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The Titanium Pigment Story (William Pollard, 1956)
Discovered 150 years ago, titanium remained a curiosity until the 1920's when paint manufacturers realised the unique advantages of titanium dioxide as a pigment. After outlining the history of the p… Read more

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (Alfred Hitchcock, 1956)
The trouble with Harry is that he is dead ... Near a small, picturesque New England town some residents discover a corpse In the course of events it becomes apparent that a few people actually knew t… Read more

The True Story of the Civil War (Louis C. Stoumen, 1956)
The camera traverses still photographs of the battles and personalities of the Civil War and shows us scenes of the battles at Bull Run, Antietam, Sheloh, Vicksburg and Gettysburg and such personalit… Read more

The Valley of the Yarra (Ron Maslyn Williams, 1956)
Originally made in 35 mm Ferrania colour as a general release film. In the 1950s Film Australia made a surprising number of colour films. The 1956 production report, which lists all films in any stag… Read more

Third Avenue El (Carson Davidson, 1956)
A victim of progress, New York's picturesque Third Avenue Elevated Railway is no more, but its unique flavour lingers nostalgically in this unusual film study. Haydn's music enhances the pictorial pr… Read more

THREE IN ONE (C. Holmes, 1956)
A trio of short stories linked by the common theme of 'mate-ship' - helping a friend in need, linked by introductory comment by John McCallum. The parts of the film are as follows: ... Joe Wilson's M… Read more

THREE IN ONE (Cecil Holmes, 1956)
Three short stories - Lawson, Hardy ... and Peterson: A portmanteau film using ... the device of “mateship” to look at ... three periods in the development of ... Australian society. ... The firs… Read more

Timeless Temiars (Zain bin Hussein, 1956)
Made in Northern Perak in Malaya, the film depicts the life of the aborigines of the Temiar tribe. We see what a civilised life they lead when left to live in their own environment and how they make … Read more

To Your Health (Philip Stapp, 1956)
Produced for the World Health Organisation in extension of the findings and publications of its Expert Committee, this animated film is an enquiry into the nature, use and abuse of alcohol, tracing t… Read more

Towards Tomorrow (John Meredyth Lucas, 1956)
A dramatisation of the life of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, distinguished American statesman and Nobel prizewinner. Reenacted, the film depicts the problems the statesman faced and overcame in his youth with… Read more

Treasure of Ostend (Henri Storck, 1956)
A little boy loses his dog and his friends set out to help him find it. The search results in a number of amusing adventures, during which the children are under the protection of two worldly and com… Read more

UNDERCURRENT (Kimisaburo Yoshimura, 1956)
The film unfolds the tradition-minded world of "Kyozome", a dyeing handicraft maintained proudly for ages in Kyoto and well-known throughout Japan. ... Undercurrent is a love story. The heroine is Ki… Read more

Watch the Birdie (Grasshopper Group, 1956)
Cartoon revealing the secret life of the fabulous Ungle-Wunglc Bird. ... Read more

Wayang Kulit (Zain bin Hussein, 1956)
Wayang Kulit means shadow play in Malayan. The film shows a troupe of shadow-players travelling and performing in the villages and kampongs of Kelantan, on Malaya's East Coast. ... Read more

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (Fritz Lang, 1956)
Synopsis not available Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, Robin Boyd, 1956)
The film traces the development of imaginative and lively approaches to house design in Melbourne up until the Second World War. ... Read more

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