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Question in Togoland (Brett Porter, 1956)
The story of the first plebiscite ever held in a United Nations Trust Territory, when the people of Togoland in Africa decided by vole to join the adjoining Gold Coast and go on to independence as a … Read more

Raak (D. Corke, 1956)
Raak is a wedge-tailed eagle and this is his life story of his lonely flights across the Australian bush. ... Read more

Recreation (Louis Cuny, 1956)
A filmed ballet interpreted by Marie-Claire Carrie, Dick Sanders and the Etoiie Ballet troupe - with music by Kabalevski. ... Read more

Regina Caeli (Paul Haesaerts, 1956)
The film shows the devotion of Fra Angelico to the Virgin Mary. A sequence which presents the Italian countryside, peaceful, evocative of Paradise, precedes the part devoted to the Annunciation and N… Read more

Rhythmetic (Norman McLaren, 1956)
Animation artists Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart endow the subject of arithmetic with lively humour as numerals indulge in unprecedented antics. Attention is focussed on what numerals do in combin… Read more

Singapore - The Emporium (, 1956)
Singapore derives its importance from its entreport trade. Its efficient harbour and sheltered anchorage, its air and sea connections with the world, its banks, business houses and amenities of life … Read more

Spring Comes to Kashmir (Ravi Prakash, 1956)
Shot in colour, the film captures the arrival of spring in the beautiful valley of Kashmir with its lovely white almond and pink cherry blossoms. We see the people coming out to work in the fields af… Read more

Tanz der Muscheln (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1956)
The many-shaped and many-textured world of shells from all the oceans is observed under changing lights and in varied patterns of movement. The accompanying music is composed of electronically produc… Read more

The Black Cat (W. C. Jersey Jnr, 1956)
Based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe, The Black Cat is the tragic story of a man's moral disintegration in the face of the unknown forces that seeth inside him. At the outset he is ostensibly a normal… Read more

A pathetic little man emerges from a Prussian gaol to be denied lodgings, work and, through lack of papers, a passport. Without personal documents, no work — without work, no documents. This fr… Read more

The England of Elizabeth (J. Taylor, 1956)
An artistic pilgrimage through Elizabethan England. Stately homes, familiar pictures, furniture. music, and, of course, Shakespeare, are used to evoke the spirit of the period. ... Read more

The Forgotten Little Doll (Hannes Hempel, 1956)
A puppet film without commentary: it is a simple tale of the teddy bear and other nursery animals and toys coming to the rescue of the doll which has been thrown into the corner. ... Read more

The plot of this wartime drama is woven into a background of underground activity during the German occupation of Yugoslavia. Illegal workers must be moved to safety, and Pavle. himself hunted by the… Read more

THE HARP OF BURMA (K. Ichikawa, 1956)
Eleven years after V-J day. the Pacific phases of World War II still fascinate the Japanese. ... The Harp of Burma opens in July, 1945—the war was nearing its end for the Japanese forces in Bur… Read more

The History of Cinema (John Halas, 1956)
The History of the Cinema presents a humourous record of moving pictures from the earliest beginnings to today. ... Read more

The Land of Robert Burns (Joe Mendoza, 1956)
A short account of the poet's life, set among the people of the south-west of Scotland of the present day as they grow from childhood to manhood. His songs are abundant and a representative selection… Read more

The Little Umbrella (Bretislav Pojar, 1956)
A puppet review which is a variant on the theme of inanimate objects that start moving at night under the direction of a strange sprite in top hat and frock coat. ... Read more

The Penguins of Macquarie Island (R. Carrick, 1956)
Life in the rookeries, the distinguishing features of the birds, their nesting habits, the incubation and the development of the chicks of all species, are covered in this film. ... Read more

THE PICASSO MYSTERY (H. G. Clouzot, 1956)
This film from the director of The Wages of Fear and The Fiends provides an unusual insight into the actual 'act' of artistic creation. Using specially prepared parchments which enable the camera to … Read more

The Red Balloon (Albert Lamorisse, 1956)
One of the classic children's films, The Red Balloon is a tale of a lonely boy whose constant companion around town is a 'lame' balloon. Filmed entirely in Paris, it is an atmospheric and wonderfully… Read more

The Ruthless One (Douglas Gordon, 1956)
Dealing with the Desert Locust, the film shows the development of the insect from mating, egg laying, hatching and growth into destructive swarms. Counter measures in suppressing the pest are shown. ... Read more

THE SEARCHERS (John Ford, 1956)
John Ford's timeless saga of revenge with John Wayne, Vera Miles and Natalie Wood, is unquestionably one of the greatest of all Westerns, and Ethan Edwards is arguably the performance of John Wayne's… Read more

The Spruce Bog (R. D. Muir, 1956)
The conditions under which a spruce bog is formed, with details of the plant type found at successive stages of development from open water to mature spruce forest. ... Read more

The Stolen Nose (Kurt Weiler, 1956)
A puppet film. Three children make a snowman whose nose is stolen during the night but the children discover the thieves. ... Read more

The Sun and Radio Waves (Shinji Takeuchi, 1956)
The solar observatory on Norikura Peak in the Japanese Alps and the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory are constantly studying and recording the conditions of the sun's effect on the ionosphere. ... Read more

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