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Graham Sutherland (John Read, 1954)
A film about the distinguished English painter, best known for his portraits of Somerset Maugham, Lord Beaverbrook and Sir Winston Churchill. Sutherland is, however, mainly a landscape artist who tre… Read more

Hide Tide in Newfoundland (Grant McLean, 1954)
A dramatic tribute to the people of New-foundland and their efforts to modernise and extend their industries. ... At the age of ten he is sent away to a school for delinquent boys in need of psychiat… Read more

In The Beginning - The Grand Canyon Story (T. W. Cate, 1954)
An attempt to tell the story of geologic time as it is written in the walls of the Grand Canyon, in Northern Arizona. There, the earth's crust is laid bare so that all who can read the rocks can know… Read more

Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Kenneth Anger, 1954)
"Within the Abbey of Thelema, Lord Shiva wakes. The Scarlet Woman presents the mandragore, and a glamour is cast. A convocation of enchantresses and theurgists in the form of saints: Aphrodite, lsis,… Read more

Introducing E. V. B. Sampson (, 1954)
The Independent Country party candidate for Wollondilly has a few words to the Australian public. ... Read more

Jazz Dance (Roger Tilton, 1954)
"This little film is mad but magnificent." wrote English film critic Paul Dehn. Entirely photographed and recorded in three hours at a leading New York dance hall, it is a record of the excitement of… Read more

Jazz of Lights (Ian Hugo, 1954)
The lights of Times Square at night take on new, fresh meanings. Abstracted from their gaudy signs they create intricate patterns of form and colour. ... Read more

Kimba The White Lion (Osamu Tezuka, 1954)
The 3rd TV series Tezuka created with Mushi, Kimba was the first colour anime series made in Japan. Highly memorable for Australian kids who saw it during its early 70s broadcast, Kimba con­taine… Read more

Late Winter to Early Spring (G. J. Brealey, 1954)
A lyrical documentary set in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne; basically an exercise in telling a story through pictures: no dialogue or commentary is used. The film presents a number of small caricatu… Read more

Late Winter to Early Spring (Gil Brealey, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

Lekko (Herman Van Horst, 1954)
Made by the director of Houen Xo this film is about the herring fishing activities of the Iceland fishing fleets. Memorably capturing the life of hardy men whose occupation is to brave the rigours of… Read more

Look to the Land (, 1954)
Shows the wealth of natural resources in the United States and illustrates how they have been wasted or misused in the past. Then tours the country to see new farming methods, the wise management of … Read more

The life and artistic development of the composer are presented against the background of the turbu­lent events which took place in Europe during his life lime. The entire film is based on docume… Read more

Melbourne Wedding Belle (Colin Dean, 1954)
A humorous look at Melbourne, directed by Richard Mason (1954). ... You can read more about this film in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more

On the borders of Poland and Czechoslovakia stand the great Tatra Mountains. Here live the Men of the Blue Cross, the mountain rescue teams. Their headquarters are in Zakopane, capital of the Tatras.… Read more

Origins of the Motion Picture (Jay E. Gordon, 1954)
A historical record of the development of machinery and the arts of the motion picture from the earliest suggestions of Leonardo da Vinci to Edison's invention of the Kinetograph in 1889. ... Read more

Paintings Need Care (Stanislaw Lenartowicz, 1954)
Time is the enemy of paintings, and time of war their greatest enemy. This film describes some of the methods used for restoring works of art. ... Read more

Paintings of the New World (Gian Luigi Rondi, 1954)
Paintings of the New World captures on film their reflection of the life and spirit of the 19th Century America to bring to the screen an imaginatively conceived and informative capsule of the nation… Read more

Palaeolithic Man (, 1954)
Illustrates the lives of Palaeolithic hunters: based on three sources of evidence that remain today, the weapons and implements found near their primitive hearths, drawings from European cave settlem… Read more

Peter Breughel the Elder (Arcady, 1954)
The work of Peter Breughel, the Elder, not only reflects life in a Flemish village but also the struggle of the people against the Spanish oppressors, as depicted in the "Massacre of the Innocents". ... Read more

Picasso (Luciano Emmer, 1954)
Emmer's film on Picasso is on a larger scale than his previous work, and the considerable running time enables him to analyse and discuss the work of this controversial artist in some detail. The com… Read more

Planning For Melbourne's Future (Geoffrey Thompson, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

Power to Fly (Bob Privett, 1954)
A cartoon history of aviation; early experiments; the achievements of famous pioneers; and a survey of modern developments. ... Read more

PRIVATE HELL 36 (Don Siegel, 1954)
... ... One of Don Siegel's best early efforts along with his other "numbered" films of the same year Riot in Cell Block 11 this taut noir shares with Riot the building ineluctable logic of an out of… Read more

Private Life of a Cat (Alexander Hammid, 1954)
The animal's outlook on life. The camera lens has been treated as the eyes of another cat, observing the daily details of life in a feline family. Thus, an ordinary room becomes an immense foreign en… Read more

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