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Films In 1940

... ... Jennings' great wartime work really began with London Can Take It. Along with Watt he made this, the first of the home-front war films to make its mark. A one-reeler shot in haste, the film was of great propaganda value at the time and very successful in England and America. Couched in the ... Read more
As a bonus adjunct to our Festival highlight, Preston Sturges: Tlie Rise And Fall Of An American Dreamer, we are delighted to be screening a brand new 35mm print of the last film to be scripted by Sturges before he branched off into fully fledged writer-director status. It's also an apt occasion to ... Read more
The Ballet Russo, under the direction of ... the legendary Colonel de Basil , visited ... Melbourne several times during the ... period of 1936 to 1940. ... Dr. Ringland Anderson, a ballet lover ... and expert amateur cameraman, shot ... over 12 hours of 16mm. silent film during the performances ... Read more
"You can say that the allies liberated Europe physically, but with The Great Dictator, Chaplin liberated us spiritually."—Milos Foreman, Academy-Award winning director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus. ... Charlie Chaplin's 1940 anti-Nazi satire The Great Dictator is a bona fide ... Read more
Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn), the daughter of a wealthy family, is slated to marry George Kittredge (John Howard) a stuffed-shirt executive. Her previous marriage, to C.K Dexter (Cary Grant), ended largely because Tracy couldn't deal with Dexter's drunken ways. As the wedding nears, Dexter turns ... Read more
In 1931 after an abortive attempt to work at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Eisenstein went to Mexico where he planned to make “a living history” of the country and native Indian people. ... The projected film was to be called Que Viva Mexico and was to have been a monumental production ... Read more
The story of how machines made a “boom” town with factories running at top speed &nash: and then how more machines broke the prosperity of the town, bringing misery and unemployment to its inhabitants. ... Read more
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