UK/Austria/Netherlands (MIFF 2006 , Film on Film)
Director: Sophie Fiennes

Cinema, the projection of our dreams, desires and nightmares, has always been a fertile subject for psychoanalysis.
In his freewheeling and endlessly amusing signature style, world famous philosopher, culture theoretician and mad cinema buff Slavoj Zizek takes psychoanalysis on a ride through some of cinema's seminal scenes and hurtles us, vicariously, on a journey into the recesses of the human unconscious.
Slavoj Zizek has attracted international attention with his work in the border zone between philosophy and psychoanalysis and has been called an “academic rock star” and the “wild man of theory”. He claims that he can only properly grasp a complex psychoanalytical concept by translating it into the “inherent imbecility of popular culture”.
Playfully utilising clips ranging from Blue Velvet to The Matrix, and Charlie Chaplin to Hitchcock's favourite blondes, Zizek informs and enlightens but also raises some key questions: to what degree are filmmakers aware of the unconscious or subconscious components of their own creativity? And how much do these components contribute to the success of their films?

See also Zizek! (documentaries).


D Sophie Fiennes P Martin Rosenbaum, Georg Misch, Ralph Wieser, Kees Kasander WS Films Transit TD video/2006/150mins

Sophie Fiennes was born in Suffolk, UK, in 1967. Her films include The Late Michael Clark (2000), Because I Sing (2001) and Hoover Street Revival (2003).

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