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IT HAPPENED ON THE STREET (Yanko Yankov, 1955)
It Happened On The Street was the first Bulgarian film dealing with everyday life and only twelfth altogether in the country's young film industry. It is the first Bulgarian film to be shown in Austr… Read more

IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, 1955)
"The title is a misnomer. Comden and Green's tart follow-up to On The Town, directed by the same team (Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen) is like a delayed hangover. The three buddies are now Kelly, Dan D… Read more

JAN HUS (Otakar Vavra, 1955)
This colourful film deals with the life of Jan Hus, reformer and preacher, who lived in Bohemia at the beginning of the 15th Century. It starts with the period when Hus preached his fiery sermons aga… Read more

KISS ME DEADLY (Robert Aldrich, 1955)
A night-time encounter with Cloris Leachman, clad only in a raincoat, leads Mike Hammer on a legality-be-damned search for a mysterious suitcase containing 'the Great What's-lt' in this stunning, rul… Read more

LA POINTE COURTE (Agnes Varda, 1955)
"One of the very first manifestations of nouvelle vague ... a remarkably assured, gutsy and conceptually ostentatious piece of filmmaking." – Time Out London ... In 1954, an unknown young … Read more

Les Eloquents (Jacques Guillon, 1955)
Les Eloquents, made for the 60th anniversary of the cinema, contains excerpts from a number of notable French films. It contains scenes from Carmen made by Feyder about 1922 and with Raquel Mellor in… Read more

Letter to a Vandal (, 1955)
A fine example of humorous drawing and witty music conveying a ‘difficult' public message. ... Read more

LOLA MONTES (Max Ophuls, 1955)
Lote Montes was the last film directed by Max Ophuls befors his death in 1957; the film as Ophuls originally made it was very different from the abridged English language version shown here. To make … Read more

Magdana's Donkey (Z. Harshiladze, 1955)
Set in the 19th century in Southern Russia this is a simple poetic story of poverty. In the. village of Kartli in Georgia lives the widow Magdana, a poor peasant, with her three children. They live b… Read more

Momma Don't Allow (Karel Reisz, Tony Richardson, 1955)
The Wood Green Jazz Club meets at "The Fishmongers Arms." Mamma Don't Allow is an impression of one evening at the club. The makers wanted to make a film about jazz in London, went to Wood Green, and… Read more

Moonglow (Harold F. Mack, 1955)
A cartoon based on the Comedia dell' Arte Arlecchino and Columbine. The classical story is told by mime in a balletic style. ... Read more

MOTHER (Mark Donskoi, 1955)
Gorki's famous novel, "Mother", was first filmed during the height of the Russian silent period by Pudovkin who used the story for the realisation of his theories on constructive editing. ... This ne… Read more

Mutton Birds of Bass Strait (R. R. Crispe, S. T. Evans, 1955)
The interesting habits and life cycle of a species of mutton-bird is the main subject of the film. Conservation studies and the industry are woven into the story. ... Read more

Night and Fog (Alain Resnais, 1955)
Resnais has built up his film on a counterpoint of present and past; the horrors of yesterday, shown in black and white, are interspersed with the remains of Auschwitz, filmed in colour. ... The titl… Read more

No.5 Checked Out (Ida Lupino, 1955)
In and of itself, No. 5 Checked Out constitutes a compelling case for the viability of the short form in film. Brilliantly acted, superbly crafted, it comes damn close to perfection-a state Lupino's … Read more

Nuit et Brouillard (Alain Resnais, 1955)
Commissioned to mark the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the German concentration camps by Allied Forces, Alain Resnais' famous documentary presents a shattering picture of the camp at Auschwi… Read more

OH...ROSALINDA!! (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1955)
It's the occasion for a double celebration: the first screening of Oh...Rosalinda!! on any local theatre or living-room screen for nearly forty years and in the acclaimed new colour restoration as we… Read more

On Such a Night (Anthony Asquith, 1955)
Synopsis not available Read more

ON THE BOWERY (Lionel Rogosin, 1955)
”The Bowery, the infamous street of derelicts in New York, is a syndrome of human blight, waste and decay: misused and shabby men living in a stale tenement city - confusion. At the turn of the cen… Read more

ORDET (Carl Dreyer, 1955)
Dreyer has on occassion been described as the Kafka of the cinema. Both artists are devoted to bizarre and exceptional settings, both are decidedly anti-realists. The mental conflicts which motivate … Read more

OTHELLO (Orson Welles, 1955)
Othello was filmed over many months, in ... many places and under trying conditions. ... The start was made in 1949: rehearsals in ... Paris, costumes fitted in Rome, players sum- ... moned to Morocc… Read more

OTHELLO (Sergei Yutkevich, 1955)
Sergei Youtkevitch has defined his interpreta¬tion of Othello's tragedy not primarily as one of love and jealousy but of misplaced trust. Othello's murderous act is committed in defence of trust … Read more

Parade (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1955)
A large collection of children's toys are used as the basis for a fast &ndash: moving animated impression of a circus parade, set to suitable music. ... Read more

Parade (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1955)
A large collection of children's toys are used as the basis for a fast-moving animated impression of a circus parade. ... Read more

Paris at Night (Valere et Baratier, 1955)
Without commentary, we are shown an authentic portrait of Paris during the night. From the gay nightclubs to the side streets martre we watch the working, dancing, city. ... Read more

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