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Films In 1935

An All-coloured Vaudeville Show (Roy Mack, 1935)
"When The Nicholas Brothers made their first entrance at the Cotton Club, Harold was 8 years old and Fayard 14. Impeccably dressed in top hat and tails, they were a combination of youth and sophistic… Read more

BECKY SHARP (Rouben Mamoulian, 1935)
BECKY SHARP, directed by Rouben Mamoulian, was the first feature film shot in full colour, that is, in three-strip Technicolor. ... Loosely based on William Thackeray's VANITY FAIR. BECKY SHARP was h… Read more

Ile de Pâques (John Farnhout, 1935)
Filmed during Franco-Belgian anthropological expedition of 1934-35 to Easter Island. Contains unique views of the island and islanders. Shows removal of statue by the expedition. ... Read more

Papageno (Lotte Reineger, 1935)
A silhouette fantasy based on themes from Mozart's opera “The Magic Flute.” A unique method, falling half &ndash: way between the drawn cartoon and the puppet film. ... Read more

The Growing Child (, 1935)
Again set in Victoria, at the Surrey Hills Baby Health Centre, we learn what is important - good Australian fruit, vegetables and milk - in helping our children grow. An excellent example of looking … Read more

The New Gulliver (A. Ptushko, 1935)
The New Gulliver is an ambitious puppet novelty in the Russian film world, fantastically delivered. It differs fromfthe ordinary puppet shows in that the chief part, Gulliver himself, is played by a … Read more

THE SCOUNDREL (Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, 1935)
In 1934 playwright, novelist, and screenwriter Ben Hecht persuaded Paramount to back him and his frequent collaborator, Charles MacArthur, in their own production company, which they set up in Paramo… Read more

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