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THE CRY (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1957)
Antonioni's film about working people is set in the bleak winter landscape of the Po Valley. Aldo is abandoned, together with his child, by his lover, Irma, who deserts him tor another man. His life … Read more

The Day the Manolette was Killed (Dave Butler, Barnaby Conrad, 1957)
Manolette, at 30 the greatest matador in the world, came out of retirement one day in August, 1947, to fight the young challenger, Luis Dominguin. This is the record of the great public match of thei… Read more

The Expressionist Revolt (Virginia Harriman, 1957)
A report on German expressionist paintings in the Detroit Institute of Arts. The "revolt" was against the complacency of the 19th century visible in the portraiture of the period. The works shown are… Read more

The Flying Dane (Jorgen Roos, 1957)
Recreated from old photographs and early cinematic material, The Flying Dane is the story of J. C. Ellehammer who, in 1908. was one of the first men to fly a powered aircraft. His time aloft &ndash: … Read more

The Forerunner (John Heyer, 1957)
A film on the theme of Australia's water problem and its solution in one part of Australia. The first section shows the tragedy of too much water and the devastation of floods. The second section dea… Read more

The Gentle Corsican (Anthony Simmons, 1957)
This affectionate and nostalgic film describes a day in the life of an old Corsican fisherman and his 10-year old son, showing their contact with the tourists begin­ning lo invade the island. ... Read more

THE HOUSE I LIVE IN (L. Kulijanov, Y. Segal, 1957)
For many years, in the name of social realism. a sterile view imposed itself upon Soviet cinema. Now, by contrast, certain directors have returned to the stylistic elements of the great silent Soviet… Read more

THE HOUSE OF THE ANGEL (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, 1957)
Although film production has been going on in Argentina since the early days of the cinema, The House of the Angelt is the first feature film from this country to be widely shown abroad. Made by by y… Read more

THE LAPLANDERS (Per Höst, 1957)
In the far north of Norway, several hundred miles beyond the Arctic Circle, a vast area of mountains and roadless tundra is the home of the Laplander. Europe's last nomadic people. Theirs is a land w… Read more

The Legend of the Dragon (Noburo Ofuji, 1957)
Based on an old Japanese legend, this silhouette-film tells how the young god Susano &ndash: o &ndash: Nomikoto saved the life of the young prince by killing. the eight-headed giant snake. ... Read more

The Mallee Fowl (J. T. Evans, 1957)
The life history and habits of this peculiar bird, which does not brood its eggs but lays them in the earth. ... Read more

The Mallee Fowl (J. T. Evans, 1957)
This unusual film records how the Mallee Fowl incubates its eggs in a bed of organic matter in a mound of earth. ... Read more

The Marines (François Reichenbach, 1957)
An impressionistic account of the training methods used in America's famed Marine Corps. The film makes all its points with images and a soundtrack recorded in an actual camp. ... Read more

The Massacre of the Innocents (I. Bostan, 1957)
Without commentary, the film presents the famous painting by Breughel. ... Read more

The Pulse of Time (Rene Boeniger, 1957)
The film traces in brief the whole development of man's methods of measuring time, from the days when the sun was his clock. ... Read more

The Secret Path (Kurt Weiler, 1957)
Karl often leaves his sisters and steals away to lay traps for birds. One day a wild boar pushes him into a pit but he is rescued by the aid of a clever rook. ... Read more

The Seine Meets Paris (Joris Ivens, 1957)
The buildings and bridges, the people and their lives viewed from the Seine as it flows through Paris. ... Read more

The Smyrna Scarf (F. Villiers, 1957)
In the summer of 1832, a hawker travelled over hill and dale to the farms, villages and castles of Southern France, Everywhere his lovely wares were in great demand. But tragedy followed in his wake.… Read more

The Twilight Forest (Sydney Latter, 1957)
The story of Africa, of its trees and forests, once inaccessible and unknown, and of its people &ndash: showing the results of forestry pioneering in Northern Nigeria. ... Read more

There are no Blue Mice (Klaus Georgi, 1957)
The Sunday walk of the mice family and their meeting a little blue mouse. An amusing little cartoon on a serious theme - the effect of the colour bar. ... Read more

This Game of Bowls (, 1957)
The film shows the beginnings of bowls up to present day greens with champions showing their various styles and finer points of the game. The latest bowling greens throughout Australia are shown. ... Read more

THREE FUGITIVES (Nya' Abbas Acup, 1957)
Written and Directed by Nya' Abbas Acup, who was to become Indonesia's most famous director of comedies, this Indonesian spoof of the American western—complete with main street dominated by a v… Read more

THRONE OF BLOOD (Akiro Kurosawa, 1957)
Japan's most esteemed director, Akira Kurosawa. had long considered making a Japanese version of "Macbeth". The result is Throne of Blood, a film in which Kurosawa's thought and skill have perfectly … Read more

Toccata for Toy Trains (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1957)
A film about toy trains-mostly old. A journey from roundhouse and yards to station, and out through countryside and village to destination. Characters and props are al! real toys. ... Read more

Traders in Leather (Sydney Latter, 1957)
Set against the background of the burning plains of Northern Nigeria and the historic walled city of Kano, this is the story of Nigeria's growing exports of raw hides and skins to the western world. ... Read more

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