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Films Screened In 2012

“[Breaks] new ground in contemporary American gay cinema.” - Hollywood Reporter ... From American director Ira Sachs (Forty Shades of Blue, MIFF 05) comes the story of two men who fall in love in 1997 New York. Erik (Thure Lindhardt) is a documentary filmmaker whose encounter with closeted ... Read more
A totally twisted, deep-fried, Texas redneck murder story. ... Killer Joe may mark director William Friedkin's (The French Connection, The Exorcist) return to filmmaking after a five-year absence (last seen with Bug, MIFF 07), however it's the calculating performance from Matthew McConaughey that ... Read more
Former war photographer Jens Assur brings us a story of a young teacher in China whose life is unravelled by national politics. ... Screens as part of the Swedish Shorts package. ... D/P Jens Assur WS Swedish Film Institute L Chinese w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2012 ... Read more
As two brothers go in search of their mentally ill father, who is missing in the Victorian snowy mountains, younger brother Lachlan is forced to confront the changing dynamics within his family. ... Kin won the Film Victoria Award For Best Film (Undergraduate & Honours) at the Victorian College of ... Read more
A family fleeing Kosovo in 1999 are stopped at a Serbian refugee checkpoint, where they are forced to make a terrible life or death decision. ... D/P Ujkan Hysaj S Besian Hysaj L Albanian,Serbian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2012 ... Read more
“L should leave us in no doubt that something fascinating is happening in Greek film." - Senses of Cinema ... Man lives in his car. His existence consists of delivering honey - one jar at a time - to a narcoleptic man, and meeting up with his estranged wife and kids, who live in a different car ... Read more
Jean Epstein uses time-lapse photography and visual and aural slow motion to tell the tale of a fisherman stuck at sea during a storm, and his worried fiancé waiting for him back on shore. ... Screens with Jean Epstein: Young Oceans of Cinema (France, 68 mins). ... D Jean Epstein WS Cinémathèque ... Read more
Jimmy is forced to chose between running away or staying in a hostile and violent home environment to protect his younger siblings. ... A hard-hitting film that screened in competition at the 2012 Berlinale. ... D/S Sam Kelly P Tom Hern WS NZ Film Commission TD 35mm/2012 ... Read more
“A little masterpiece of understated resonance and humility.” - The Independent ... Middle-aged lumber trucker Rubén is tasked with driving country-woman Jacinta from Paraguay to Buenos Aires. Gruff and unchivalrous, Rubén is dismayed to discover she has a baby in tow. Jacinta's attempts to ... Read more
The man behind one of Australia's most fascinating legends, Lasseter's Reef, was worth his weight in gold. ... Australia's El Dorado was found by Lewis Harold Bell Lasseter - if we believe his claims in the late 1800s to have discovered a vast gold deposit in central Australia. This mysterious ... Read more
The world premiere of a taut story torn from today's headlines but touching on themes as old as the human condition itself: faith, freedom, love, loss and hope. ... Following a deadly terrorist attack on a local synagogue, surviving bomber Sadiq Mohammad (Firass Dirani, Underbelly) flees. Wounded ... Read more
“Dolan excels as a visual stylist, framing almost every shot like a classic modern art canvas.” - Hollywood Reporter ... The third feature from 23-year-old Québécois boy wonder Xavier Dolan follows the explosive relationship between 30-something Laurence (Melvil Poupaud) ... Read more
A group of Russian scientists work on a top-secret program designed to resurrect Soviet power. A reanimated chicken is involved. ... Not in competition. ... D/P/S Nietov L no dialogue TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. ... Jean-Pierre is a respectable, straitlaced mattress salesman, the polar opposite of his brother, Not, who calls himself “the oldest punk with a dog in France”. When Jean-Pierre's life begins to unravel, Not takes him under ... Read more
“Jean-François Laguionie's consistently enjoyable, inventive and beautifully crafted tale is a color riot suitable for all ages.” - Variety ... A rumour has been spreading through the Picture: the Painter will never come back. The fully completed Alldunns, who consider themselves the ... Read more
“With Liberal Arts, Radnor positions himself as a mini-Cameron Crowe, mixing joy, life lessons and a love of culture into a perfect, crowd pleasing film.” - Slash Film ... Stuck in a joyless city job, newly single 30-something Jesse (writer-director Josh Radnor, TV's How I Met Your Mother) is ... Read more
Unlock the secrets of the universe. ... Combining the philosophical and the scientific, Life: A Cosmic Story takes viewers on a voyage of discovery through the building blocks of the natural world. From the cells and molecules that form a towering redwood tree, to the astronomical activity that ... Read more
“Like Someone in Love offers its most complete pleasures as a quietly pristine showcase for Kiarostami's undiminished craft.” - Variety ... A young escort named Akiko (Rin Takanashi), disenchanted with her work, is called out to a new client: the shy and elderly Takashi (Tadashi Okuno), a ... Read more
Provoked by the contents of a mysterious letter, Lois (Jacki Weaver) takes to the sea to address some unfinished business. ... Lois is the latest film by Alexandra Schepisi, director of One Night (MIFF 09) and star of The Eye of the Storm (MIFF 11). ... D/S Alexandra Schepisi P Rachel Higgins TD HD ... Read more
“A peon [sic] to the people on New York's streets, an absurdist rom-com, a flawless comic subversion; I'm not sure what Love Story is. Possibly genius.” - Critic ... New Zealand director Florian Habicht's documentary about the construction of a fictional love story merges snippets of narrative ... Read more
This vivid, visceral journey through the vagabond experience is one of the classics of early 90s French cinema. ... Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, provides the setting for this alternative love story that comprises Leos Carax's third film. Indeed, the problems that plagued the director in ... Read more
“From Cocteau to Garrel, there's long been an intensely oneiric strain to French cinéma fantastique, of which Low Life is a powerful example.” - Film Comment ... Set in present-day Lyon, Low Life follows a group of 20-somethings who spend their days debating abstract ideas of love, poetry and ... Read more
From Queensland to Cannes, P.J. Hogan shot onto the world stage with a reputation as one of Australia's most fascinating filmmakers with Muriel's Wedding, continuing with large-scale comic crowdpleasers like My Best Friend's Wedding and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Join P.J., as well as his ... Read more
The world premiere of a film about love, war, sex, politics… and chickpeas. ... Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? This was the question on director Trevor Graham's mind when he set out to film the MIFF Premiere Fund-supported Make Hummus Not War, a ... Read more
Danish satirist and filmmaker Mads Brügger, winner of the World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for The Red Chapel (MIFF 10), returns to MIFF this year with the even more insane The Ambassador. ... Brügger talks with one of Melbourne's sharpest satirical provocateurs, John Safran ... Read more
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