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A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (Clarence Brown, 1929)
When her marriage to Neville Montague (John Gilbert) is stopped by his strict father, impetuous, aristocratic Diana Merrick (Greta Garbo) throws her bonnet over a few more windmills and marries a cha… Read more

EROTIKON (Gustav Machaty, 1929)
... ... A seldom seen silent gem, Erotikon is an earli­er work in the same lyrical quartet on love and eros as Gustav Machaty's more widely known Ecstasy. Though very different, its explicit­… Read more

Four Solo by Mary Wigman (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

Heretic (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

PEOPLE ON SUNDAY (Robert Siodmak, 1929)
Menschen Am Sonntag was made at a time of financial upheaval when the great German film concern UFA had lost its lead. Sound had arrived, but had not been wholeheartedly accepted. A time of flux - th… Read more

PICCADILLY (E. A. DuPont, 1929)
Made as a silent film, but issued with a music and effects soundtrack and a prologue spoken by John Longden. this crime melo about a club owner's fiancee accused of killing his Chinese mistress shows… Read more

QUEEN KELLY (Erich Von Stroheim, 1929)
In February of this year Erich Von Slmlieim's 1929 masterpiece was premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in a version which, for the first time, approximated the director's original intention. Planne… Read more

THE BLUE ANGEL (Joseph von Sternberg, 1929)
Made in 1929, the first year of sound, The Blue Angel refused to follow the then popular technique of photographing theatre. Von Sternberg placed the emphasis on pictorial quality and concentrated on… Read more

THE WOMAN THAT MEN YEARN FOR (Kurt Bernhardt, 1929)
... ... Blackmail, murder, adultery and a few other deadly sins form the basis for The Woman That Men Yearn for (1929). The film pre-dated The Blue Angel (1930), for many the first acknowledged scree… Read more

Un Chien Andalou (Luis Buñuel, 1929)
Strongly influenced by psychological thought, the film purports to be a revelation of Dali's subconscious experiences. An attempt to show a subjective analysis of the subconscious, the film consists … Read more

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