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The final work by the late Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami is a minimalist hymn to the capturing of images. ... Cinema lost one of its greatest exponents in 2016 with the passing of Abbas Kiarostami; his films – including Close-Up (MIFF 2003) and Taste of Cherry (MIFF 1998) – brilliant works of psychological investigation and self-reflexivity. 24 Frames, a project he spent the last three years of ... Read more
How did Hitchcock make the most terrifying scene in the history of cinema? ... The shower scene in Psycho is one of the more famous moments in cinema, with its scandalously meticulous editing and unforgettable Brechtian score embedded firmly in popular culture. Director Alfred Hitchcock changed the course of cinema when he killed off his heroine at the end of the first act of his 1960 masterpiece,... Read more
A birthday celebration in the woods becomes something horrific. Inspired by true events. ... Read more
Credited by George Miller as a key influence behind Mad Max 2’s post-apocalyptic vision, the Hugo Award-winning A Boy and His Dog, starring a very young Don Johnson, translates Harlan Ellison’s acclaimed novella to the big screen. ... Set in 2024, in the aftermath of World War IV, a young man named Vic travels the wasteland with his telepathic dog named Blood. Their scavenging for both food and wo... Read more
Scoring an award at the Cannes Directors' Fortnight, Jonas Carpignano's latest film is a heart-wrenching, ultra-realist tour of the outcast and refugee communities in Italy's south, led by fast-talking Roma swindler Pio Amato. ... In sun-drenched Calabria, on the forgotten borders of the European refugee crisis, 14-year-old Romani hustler Pio is making an awkward and half-hearted entry into adulth... Read more
The daily struggles of a Palestinian refugee living in Greece are dramatised by filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel, who has previously documented the experiences of refugees in A World Not Ours (MIFF 2013), Xenos (MIFF 2014) and A Man Returned (MIFF 2016). ... Read more
Fear, ignorance and grief can't keep a good woman down in Sebastián Lelio's Berlinale best screenplay and Teddy winner. ... Turning galvanising portraits of marginalised women into his own niche, Lelio returns with another beguiling character study after MIFF 2013's Gloria. A waitress by day and singer by night, Marina has a happy future in her sights with her older boyfriend Orlando. Then tragedy... Read more
With echoes of Dostoyevsky, Gogol and Kafka, Sergei Loznitsa provides a gloomy, mordant portrait of the social and spiritual decay of modern-day Russia. ... A woman (Vasilina Makovtseva) travels to a remote town in Russia in order to deliver a care package to her imprisoned husband, but meets only with dogged bureaucratic intransigence. So begins her stoic voyage through multiple layers of violenc... Read more
A woman searching for her missing daughter refuses to go gentle, in the Short Film Palme d'Or winner from the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, by MIFF Accelerator Alumni filmmaker Qiu Yang (Under the Sun, MIFF 2015; The World, MIFF 2014). ... Read more
A rising alt-right filmmaker and his family are found slaughtered, surrounded by Islamic totems. A conspiracy or something even more horrific? ... FEMA death squads, children implanted with RFID chips, a government crushing its citizenry. It's a haunting vision of the near future held by charismatic Iraq veteran David Crowley. In 2012, he posted a slick movie trailer for his planned opus, Gray Sta... Read more
Five Grammy nominations, ad jingles you grew up with and the first female composer of a major Hollywood film – meet Suzanne Ciani, one of the most innovative electronic artists of our times. ... In a career spanning almost 50 years, Suzanne Ciani has distinguished herself as one of electronic music's true pioneers. A woman who made the legendary Buchla synthesiser her own, she forwent the harsh dr... Read more
Davo and Valetta live a life of hardship on the streets of Melbourne, but they are connected by love and loyalty. ... Read more
Stop-motion animation about two creatures who must fight to preserve the bond between them, without completely sacrificing their own identities. Winner of the 2017 BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation. ... Read more
From acclaimed Iranian writer/director Mohammad Rasoulof, this potent thriller – and winner of the prestigious Un Certain Regard Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – captures one man’s desperate battle to stand up to a corrupt system. ... Direct from its acclaimed bow at Cannes, the latest from Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof (Manuscripts Don’t Burn, MIFF 2013; Iron Island, MIFF 2005) i... Read more
As a woman takes care of her ageing mother she discusses her life, but some secrets go untold. ... Read more
'Midnight Express meets Ong-Bak, and that's a good thing… halfway between stylized arthouse exoticism and pulpy genre thrill ride, A Prayer Before Dawn is exactly the sort of film one would hope to see in a midnight slot at a festival.' – Hollywood Reporter ... Liverpool native Billy Moore is a troubled young man. Broken home, crime, violence, drugs, jail. But his life tumbles to a new nadir when ... Read more
Three high-profile Korean directors go in front of the camera to star in a poetic urban comedy by Chinese-Korean director Zhang Lu, which opened the 2016 Busan Film Festival. ... Ye-ri (Han Ye-ri) is a young woman who was born in China, but travelled to South Korea to meet her Korean father, who is ill. To support him she works in a bar, which is frequented by three sketchy and besotted characters... Read more
In the battle to save the Amazon's disappearing pink river dolphin, TV conservationist Richard Rasmussen is their greatest champion. But his willingness to do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, could destroy everything he's fought for. ... Richard Rasmussen is Brazil's answer to Steve Irwin: a daring, charismatic eco-warrior with a wildly popular show on Brazil's National Geographic channel (20... Read more
When a father helps his daughter take her boat down to the river, serenity collides with memories of times gone by. Directed by Audrey Lam (Magic Miles, MIFF 2014; Faraways, MIFF 2012). ... Read more
Denis Côté’s exploration of the daily lives of six men consumed by their passions: performance, discipline and overcoming the body's constraints. ... Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are modern-day gladiators. The group includes high-level bodybuilders, a strongman and an ex-champion turned trainer. As they prepare for future competitions, they follow extreme diets and slave... Read more
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