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Shadow Of The Prairies (Roger Blais, 1953)
A ballet depicting the life of the early Scottish settlers in Canada &ndash: the story of a young wife who came to the Prairies to begin a new life with her pioneering husband. ... Read more

She Shall Be Called Woman (Gerard de Boe, 1953)
A survey of primitive sculpture from the Belgian Congo, emphasising the part played by women in the pattern of life. ... Read more

Speeding Skis (, 1953)
A record of the International Ski Championships on some of Switzerland's most famous skiing grounds. ... Read more

SPIVS (Federico Fellini, 1953)
Federico Fellini was scarcely a new name to the critics when his film La Strada was shown at the Italian Film Festival. Fellini had been active on the creative side of the Italian neo-realist movemen… Read more

Spring Comes To The Pond (, 1953)
A picture of New England in the spring showing the country round a small pond and the effect of the change in season upon the trees, plants and animals around the pond. ... Read more

Sunday by the Sea (A. Simmons, 1953)
An impression of a typical day at Southend. favourite excursion for the Londoner. Edited rhythmically, to fit turn-of-the-century music hall songs, the film delights with its liveliness and invention… Read more

Tasmanian Tapestry (Hugh McInnes, 1953)
This film captures the color and old world charm of the Tasmanian landscape. ... Read more

The American Road (George Stoney, 1953)
Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, this film relates the story of the changes on the roads of American during the last half century and the impact of the changes on… Read more

The Argentine Ant (, 1953)
Deals with the introduction of the Argentine Ant into Australia; its potential dangers and methods of eradicating this pest. ... Read more

The Bagpipes Play (Ladislav Rychman, 1953)
Almost forgotten people's songs and dances of Bohemia performed by the younger generation. ... Read more

THE BANDIT (Limo Barreto, 1953)
The Bandit is the first Brazilian film to be shown in Australia. In 1953 it was awarded the prize for "films of adventure" at the Cannes Festival, being described as a "tragic-love story, played out … Read more

THE BIG HEAT (Fritz Lang, 1953)
... ... Sydney Boehm's solid, hard-nosed script might have been made into a routine cops-and-robbers thriller, but the director, Fritz Lang, gave it a formalised style. The movie is all a piece; it's… Read more

THE BIGAMIST (Ida Lupino, 1953)
... ... Lupino's last two Filmmakers outings dealt not with adolescent girls but with middle-aged men. In Edmond O'Brien, the perpetually pressured 'middleman' of the 50's, Lupino found the perfect e… Read more

The Drawings Of Leonardo Da Vinci (Adrian de Potier, 1953)
The five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci was celebrated in London by an exhibition held at the Royal Academy. Bound volumes of his anatomical studies, drawings now housed at W… Read more

THE HITCH-HIKER (Ida Lupino, 1953)
... ... The Hitch-Hiker, considered by many, including Lupino herself, to be her best film, is a classic, tension-packed tour de force thriller about two men (Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy) in Mex… Read more

The Interwoven Tracks (Velimir Stojanovic, 1953)
Montenegro is intersected with roads; they meander in harmony with the countryside, making queer and fantastic arabesques. This film is an attempt to give a visual impression of these patterns. ... Read more

The Ladybird (, 1953)
Made as a sequel to the film Six Minutes with Nature, this production uses ultra close-ups to tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of the Lady-bird. ... Read more

THE LAST BRIDGE (Helmut Kautner, Gustav Gavrin, 1953)
Compassionate statements on war and its ... effect on the individual are rare in the contemporary cinema, but The Last Bridge tells of some of the realities with honesty and sincerity. ... The film d… Read more

The Letter (, 1953)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE LITTLE FUGITIVE (Morris Engel, Ray Ashley, Ruth Orkin, 1953)
This film was made by a semi-professional unit and although directed by newcomers to the film world has a simple charm and directness of observation that is refreshing in these days of highly polishe… Read more

The Magic Horse (Lotte Reiniger, 1953)
A silhouette film from Lotte Reiniger who has been cutting out paper shapes and photographing them since 1923. Here is another one, a fragment from the Arabian Nights. ... Read more

The Plant and Water (, 1953)
It is still rare for a scientist of note to concern himself directly with films for popular education in science. Professor Jan Calabek is not only a scientist who appreciates the value of such popul… Read more

THE PROUD ONES (Yves Allegret, 1953)
The dramatic works of Jean-Paul Satre are noted as much for their emotional coldness as for the provocative quality of their intellectual content. Thesis drama is a limited means of theatrical expres… Read more

THE SAGA OF ANATAHAN (Josef von Sternberg, 1953)
Sternberg's last film, made independently in Japan, is based on an actual incident and tells of fifteen soldiers and one Japanese girl marooned on a volcanic island in the Pacific for seven years, re… Read more

The Seasons (Christopher Chapman, 1953)
Synopsis not available Read more

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