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Gazouly, Petit Oiseau (L. Starevitch, 1953)
Based on a story by Sonika Bo, this is a film about the life of a Paris sparrow. ... Read more

Grant Wood (Mark Sorkin, 1953)
Among the work of American artists during the past half-century, the paintings of Grant Wood are probably the most familiar and the most popular. Wood brought a lively sense of humour and satire to h… Read more

Hoksai (, 1953)
The life and work of the great master, Katsushka Hoksai (1760). His unique style exerted a powerful influence on the modern art of Europe. ... Read more

Houen Zo (Herman Van Der Horst, 1953)
Impressions, without commentary, of the city of Rotterdam, which was devastated in 1910. The city is a living organism whose heart was torn away by the brute force of war. Among the ruins a new life … Read more

How to Make a Mask (, 1953)
Demonstrates four elementary steps in making a mask - shaping the mould, making the papier mache mask over the mould, removing the mask, painting it and adding decorations. Finished masks are shown a… Read more

In Harbour (Joan Bounty, 1953)
This is a film of great beauty. It makes no startling discoveries, it tells no facts. But here, skilfully blended with deep understanding and exquisitely photographed, are a series of small incidents… Read more

It Happened in the North (B. Goldenblank, 1953)
A bear cub strays and plays with a hunter's puppy. When bigger dogs chase the cub the hunter comes to the rescue. ... Read more

La Beauté de l'Effort (Marc de Gastyne, 1953)
An interesting film of athletes in action, including some fine slow motion studies. ... Read more

La Route Des Epices (W. Novik, 1953)
Told through the faded splendour of European illuminated manuscripts, Persian and Indian miniatures and Chinese paintings, the film illustrates the famous traveller's ventures into the fabulous 13th … Read more

Lumiere (Paul Pavoit, 1953)
This film demonstrates that Louis Lumiere not only paved the way but that his entire life is closely linked with the first fifty years of the film through his research concerning colour, sound, and t… Read more

MARTIN LUTHER (Irving Pichel, 1953)
Perhaps the most curious American film successes of 1953 was that of “Martin Luther”, the first church-sponsored film ever to be profitable shown on commercial circuits. The elements which give t… Read more

Melbourne Wedding Belle (Colin Dean, 1953)
A simple story set to music - Colin Dean's light-hearted and charming contribution to the DOI's 1950 films on the state capitals of Australia. Dean was a leading young director at the DOI before he l… Read more

Moving Spirit (Bob Privett, 1953)
An amusing cartoon about the history of the motor car: the stationary steam engine is followed by the steam locomotive, the gas engine, and the internal combustion engine; car design is then traced f… Read more

Obmaru (Patricia Marx, 1953)
A mystical, semi-surrealistic, non-objective film which visually captures the moods of stylized voodoo ritual music. ... Read more

On Closer Inspection (Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes, 1953)
The second film by the young artists whose first production, "Animated Genesis", delighted Festival audiences last year. "Animated Genesis" not only received a British Film Academy Special Award lor … Read more

On the Border of Life (Nicole Vedres, Jean Rostand, 1953)
Subtitled "Glimpses of French Biological Research", this film opens with a brief "lesson" in elementary biology and then surveys the work of leading French laboratories principally in the fields of e… Read more

Paul Tomkowicz: Street Railway Switchman (Roman Kroitor, 1953)
Director Roman Kroitor talks to unsung hero Paul Tomkowicz; a Polish-bom Canadian, whose job it is to keep the rail-switches on streetcar tracks free of freezing mud and snow during the Canadian wint… Read more

Pension For Veterans (, 1953)
A film with a special plea &ndash: a pension for aged waterside workers. Produced by a group of actors and artists, unnamed in the film, this production is obviously the work of people who have studi… Read more

Based on original research by Adrian dc Potier. This composite film traces the history of powered (light from 1903 to its Golden Jubilee in 1953. The film is concerned primarily with Britain's part i… Read more

Project 074 (Peter de Normanville, 1953)
The standard method of measuring engine wear is to weigh a piston ring before and alter a long period of running. A far less laborious procedure makes use of a radioactive piston ring; radiating part… Read more

Project For Plenty (, 1953)
A report on the building of the Hirakud ... Dam, showing the willingness of the peoples ... themselves to take part in a project which ... will bring them food and prosperity in ... future years. ... Read more

Rail Town (Joan Long, 1953)
Dramatises the activities and life of the people of Port Augusta with emphasis on the significance of this city as a railhead linking the Eastern States with the Western States and the Northern Terri… Read more

Ray Of Hope (Jack Rogers, 1953)
A campaign film made for the Commonwealth Health Department. Deals with the dangers of T.B. and the facilities available for patients during treatment and rehabilitation. ... Read more

Rembrandt: Poet of Light (Benjamin Berg, I. A. Black, 1953)
A review of the great Flemish painter's life illustrated by his own paintings, drawings and etchings. ... Read more

Romance Of Transportation (, 1953)
An animated film in which visual, commentary and music combine in a sprightly account of one phase of transport history in Canada. The conquest of Canada's vast distances and varied terrain is pictur… Read more

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