean ... Read more
John Evagora follows up his MIFF Best Short Film award winning 296 Smith Street (MIFF 08) with another portrayal of Melbourne's fringe population, this time focusing on a professional shoplifter. ... D/S John Evagora P Polly Staniford TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more
“A tribute to a masterful eye, a humanistic heart and a wondrous life.” - Variety ... Part travel diary, part retrospective, Journal de France trails acclaimed documentarian Raymond Depardon (Untouched by the West, MIFF 02) on his six-year journey around the French countryside photographing the ... Read more
“Inspired by real events, Magyar auteur Bence Fliegauf's spare, naturalistic drama puts a human face on the victims of racially motivated violence.” - Variety ... Despite the siege-like atmosphere pervading an isolated Romany village, one family goes about its daily business. Single mother Mari ... Read more
“Balances sweet and sour in just the right doses” - Variety ... Ten-year-old Jojo lives alone with his security guard father, a sometimes erratic man of few words. Missing his absent mother, a country singer, Jojo finds solace in an unexpected friendship with an abandoned baby jackdaw. ... Read more
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