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GUN (Spencer Gillis, 2012)
After a thief breaks into Roy's home, he buys a handgun for protection. But the gun's power is seductive and Roy's obsession with it suggests he doesn't have the control he thinks he has. ... D/S Spe… Read more

H LIO OITICICA (Cesar Oiticica Filho, 2012)
"In Hélio Oiticica, the nephew of a Brazilian artist follows the steps of his uncle, who is called Brazil's Andy Warhol. The experimentations by a free spirit who died young are an archival co… Read more

HAND IN HAND (Valérie Donzelli, 2012)
From the moment they meet – and against their will – Héléne and Joachim begin a lovers' dance they are powerless to stop. ... In the capital to install mirrors at the presti… Read more

HARANA (Benito Bautista, 2012)
"Infectiously winning ... honest and open-hearted, the kind [of film] that leaves behind the glow of romance." - Variety ... Once upon a time if a young Filipino man wanted to woo a girl there was on… Read more

HARMONY LESSONS (Emir Baigazin, 2013)
"Harmony Lessons is a bona fide tour de force … endearing and repulsive, funny and tragic, appealing and terrifying, and never short of compelling." – Film Comment ... This debut feature… Read more

HERITAGE FIGHT (Eugénie Dumont, 2012)
The inside story of the fight against one of the world's biggest mining developments. ... In 2008 a consortium of miners and politicians decided to build the world's second biggest natural gas plant … Read more

HIJACKING, A (Tobias Lindholm, 2012)
"A powerful and intensely watchable film." – Screen Daily ... Tobias Lindholm (co-writer of The Hunt, MIFF 2012) settles into his second stint behind the camera in typically taut style, cr… Read more

Home (Thomas Gleeson, 2012)
A charming, dialogue-free documentary that follows a house as it's moved across the country. Nominated for Best Short Film at the New Zealand Film Awards 2012. ... D Thomas Gleeson P Thomas Gleeson, … Read more

HONG KIL DONG (Kim Kil-in, 1986)
"With excellent wire-work and a lot of sword play and spraying blood, it's no wonder that Hong Kil Dong was selected by a group of DPRK defectors as the number one North Korean film of all time."&nbs… Read more

"One of my favourite giallo films." – Eli Roth ... A young painter named Stefano is sent to a rural Italian village to restore a fresco in a local church. The picture, which depicts the mu… Read more

Hungry Man (Jordan Prosser, 2012)
Declan Greene checks into a decaying hotel where we just wants to lay low. The manipulative and homicidal tapeworm that lives inside him and has a taste for black-market foods has different ideas. ..… Read more

Hunter, The (Margaret Harvey, 2012)
When Jarlo and his girlfriend stumble across an ominous sign out in the bush, Jarlo ignores it at his peril. A modern and creepy re-telling of the bunyip story. ... D Margaret Harvey P John Harvey S … Read more

I AM DIVINE (Jeffrey Schwarz, 2013)
If John Waters is the Pope of Trash, the infamous Divine was Mother Superior of Drag. ... Harris Glenn Milstead grew up in conservative Baltimore a bullied tubby kid. But as Divine he became a queer … Read more

I DECLARE WAR (Jason Lapeyre,Robert Wilson, 2012)
"It's a loving, fun, extraordinarily well made celebration of the imagination and worldview of being 12." – Badass Digest ... Pre-teen and military tactics expert PK Sullivan gathers his f… Read more

I M SO EXCITED (Pedro Almodovar, 2013)
"Almodóvar followers who have secretly been hankering for a return to the broad, transgressive comedy of his early work will be thrilled by I'm So Excited!, a hugely entertaining, feelgood cel… Read more

I Missed My Mother s Funeral (Ben Quinn, )
Brian Cox and Brendan Cowell star as father and son sharing a final tender moment. A gentle and understated film. ... D/S Ben Quinn P Alan Traquair WS The Sweet Shop TD HD Cam/2013 ... Read more

I USED TO BE DARKER (Matt Porterfield, 2013)
"I used to be darker. Then I got lighter, then I got darker again. Something too big to be seen was passing over and over me." ... Prompted by her own dramas, 19-year-old Northern Irish runaway Taryn… Read more

ILO ILO (Anthony Chen, 2013)
The Cannes Film Festival 2013 Caméra d'Or winner. ... In 1997 in the midst of a looming financial crisis, Teresa arrives in Singapore from the Philippines with hopes of a better life. There she fi… Read more

IN A WORLD (Lake Bell, 2013)
"In a world... where female writers are scarce and female writer/directors even more so, Lake Bell has done both with panache in her feature debut ... a meta-commentary on the persistent and open sex… Read more

IN BLOOM (Nana Ekvtimishvili,Simon Groß, 2013)
"An impressive coming-of-age feature about female friendship, fatal feuds and family friction in post-Soviet Georgia." - Hollywood Reporter ... For 14-year-olds Eka and Natia, growing up in Tbilisi i… Read more

IN BOB WE TRUST (Lynn-Maree Milburn, 2013)
"Hello Sir, Bob Maguire, the mad priest. Sooner or later, surely, all media will discover that I'm a fraud." – Father Bob Maguire ... Having faithfully served his South Melbourne pari… Read more

In Guns We Trust (Nicolas Lévesque Nicolas Lévesque, 2013)
In Kennesaw, Virginia, gun ownership is mandatory by law: every household must own a minimum of one working gun, with ammunition. Using still, black-and-white photos and audio excerpts, director Nico… Read more

In the Blood (Brian Harrington, 2013)
Retired British boxing champion Sean Murphy and his daughter Lucy both live and breathe boxing. Now Sean is training Lucy so that she can realise her dream of competing at the next Olympics. ... D Br… Read more

IN THE NAME OF (Malgorzata Szumowska, 2013)
"Actor Andrzej Chyra delivers a full-bodied portrait of a devout country priest struggling with his sexuality." – Hollywood Reporter ... Set in a one-horse rural community, In the Name Of.… Read more

A collection of the finest and most acclaimed short films from around the globe. ... Read more

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