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The Rival World (Bert Haanstra, 1955)
The Rival World is the terrifying all powerful Kingdom of the insect. To half the men who die, death is brought by insects; of all the food we sow, insects take one third. The only way to halt the de… Read more

THE RUMYANTSEV CASE (I. Heifits, 1955)
In December, 1954, "Sovietskaya Kultura" published a now famous article by Michael Romm, one of the Soviet Union's most prominent film producers. After discussing plans for the increase of production… Read more

The Scroll (, 1955)
Based on Chinese-American artist Dong Kingman's "Report to the State Department" on his world tour in 1954. Paintings and drawings sketched on tour depict the artist's impressions of countries visite… Read more

The Sea (Edrick Radage, 1955)
This art film is the newest of the productions of the famous Halas and Batchelor Studios, makers of Animal Farm, Britain's first full length animated cartoon. The Sea is a study of the paintings of t… Read more

The Story of a Port (J. Kalina, 1955)
A history of the Port of Gdansk (Danzig), Poland's Gateway to the Baltic Sea. ... Read more

The Story of My Life (Joergen Roos, 1955)
The life of Hans Andersen from his birth in 1805 until his appointment in 1867 as honorary citizen of his home town Odeuse, through a documentary treatment. ... Read more

The Town Musicians (William Tytla, 1955)
The familiar story about the donkey, dog, cat and rooster who set out for Bremen to become town musicians is here quite faithfully translated into a colourful cartoon with delightful characters and a… Read more

THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Edvin Laine, 1955)
In 1941 Finnish troops pushed forward info Russian territory to recapture the isthmus, of Karelia, which the Russians took from Finland in 1939. A machine-gun detachment of National Servicemen is sen… Read more

Thirteen Cantos of Hell (Peter King, 1955)
An animated film based on episodes from Dante's poem, by a young artist who formerly worked with Lotte Reiniger, employing an interesting silhouette technique, with the animated figures having a scul… Read more

This is the A.B.C. (Shan Benson, 1955)
A comprehensive survey of the many services provided by the Australian Broadcasting Commission to its local and overseas listeners, presented in the form of a tour of a typical day's activities both … Read more

U.S.A (Henry Strauss, 1955)
U.S.A. asks the question: "How do you get to know a land and its people?" and then proceeds to answer this question through an imaginary airplane flight from region to region covering all the geograp… Read more

Why the Crow is Black (Chien Chia-chun, 1955)
A cartoon based on a Chinese folk tale about a handsome and tuneful bird who pays for vanity and laziness by becoming sooty and hoarse. ... Read more

Wide West (Jenny Blackwood, 1955)
A general survey of Western Australia. Incidents include airmail delivery to outback stations, oil drilling at Exmouth Gulf and shots of Jarrah and Karri forests. ... Read more

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