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Donnerstag, 7. August in Hamburg (Kurt Wolfes, 1958)
The film shows in a realistic as well as romantic manner the inhabitants of Hamburg over the period of one day. Simple human scenes are shot against the background of the interesting town. ... Read more

Etude (D. Jespers, P. Jespers, P. Puttemans, 1958)
This is an experiment, using the aesthetic aspects of a physical phenomenon to create pleasing and varied patterns on film. ... Read more

European Rococo (Arno Schonberger, Halldor Soehner, 1958)
A survey of the development of European life in the eighteenth century of Rococo art which so powerfully affected South Germany and Central Europe. ... Read more

First Night (Georges Franju, 1958)
A schoolboy discovers unknown and strange parts of Paris when he boards the "Metro" in pursuit of a young girl. A short documentary film directed by one of the new young talents of the French cinema. ... Read more

Glass (Bert Haanstra, 1958)
Without benefit of commentary, Bert Haanstra contrasts the mysterious refinement of the work of men with the uniformity of machines. The approach is light and deft and full of humor, communicating ab… Read more

Glass Skies (Frantisek Vlacil, 1958)
Told entirely in visuals and music, this poetic tale of tbree generations of a tamily of aviators manage* to communicate man's yearning to conquer the skies. The lead Is a scruffy little boy, who, fa… Read more

God's Own Creatures (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1958)
The horse &ndash: "a creature above all others" according to the Koran &ndash: as portrayed by the fine arts throughout the centuries, is the theme of this film by Germany's leading art-film producer. Read more

Hard to Windward (Max Graham, 1958)
An account of the 680 miles Sydney-Hobart yacht race. Covering the race, from the preparation and start on Sydney Harbour to its finish, the camera travels with the yachts and reports the conditions … Read more

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Stuart Hanisch, 1958)
The pressures of everyday living are shown in almost clinical manner. In tight, highly condensed images, the film describes a day in the life of an American middle class family, surrounded by the mac… Read more

Heartbeat (John Gray, 1958)
This film is concerned with the problems of drinking and driving and shows what happens to two young people who mix the two. ... Read more

Highway (Hilary Harris, 1958)
The extraordinary patterns of a city highway set to music. Visually, it consists of three main sections, a swift dash along the elevated highways set to the blare of rock'n'roll; a more temperate dri… Read more

HIS SCARLET CLOAK (S. Yamamoto, 1958)
Based on an old and well-known stage-play, this comedy tells of the machinations of a landlord to conquer the beautiful wife of a provincial miller of a nearby township. The shrewd miller manages to … Read more

Home (Borowczyk, Jan Lenica, 1958)
A young woman daydreams about her past; her emotions are expressed by a series of surrealistic images. ... This experimental film, the work of two Polish artists, was awarded the Grand Prix at the 19… Read more

How Children Draw (Jiri Jerabek, 1958)
A film about kindergarten education in painting, from the first attempts at graphic expression the child is taught to observe the world. The results of the children's education to art are shown at an… Read more

JALSAGHAR (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
Jalsaghar is one of the few films made by Salyafit Ray. apart from the great Bengali trilogy about the life of the boy Apu. It leisurely and patientty unfolds Ihe story of the decline of the last mem… Read more

Johnnie Walker (Etienne Raik, 1958)
Bottles and tumblers dance and reel to the music of Scottish tunes. ... Read more

Konarak (P. S. Das Gupta, 1958)
Konarak, a temple built in the 13th century, was dedicated to Surya, the sun-god. It is a well-preserved and elaborate building which stands as a vivid reminder of a great past when miracles in stone… Read more

La Corrida Interdite (Denys Colomb de Daunant, 1958)
The intense ritual of the bullfight is filmed in close-up and exclusively in slow-motion; the visuals are thus given an air of horrific beauty. The sound of the organ adds a strange counterpoint. ... Read more

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (Tadensz Konwicki, 1958)
Out of waves breaking on a beach comes a woman from a swim. It is a desolate, empty seashore, backed by sand-dunes and reed-tufts. From the sky an echelon of jet-planes zooms down and away, followed … Read more

Le Merle (Norman McLaren, 1958)
"Mon Merle", an old French folksong, sung by the Trio Lyrique of Montreal, tells the story of a happy-go-lucky bird who loses his neck, beak. wings and eyes but immediately sets about retrieving them… Read more

Life is Beautiful (Tadeusz Makarczynski, 1958)
The title is ironic, for the film conveys a philosophical impression of man's protest against the dangers which surround him &ndash: particularly the danger of atomic extinction. ... There is no comm… Read more

MADHUMATI (Bimal Roy, 1958)
"The fruit of a deed is three-fold: it may arise here and now, or later, or in a succession of lives . . ." - Anguttara Nikaya. ... This is a story of the re-birth of two lovers who, having met in th… Read more

Marionettes (C. W. Van der Berg, 1958)
Three sketches played by modern marionettes: Rumour, Chez Moniquc and The Dream Chaser. The film won the highest German film prize in 1958. ... Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1958)
In this strange and beautiful film we see the city of New York as it appears when photographed through multiplying prisms, or reflected in mirrors The pictorial devices are used to make its appearanc… Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1958)
Synopsis not available Read more

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