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Marvels of Miniature (Dr. Noel Monkman, 1950)
Camera and microscope are combined in a study of the many forms of colourful microscopic animal life found in the sea round the Great Barrier Reef, including plankton (primary food supply for fishes)… Read more

Mirror of Holland (Piet van Moock, Bert Haanstra, 1950)
The Dutch landscape, houses, and people shown as reflections in water, with images inverted to give a flowing picture of city and countryside. Every object is distorted into a weird, often abstract, … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Story (Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc., 1950)
Life cycle of the Monarch butterfly; laying eggs, feeding, moulting, forming into chrysalis, and eventual emergence as a butterfly. ... Read more

Moor's Pavane (Walter Strate, 1950)
Ballet inspired by "Othello" and danced by Othello, Iago, and Desdemona to the music of Purcell. The dancers perform against an unlit background — a most successful device for focusing attentio… Read more

... ... Carol Williams is a dancer; Guy Richards, her partner/choreographer. The opening se­quences spotlight a series of professional and private celebrations by the about-to-be-married couple a… Read more

Notornis Expedition (New Zealand Government Film Unit, 1950)
Records the expedition of New Zealand scientists to a practically inaccessible high mountain valley to study the life and habits of the native flightless bird, Notornis or Tahake, thought for eighty … Read more

OLIVIA (Jacqueline Audry, 1950)
This is the story of Mlle. Julie, headmistress of a girls' school, attractive to her pupils and attracted by them, who finally causes tragedy and loses all that is nearest to her heart. We are remind… Read more

ORPHEUS (Jean Cocteau, 1950)
There is a story that in 1912 Diaghilev said to Jean Cocteau in a half serious mood, “Etonne-moi” (Astonish me) - and for the last forty years Cocteau has never ceased to surprise his contemporar… Read more

OUTRAGE (Ida Lupino, 1950)
... ... For a film on the then taboo of rape, Lupino's| Outrage opens breezily enough. It's book­keeper heroine Ann (Mala Powers) has a fiance, whose raise assures her happy integration into the … Read more

Ping Pong (Henning Bendtsen, 1950)
Dots, lines, loops, dance to a drumbeat background. ... Read more

Pompeii and Vesuvius (Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc., 1950)
A reconstruction of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. with the volcano in action filmed at close range. Depicts also the current scene in Pompeii and in nearby Naples. ... Read more

Science And The Orchestra (Alex Strasser, 1950)
An exposition of orchestral sound for young people and adults. The conductor and a physics demonstrator explore the orchestra and discuss the theory of the various musical instruments. ... Read more

Shakespeare and Kronborg (Jorgen Roos, 1950)
A description of the Castle of Kronborg as Shakespeare and his actors must have seen it 300 years ago if they even visited the castle, interwoven with scenes from a performance of "Hamlet" in the cou… Read more

Some Medical Aspects of Venomous Snakes (Burroughs Wellcome Film Unit, 1950)
General discussion of venomous snakes. By means of diagrams and pictures of living snakes, describes their classification and characteristics, the venoms and their effects, and the treatment of snake… Read more

Summer Interlude (Arne Sucksdorff, 1950)
The lives of the inhabitants of a Swedish seaboard village that becomes a resort in summer are contrasted with those of visitors. The atmosphere of a little fishing village is beautifully caught, the… Read more

SUNDAY IN AUGUST (Luciano Emmer, 1950)
"Sunday in August", which could be called an Italian equivalent of an early film of Carol Reed, "Bank Holiday", is useful for drawing a distinction between French and Italian cinema. The glory of the… Read more

Tanglewood Story (Larry Madison, 1950)
Synopsis not available Read more

Teamwork: Past and Present (, 1950)
An animated feature film which outlines the evolution of labor &ndash: management co-operation from early history to the present. Begins with an elementary example of co &ndash: operation between two… Read more

Terreur en Oklahome (Andre Heinrich, 1950)
A French satire on the "'Western" with a gold rush, a magnificent fight in a saloon, a cross-country bicycle chase, capture by Indians, and the apprehension of the bandit. The commentary is in French… Read more

THE COLD HEART (Paul Verhoeven, 1950)
A dramatic fantasy, in colour, of a handsome young peasant who pledges his heart to an inimical wood demon in exchange for worldly prosperity. But without a heart, he loses the means of enjoying his … Read more

The Story of Time (Ian Coolen, 1950)
An animated film, sponsored by Rolex Watches, using various symbols and devices to dramatize man's discovery and mastery of the hours. Sun-worshippers; measuring the hours by the shadows of obelisk a… Read more

The Titan was made between 1938 and 1940, chiefly in Florence and Rome, by the Swiss producer Curt Oertel. During the war the film was lost but afterwards discovered in France by the American Army. W… Read more

Three Painting of Hieronymus Bosch (J. Lenauer, 1950)
"The Adoration of the Kings," "The Mocking of the Christ" and "Ecce Homo" are the three paintings of Bosch simply and carefully observed and analysed. Excellent colour and absence of dramatisation di… Read more

Three Paintings by Hieronymus Bosch (J. Lenauer, 1950)
Three religious paintings by the Flemish artist Hieronymus Bosch. "The Adoration of the Kings," "The Mocking of Christ" and "Ecce Homo." Numerous details of the paintings are seen in close-up. ... Read more

Visit to Picasso (Paul Haesaerts, 1950)
A film essay on Picasso's development as a painter and a potter combined with an interview with the artist at his studio in Vallauris. Awarded the International Documentary prize at the Venice Festiv… Read more

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