LAST WINTER, THE (2006) [feature]

USA/Iceland (MIFF 2007 , Full Moon Fever)
Director: Larry Fessenden

“The Last Winter updates The Thing for our own epoch. Only this time, the villain isn't something from outer space: it's us.” - Toronto Film Festival Starring Ron Perlman as a gruff he-man, The Last Winter takes us to a remote base in northern Alaska where a motley crew of adventurers encounter something out of the ordinary while constructing an environmentally damaging oil well. With an emphasis on the dynamics of characters, offbeat plot and a slow-boil sense of environmental threat, this horror-thriller avoids the usual checklist of the genre. The most harrowing scenes emphasise real-life perils, like falling through thin ice into freezing water. Larry Fessenden's previous films include Habit (1997), in which he was also lead actor, and Wendigo (2001). “[Fessenden] does Al Gore one better.” - Hollywood Reporter


D Larry Fessenden P Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Larry Fessenden S Larry Fessenden, Robert Leaver WS Katapult Film Sales TD 35mm/2006/107mins

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