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NO PLACE FOR EVE TO SLEEP (T. Chmielewski, 1957)
A striking illustration of Poland's new place in the top bracket of world cinema, No Place for Eve to Sleep is a nice blend of poetry and parody. ... The film opens with Eve arriving at her boarding … Read more

OLD MAN MOTOR CAR (Alfred Radok, 1957)
It started at the turn of the century. In those days the first cycles were launched on the roads, cycles "which went under their own steam even uphill". These were the first motorcycles and soon afte… Read more

One Man's Challenge (George Noordhof, 1957)
The true and moving story of a man crippled by rheumatoid arthritis - how he conquers one obstacle after another until he can look after himself and do a job again. ... Read more

One Potato, Two Potato (L. Daiken, 1957)
The title is a children's counting-out rhyme: the film records London children at play, singing, skipping, dancing; and through their playing, revealing a part of that world which belongs only to chi… Read more

Out (, 1957)
A border. Figures are seen in flight across the landscape. Volunteers help receive the refugees in Austria and lake them to a Red Cross frontier shelter; among them is a young widow from the working … Read more

Pan-Tele-Tron (D. Turpin, 1957)
An animated cartoon giving a not too serious history of the evolution of telecommunications. ... Read more

Pastoral Wedding (Ion Rodan, 1957)
The wedding of a shepherd in a wonderful place of Rumania, depicting the old traditions of the country people. ... Read more

PATHS OF GLORY (Stanley Kubrick, 1957)
France, 1916, a few miles behind the front: upstairs, in the chateau commandeered by the French army as military headquarters, the orchestra plays a waltz for an officers" ball; and in the grandiose … Read more

Prehistoric Images (Thomas Rowe, Arcady, 1957)
The earliest forms of man's artistic expression the prehistoric drawings and paintings in the caves' of France and Spain, are the subject of this most ... beautiful and memorable art film. ... Read more

Raving-Waving (Grasshopper Group, 1957)
An experimental film: abstract wave movements are animated in time with rhythmic musique concrete, the sound track of which was edited not by note on tape. ... Read more

Re-Birth of a River Valley (George Wickremesinghe, 1957)
The development of the Galoya Valley in East Ceylon. The camera follows stage by stage tile building of a giant dam to form a reservoir, the clearing of the forest, the settling of colonists and fina… Read more

REKAVA (Lester Peries, 1957)
Rekava is the first Sinhalese feature to come to Australia. It tells the story of a young boy, Sena, who saves from thieves a travelling entertainer who prophesies he will become a great healer. A li… Read more

Rembrandt, Painter of Men (Bert Haanstra, 1957)
This film about Rembrandt is made exclusively from his paintings and its purpose is demonstrate how the joys and sorrows influenced his art. ... Read more

Return to Sender (Jenny Blackwood, 1957)
The film is the story of the Post Office dead letter office and explains why some letters do not reach their intended destination. (Educational.) ... Read more

Rivers of Time (William Novik, 1957)
The film impressively traces the rise and fall of the dynasties which inhabited the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, from the Sumerian epoch, through the later expansion of Arabic culture in the a… Read more

Route de Cimes (Jean-Jacques Langeupin, 1957)
A day in the life of the driver of a road tanker as he leaves Chambery before dawn and guides his big truck along narrow, icy mountain roads. ... Read more

Scotland Dances (Alan Harper, 1957)
A brief account of some of Scotland's national dances and the still living tradition of folk dances which springs from everyday country life. ... Read more

Short History (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1957)
In the beginning, there was the Sun, handsome with features composes of the present planets. The Sun's nose was the Earth which, being wet, gave the sun a cold. A cataclysmic sneeze - and all the fea… Read more

Simon (Peter Zadek, 1957)
An extraordinary, intimate excursion Into the realm of childhood. ... Read more

Song of the Clouds (John Armstrong, 1957)
No two people on earth are more than two days apart. The key note of this picture is the air in the service of mankind. ... Read more

South African Mosaic (Basil Mailer, 1957)
Against the vista of modern South Africa this film tells of the four main races &ndash: their origin work, education, religion, welfare and recreation. ... Read more

Spring Comes South of the Yangtze (Hao Chung-min, Chang Mengchi, 1957)
Springtime South of the Yangtze is not only a season for industrious work but also the rewarding time of harvest. No sooner has the late rice paddy been transplanted than the early wheat becomes a se… Read more

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (Alexander MacKendrick, 1957)
In the artificially illuminated world of Cafe Society, overweening gossip columnists, and grovelling press agents, J. J. Hunsecker and Sidney Falco have already become mythical prototypes. They arc t… Read more

Swiss Architecture (Victor Borel, 1957)
Switzerland, not only rich in historic edifices, also finds solutions to the building problems of modern times. ... Read more

Terrain Vague (Marcel Martin, 1957)
A charming, rich woman brings presents to the derelicts of the "Peripheral Land" of Paris. Misunderstanding her motives, they reject her offerings. We also follow the story of a young girl whose futu… Read more

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