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Hunters of the Southern Seas (S. Kogan, 1956)
In October 1955 the Soviet whaling fleet set sail on its tenth trip to the Antarctic. The fleet consisted of the factory ship '"Slava" and fifteen small catchers. During the seven and a half months t… Read more

Images en Negatif (Eugene Deslaw, 1956)
An experimental abstract film which includes several strange and striking images, seen entirely in negative. ... Read more

A fossilised creature, millions of years old. is discovered by four young boys at the entrance to a cave. Their curiosity and imagination stimulated they decide to sail their boat down the river flow… Read more

KANAL (Andrzej Wajda, 1956)
On the first of August 1944 the city of Warsaw rose against the Nazi occupiers. Through long incredible weeks the) continued the struggle until they were defeated and the city was destroyed by the Na… Read more

Khajuraho (Mohan Wadhwani, 1956)
During the tenth and eleventh centuries Khajuraho was one of the capitals of the great Hindu Kings - the Chandellas. Eighty-five temples were built and we see the architecture and imagery of five of … Read more

Land Below the Sea (, 1956)
The history of the Netherlands is one of constant battle against the relentless sea. Slowly, the enemy has been driven back as rich farmlands are reclaimed from the driving surf. Occasionally, as in … Read more

Lost Freedom (Viktor Valet, 1956)
Without a single word of commentary, this unusual film presents an eloquent plea against keeping birds and animals in captivity. ... Read more

Machine Symphony (J. Mitry, 1956)
This is not a documentary film about the industrial age &ndash: it is a pure treatment of the "song of the machines," giving them a visual form &ndash: a ballet of mechanical shapes. ... Read more

Madurai (Jagat Murari, 1956)
The story of the thousand-pillared Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, which abounds in sculpture and carvings. ... Read more

Melbourne Southern City (Eric Thompson, 1956)
"London on the Thames, Paris on the Seine... Melbourne on the Yarra..." an auspicious opening for a film on Melbourne. In 1956 with the Olympic Games on the doorstep the DOI produced several films ab… Read more

Modesta (Benji Deniger, 1956)
In its programme of work with the rural families of Puerto Rico, the Division of Community Education has recently produced two films and a book on the theme, "The Rights of Women". The country man, t… Read more

Mr. Rzepka and His Shadow (W. Wajzer, 1956)
A puppet film which tells in lively fashion how the hero falls out with his shadow. ... Read more

New King Coke (Dennis Shand, 1956)
A puppet being transported from bygone days to the twentieth century where with knowledge gained on smokeless fuel, returns to his own time and is well rewarded by a King whose palace he has rid of s… Read more

New Roots (Lazar Dunner, 1956)
A large number of Jewish immigrants are introduced each year into Israel from Middle East Countries and their assimilation creates a serious problem. Beautifully photographed in sensitive Eastmancolo… Read more

Sang-Hu, who made the beautiful Chinese opera film Liang Sha &ndash: Po and Chu Ying &ndash: Tai (shown at the 1956 Melbourne Film Festival) in his latest production, New Year Sacrifice, gives us a d… Read more

Off the Coast of the Antarctic (G. Nifontov, 1956)
The film starts with a brief review of the history of Antarctic exploration by scientists of Britain, Russia. Norway, Australia and America. ... In January, 1956, the first Soviet scientific expediti… Read more

On Time (Eric Thompson, 1956)
The magnificence of Flinders Railway Station and the masterpiece of planning that keeps Victorian trains on time. There is also a series of running jokes throughout the film, a signature of Shan Bens… Read more

Paper Run (M. Otton, 1956)
Every day in cities all over the world, people await the newsagent with the day's news. This film shows how the morning papers come to people at Newport, N.S.W. ... Read more

Pesta (, 1956)
synopsis not available ... Read more

Petrified River (, 1956)
The story of uranium. In the Southwest there lies a land of stone. 100,000 square miles of rainbowed rock spread out where Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico meet. Beneath these mesas lie the bed… Read more

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience (, 1956)
A film account of a visit paid by Christopher Mayhew to the Anglican Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield, Yorkshire. Mayhew set out to discover whether monasticism is relevant to the life of th… Read more

Prince Elektron (Henk Kabos, 1956)
A princess leaves her home country which falls into despair al the loss of her beautiful singing. The problem is solved by radio and T.V. sets. A gay and witty puppet film. ... Read more

Princess Knight (Osamu Tezuka, 1956)
Acknowledged as the first anime for girls (and indirectly leading to some of the most mind-boggling gender-specific girls titles {shojo manga & anime} which have proliferated in Japan over the procee… Read more

PROFESSOR HANNIBAL (Zoltan Fabri, 1956)
Professor Hannibal, a teacher at a secondary school lives with his wife and four daughters in a tortuous little street somewhere in the oldest quarter of Budapest. He is a modest and timid man, beset… Read more

Proud Years (George C. Stoney, 1956)
It is about optimistic people who have learned to overcome the handicaps and disabilities of old age. A fine contribution to the study of the old age problem. ... Read more

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