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Entr’acte by Candlelight (Charles van der Linden, 1959)
This film describes the life and artistry of Harry van Tussenbroek, who is renowned throughout Holland for the delicacy and skill with which he makes puppets. The photography is beautiful, and the fi… Read more

Evaporation Control (S. T. Evans, 1959)
Experiments on dams and reservoirs to prevent evaporation. ... Read more

Every Day Life in Arctic (V. Mishin, 1959)
The story deals with the scientific activity and everyday work and life of the young people sailing on drift-ice station "North Pole No. 8". ... Read more

FANFARE (Bert Haanstra, 1959)
Who could ever imagine that such a harmless pastime as making music was to be the cause of revolutionising a whole village? Yet this is what happened in the placid Dutch village of Lagerwiede. There … Read more

FIRES ON THE PLAIN (Kon Ichikawa, 1959)
Fires on the Plain, like director Ichikawa's earlier Harp of Burma, is concerned with the futility and horror of war, and protests at the private suffering which comprises this social catastrophe. It… Read more

FOR WHOM THE LARK SINGS (Laszlo Ranódy, 1959)
Set In a remote grange on the Great Hungarian Plain. this lyrical film-poem sketches the hardship and poverty of peasant life through a simple triangle story of a girl farmworkerr a young man and the… Read more

Games and Pastimes (Zain B. Hussain, 1959)
The film shows the traditional way in which the rural people of Malaya relax after the day's work and how they go about their sports and pastimes. ... Read more

GENERAL DELLA ROVERE (Roberto Rossellini, 1959)
In 1959, General Della Rovere received the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Festival and the O.I.C.C. Award; thus, it is the first significant film to be made in many years by the noted director of Op… Read more

GIRLS ON ICE (Wu Chao-ti, 1959)
A modern story from China. It is mid-winter. In a city in Northeast China, a provincial ice-sports meeting is being held. In the women's 3,000 metres sprint Ting Shu-ping, a new star, unexpectedly de… Read more

Golden Fleece Service (Pat Matthews, 1959)
This Venice Prize winning T.V. commercial is about two men discussing a dream ... Read more

Grampians Wonderland (Gil Brealey, 1959)
The Grampians -: a wonderland of wildflowers. rocky crags, breathtaking views. The freshness of the landscape and the atmosphere of the place is effectively caught by this film for the traveller. ... Read more

Grampians Wonderland (Gil Brealey, 1959)
The Grampians - a wonderland of wildflowers, rocky crags, breathtaking views - effectively caught by the camera. ... Read more

Here Are No Butterflies (Mizo Bernat, 1959)
A most moving little study of the relics of the children of the Teresian ghetto who were executed by the Nazis. With the typical imagination of children, they drew in pencil and colored crayons every… Read more

HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR (Alain Resnais, 1959)
A young French actress has been making a film in Hiroshima. On the eve of her return to France she meets a Japanese architect. Hiroshima Mon Amour opens on their passionate embrace, she having discov… Read more

Homo Sapiens (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
In cartoon form and without any deference to science, pro-historic man is satirically shown progressing from rubbing flints to splitting the atom. ... Read more

Horse on Holiday (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1959)
The land of Hans Anderson's fairy tales is the Denmark you will meet in this film, but it is inspired by a driver in the Copenhagen of today. A milkman takes his horse and milkcart on a holiday trip … Read more

How to Marry a Princess (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Suitors travelled from near and far to seek her hand in marriage, but she would have none of them, for her heart was won by a shepherd. One night t… Read more

Immortality (Miklós Jancsó, 1959)
This film was made in memory of the noted Hungarian sculptor, Gyorgy Goldmann. Award: Best Art-film, San Francisco Festival. ... Read more

Invisible Mirko (Stefan Topaldjikov, 1959)
This animated film tells how the puppet, Mirko, saves his friends from destruction by a spoilt prince. Award: Special Mention, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

Johannes Doktor Faust (Emil Radok, 1959)
Here is the Faust story told in the form of a tradi­tional Czech puppet play; it is also an experiment in widescreen techniques. Full of medieval magic and horror, the marvellous old puppet masks… Read more

John Grierson (, 1959)
A filmed record of an address by John Grierson at the National Film Theatre, London, in which he speaks of the early documentary movement in Great Britain. ... Read more

Juan Sin Seso (Luis A. Masionet, 1959)
The film tries to impress on Puerto Rican radio listeners the fact that advertisements pouring at them from the loudspeaker need not to be taken literally. ... Read more

Kashkeshet (Alina Gross, Yoram Gross, 1959)
An experimental film in which hand-painted illustrations have been set to music, ... Read more

Kurobe Gorge (Zensuko Nishio, 1959)
The construction of the Kurobe Dam in an inaccessible valley of the Japanese Alps is under way. This film, shot in magnificent colour, records the breathtaking beauty of the scenery and the superhuma… Read more

Lisbon Seen By Its Children (Antonio Lopes Ribeiro, 1959)
A film of an art exhibition which aimed at giving Portuguese children the opportunity of showing their impression of life around them. ... Read more

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