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Films Screened In 2013

"A fascinatingly fractured glimpse into a disengaged mind … quite unlike any documentary seen before." – Variety ... Edwin Honig was a prominent literary critic and university professor as well as a distinguished poet and translator (he was knighted in Portugal for his literary ... Read more
An awkward young man heads out for the night, on a mission to fit in, find acceptance, and get his hair styled the right way. ... D/S Karan Kandhari P Ben Murray WS Tomboy Films L no dialogue TD 35mm/2012 ... Read more
Widely regarded as the most important North Korean film ever made, The Flower Girl is a technicolour epic of race, rebellion and revolutionary zeal. ... Based on an opera reported to have been written by Kim Il-sung himself and often described as North Korea's Gone with the Wind, The Flower Girl is ... Read more
A dark fantastical adaptation of a Will Self story featuring an original score by Adrian Utley from Portishead. A man enters into a pact with the insect inhabitants of his rural cottage to receive an array of services… ... D/S Karni Arieli, Saul Freed P Alison Sterling WS sulkybunny TD HD ... Read more
Oliver is struggling with the sexual awakening of his teenage son Dorian, who has Down syndrome. A story about learning to let go. ... D/S Rodrigo Barriuso P Davina Rimmer WS El Pensiamento Films TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
Sometimes the survivor must forever follow the dead. ... In a remote Scottish fishing village, a young loner named Aaron finds himself the only survivor of a tragic boating accident that has killed his older brother and four other men. Driven by superstition and a fear of the unknown, the village ... Read more
"A heartfelt, naturalistic period drama." – Hollywood Reporter ... In 1950s upstate New York, the prospects are limited for a teenage girl. But when the unassuming Maddy becomes involved with the girl gang Foxfire she's exposed to a new and exciting proto-feminist world. The leader of ... Read more
"An exhilarating black-and-white New York seriocomedy … with a stellar star turn by co-writer Greta Gerwig." – Hollywood Reporter ... Frances is a 20-something dance apprentice who has plenty of plans but succeeds at very few of them in this breezy, urban odyssey about an optimistic ... Read more
"A fascinating slice out of a turbulent time in American history." – Indiewire ... This gripping feature documentary chronicles how Angela Davis, a young UCLA philosophy lecturer, became one of the world's legendary black radical activists. Pivoting around Davis' involvement in an ... Read more
Fourteen-year-old Freia grew up and lives in an alternative community, but now she's starting to ask herself what sort of life she wants to live. ... D/S Carl Javér P Fredrik Lange WS Vilda Bomben Film AB L Swedish w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
A young mother struggling with the pressures of study and a dysfunctional relationship finds comfort in the make-believe world she shares with her daughter. ... D Aidee Walker P Julia Parnell WS NZ Film Commission TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
Oscar Grant's death was immortalised on camera, another casualty of urban unrest. This is his life. ... Inspired by a senseless police shooting in Oakland in the first hours of 2009, and produced by Forest Whitaker, Fruitvale Station was the toast of Sundance - winning both the Grand Jury Prize and ... Read more
MIFF is excited to again present a special program of jaw-dropping fulldome screenings at the Melbourne Planetarium. Located at Scienceworks, the Planetarium features a 16-metre domed ceiling, reclining seats, a surround-sound stereo system and projection system that blankets the dome with a ... Read more
MIFF is excited to again present a special program of jaw-dropping fulldome screenings at the Melbourne Planetarium. Located at Scienceworks, the Planetarium features a 16-metre domed ceiling, reclining seats, a surround-sound stereo system and projection system that blankets the dome with a ... Read more
As four teens navigate the flashpoint of adolescent relationships, their lives will be forever scarred by a tragedy that engulfs their city. ... Teenagers Billie and Laura, who live in Canberra's suburban outskirts, are best friends and share everything – even, as it turns out, Laura's ... Read more
"Every shot is a tour de force of precision that leans toward pure hallucination." - Cinema Scope ... At the age of 104, the indefatigable Manoel de Oliveira (The Strange Case of Angelica, MIFF 2010) is the world's oldest filmmaker: a veritable living legend who made his first film in the silent ... Read more
A compelling and unsettling documentary, Ghost Train introduces us to an elderly man whose wife is hospitalised with dementia. Struggling to cope, he visits Dracula's theatre restaurant, where he forms a bond with one of the performers. ... World Premiere. ... D/P/S James Fleming, Kelly Hucker Dist ... Read more
Charlie has cerebral palsy and wants to lose his virginity for his 16th birthday. However, his mother is not comfortable with the arrangements that his father and brother have made. ... D/S Spencer Harvey, Lloyd Harvey P Lloyd Harvey, Spencer Harvey WS Harvey House Productions TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"Lovely and devastating, challenging yet worthwhile, Sally Potter's Ginger & Rosa may be the English filmmaker's best since Orlando." - The Playlist ... It's London, 1962. Born in the same hospital on the day the H-bomb hit Hiroshima, Ginger and Rosa are inseparable - playing truant, smoking ... Read more
"The imaginative twists, histrionic inventions, and decorative whimsy have a winningly ingenuous and energetic cleverness." – The New Yorker ... When the girlfriend of sex-obsessed graphic designer Charles Swan walks out on him, he suffers an anxiety attack that kicks off a surreal journey ... Read more
"Sebastián Lelio's enormously satisfying spell inside the head and heart of a middle-aged woman never puts a foot wrong." - Hollywood Reporter ... Santiago divorcée and 58-year-old mother of grown children Gloria decides she will not slide into old age quietly. Hitting the senior ... Read more
When the Troubles divided Belfast, one man discovered the music to unite a generation. ... Good Vibrations was a record store, a label and the life of Terri Hooley - Ireland's Godfather of Punk. And as war rocked Belfast in the 70s, extinguishing the free love promise of the 60s, Hooley had an ... Read more
Gore Vidal savaged the establishment throughout an extraordinary life atop the crest of the American Century. ... As a novelist, critic, playwright, activist, bon vivant and all-round celebrity intellectual, Gore Vidal was America's unforgiving conscience for six decades. Consort of the powerful ... Read more
"As long as there are movies, The Great Escape should always be seen ... It's impossible to tire of." – Empire ... Bringing together the biggest stars of its day – Charles Bronson, James Garner and the unforgettable Steve McQueen amongst them – The Great Escape told ... Read more
"The emerging master of African cinema ... the director's compassion shines out, and so does the charisma of Souleymane Deme." – Guardian ... By night the man known as Grigris is a legend, one of the most electrifying dancers in all of Chad. By day he is an outcast, a dirt-poor cripple ... Read more
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