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Endless Creation - The Fountain of Youth (Yukio Tomizawa, 1957)
We are shown a glimpse of the complicated system of life through the functions of glucuronic acid which is indispensable for the preservation of youth and energy. ... Read more

Every Day Except Christmas (Lindsay Anderson, 1957)
The story of a day's work at Covent Garden, from the moment when the first lorry arrives in the quiet and shuttered market soon after midnight, through the increasingly busy hours around dawn, until … Read more

Fantastic Ballad (Bostjan Hladnik, 1957)
Based on the work of famous Yugoslav artist. France Mihelic, Fantastic Ballad depicts a vision of the last moments of human life. ... Read more

FORTY GUNS (Samuel Fuller, 1957)
In 1949, Samuel Fuller wrote and directed his first film, I Shot Jesse James. Nine years later, he wrote and directed his eleventh film and fourth Western, the incredible Forty Guns. ... "Nutty" is t… Read more

Galathea (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1957)
The love story of a youth, who inspired old mythological legend, succeeds in a statue. ... Read more

GOHA (Jacques Baratier, 1957)
Goha shaves his head, wears a white crocheted skull-cap, and has a mole on the side of his nose. But he is handsome, this young Arab, with soft dark eyes and a disarming grin. He is ingenuous, unambi… Read more

Hard to Windward (Max Graham, 1957)
A coverage of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, following one boat through the race culminating in the celebrations in Hobart. ... Read more

Harlem Wednesday (John Hubley, 1957)
In the paintings of the American artist, Prestopino, the camera explores life in Harlem throughout the day and late into the night. The film won an award at the Venice Film Festival. ... Read more

HE WHO MUST DIE (Jules Dassin, 1957)
Jules Dassin's film has been hailed as one of the finest to come out of France in recent years, It is adapted from a novel by Karantzaki, "Christ Recrucified", and is described by Lindsay Anderson as… Read more

HUNGARY AFLAME (I. Erdely, 1957)
The film is a compilation of newsreel material, first covering briefly the past history of Hungary. then giving in detail the uprising of October. 1956, ending with the Russian troops crushing the re… Read more

IL GRIDO (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1957)
II Grtdo, which is immediately pre-L'Aventttra in the Antonioni canon, has the same classical purity and simplicity as the later film and the same Antonioni qualities — complexity of character … Read more

Impressions from a Theatre (Curt Oertel, 1957)
The National Theatre of Mannheim was destroyed during the last war — the film shows how the company carried on until its modern home reopened with the performance of Die Rauber. b\ Schiller. ... Read more

Indian Fantasy (Anthony Gross, Hector Hoppin, 1957)
Originally intended as part of a full-length cartoon, based on Jules Verne's "Round the World in Eighty Days", this film was edited from material made in Paris before the war. It treats with wit and … Read more

Inland with McDouall Stuart (Lex Halliday, 1957)
Part 1 is a historical record of Stuart's jour¬neys using sketches and animated maps. Part 2 is entitled "The Northern Territory Today" and is a study of aspects of modern development in the Terr… Read more

IT IS NOT EASY TO GET MARRIED (S. Jovanovic, 1957)
A young and attractive schoolmaster arrives in a small, slumbering village on the endless Pannonian plains. The placid friendship of two Greek orthodox priests is disrupted when their respective wive… Read more

Journey Into Spring (Ralph Keene, 1957)
The visitor Lo Southern England can still find the wild life of cuckoo, mole, hedgehog and rook which Gilbert White made famous in his "Natural History of Seiborne". ... Read more

La Belle au Boa (Louis Cuny, C. de Saint-Maurice, 1957)
A cinematographic ballet on the overtures of Rossini, with the assistance Maurice Bejart and the dancers Ballet. ... Read more

Les Mistons (Francois Truffaut, 1957)
Les Mistons recalls the doings of five French boys during one summer when their childhood comes to an end and they stumble clumsily into adolescence. Baffled by this change, they express their bewild… Read more

LISSY (K. Wolf, 1957)
"The film opens with a Love on the Dole theme at the end of the 1920's and follows the life of a German working class girl into the Nazi era. Raised in the slums of Berlin, Lissy helps to support her… Read more

Lithographic Ballad (J. Jabely, 1957)
Two children are transported into the colourful world of 19th century lithographs. Their adventures there and their final awakening in the modern age are symbolised by the style and colouring used by… Read more

Logos (Jane Conger, 1957)
An experiment in colour, design and space, the film combines visuals and electronic music to produce optical illusions and a distortion of time perception. ... Read more

Malayan Seashore (Low Hong Chye, 1957)
A rich variety of delicate living organisms abound the Malayan seashore, on sandy beaches, coral reefs and in mangrove swamps. The fascination lies in the various forms of sea life left by the recedi… Read more

Mike (Edgar M. Queeny, 1957)
Mike is the story of a black Labrador retriever &ndash: "companion of man, conservator of birds" told in a straightforward manner amid the quiet background of his kennel and the splendour of the timb… Read more

Mukhtar the Sculptor (Wali Eldin Sameh, 1957)
In the village where the ancient sculptors came from, Mukhtar the sculptor was born. The film shows most of his work and traces how village life influenced him. ... Read more

NINE LIVES (A. Skouen, 1957)
Each account of heroism and hardship which came out of World War II seemed to set a new level for man's indestructible spirit: but none seemed so utterly incredible as this tale of the Norwegian unde… Read more

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