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Films In 1920

Here is a non-Shakespearian version of Hamlet, drawn from a Danish history recorded by Saxo Grammaticus in the 12th century, and containing characterization and incident not found in any other source. ... The film exemplifies the economy of action which characterized the Golden Era of Danish film ... Read more
"Dip the flags before her, dip the flags before her, for she is unique." - Bela Balazs, after seeing Nielsen play the death of Hamlet. ... "In 1920 Nielsen formed her own production company, Art Films, and chose as its first venture a version of Hamlet with herself in the title role. The idea had ... Read more
As part of their programme of restoring vintage Australian films ,the present 35 mm. copy of Robbery Under Arms was reconstructed by the National Film Archive. Five minutes were lost. ... The Aboriginal, Warringal, was played by the Aboriginal actor Jackie Anderson, which was unusual for the period ... Read more
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