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Films In 1922

Blood and Sand (Fred Niblo, 1922)
Edited version. ... When Juan Gallardo takes up bull-fighting in his native Spanish town, his family overcome their initial disapproval when they discover the financial advantages. Juan marries Carme… Read more

HAXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (Benjamin Christensen, 1922)
Silent, Satanic and surreal. This unique event combines a supernatural archival jewel with live music by DJ David Franzke. According to film historian Ado Kyrou, in order to sneak his "shocking indic… Read more

NOSFERATU (F. W. Murnau, 1922)
One of the most powerful films made in the opening decades of cinema, master filmmaker Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's 1922 silent Nosferatu (deliciously subtitled A Symphony of Horror) introduced the wor… Read more

TOLL OF THE SEA (Chester M. Franklin, 1922)
TOLL OF THE SEA complements the screening at this year's festival of BECKY SHARP, the cinema's first three-colour::.;..: Technicolor feature. TOLL OF THE SEA is the first two-colour Technicolor featu… Read more

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