ROADGAMES (M) (1981) [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2008 , Focus on Ozploitation )
Director: Richard Franklin

“This is one of the best Australian films ever made: a gripping, frightening, rollicking ride.” - In Film Australia

The late Richard Franklin proudly wears his genre influences on his sleeve in this lively road slasher movie, which shifts gears between Hitchcock's Rear Window and Spielberg's Duel.

Stacey Keach stars as a truck driver with a penchant for having meaningful conversations with his dog while trucking along Australia's lonely highways. When an opportunity arises to give a young American woman a lift, he jumps at the chance. Of course, the young woman is played by scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, whose presence in a film tends to augur a high body count; Roadgames is no exception!

Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive.
D/P Richard Franklin S Everett De Roche TD 35mm/1981/101mins


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