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The Reformation (, 1954)
Set amongst the actual sites of the Reformation. the film discusses such factors as the role of the Church in European life, the cultural rebirth caused through the Renaissance. the emergence of indi… Read more

The Snowline is their Boundary (Oxley Hughan, 1954)
In the lee of New Zealand's Southern Alps the High Country sheep stations have the snowline as their boundary. This film shows something of the difficulty and hard work in the lives of the sheep farm… Read more

The Staunch Tin Soldier (Ivo Caprino, 1954)
Tin soldiers are cast and appear among the other toys on the birthday table. At night the toys come to life and the staunch tin soldier falls in love with the little dancer. ... Read more

The Story of Light and Mankind (, 1954)
Made for the General Electric Company to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the invention of the incandescent lamp by Edison, this film traces the advancement man has made in artificial lighting fro… Read more

The Unicorn Mystery (J. C. See, Arcady, 1954)
The six famous tapestries of "The Lady and the Unicorn" are kept at the Cluny Museum of Paris, and while they are held to be masterpieces of French art, their meaning is a mystery. ... Read more

The Waiting People (Norman Swallow, 1954)
Deals with the problems of Displaced Persons in Europe and efforts to establish these people in Australia, America, Canada and other countries. ... Read more

The World That Nature Forgot (Lewis Jacobs, 1954)
This is the story of a new world, a world that begins in the mysterious universe of atoms and molecules, which combine in countless numbers to form everything we see and touch. It is the story of how… Read more

Thursday's Children (Lindsay Anderson, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

Tonight in Britain (Gerry Dupont, 1954)
A short survey of British entertainment and London attractions photographed at Edinburgh, Stratford and in London; Eileen Joyce, Natalie Krassovska and the Festival Ballet, Claire Bloom, Michael Hord… Read more

Treadle and Bobbin (W. Galentine, 1954)
The treadle sewing machine stars in this rhythmic and imaginatively photographed film. A distinguished visual analysis of moving parts, well exploited for beauty and interest and notable for its fres… Read more

What is Art? (, 1954)
Illustrates elements in art. such as colour, line, texture, form, light and dark, to encourage children to discover the basic elements in the world around them. ... Read more

Where Mountains Float (Bjarne Henning Jensen, 1954)
Where Mountains Float is the first big Danish colour film and tells of the enterprise of Green-landers and Danes from kayak to cutter &ndash: from a hunting culture to fishing. This story is told in … Read more

William Booth (Hugh Baddeley, 1954)
A film of exceptional interest made from photographs, engravings, early newsreels, and posters. It discloses none of his beliefs but testifies to his stature as a leader. ... Read more

Workshop for Peace (, 1954)
At the midpoint of the century there arose a new landmark in New York City. People who had seen war twice in their lifetime were prepared to make the effort now to prevent another war. This new build… Read more

Yoke Heng's Story (Brian Salt, 1954)
The story is of Yoke-Heng, a small boy from the crowded areas of Singapore, whose parents are required to enter hospital at the same time. The hospital almoner is able to help the family secure one o… Read more

Yukawa Story (Joseph Krumgold, 1954)
The portrayal of what the son sees in the life of his father. Dr. Yukawa, Japan's Nobel prizewinner, and his world of cosmotrones. ... Read more

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